Research Programs

Flagship Programs 

Program / Theme / Framework Coordinator and main Centre personnel

1. Deep Earth fluids in collision zones and cratonic roots (TARDIS II)  

Themes 1, 2, 3

Earth's Architecture and Fluid Fluxes

O’Reilly, Griffin, Pearson, Kilburn, Martin, Alard, Shafaii Moghadam

Huang, Giuliani, Gréau, Castillo-Oliver, Xiong (ECRs)

Xu, Tilhac, Colas, Lu, Liptai, Chasse (PhDs)

2.  Genesis, transfer and focus of fluids and metals

Themes 2 and 3

Fluid Fluxes

Fiorentini, McCuaig, Foley, O’Reilly, Griffin, Reddy, Rushmer, Turner, Bagas, Gorczky, Piazolo, Kilburn, Loucks, Clarke

Lu, Lebrun(ECRs)

Bjorkman, Iaccheri, Davies, Dering, Poole, Bennett, Lampinen (PhDs)

3.  Modelling fluid and melt flow in mantle and crust

Themes 2 and 3

Earth's Architecture and Fluid Fluxes

O’Neill, Afonso, Yang, Li, Foley, Clark, S. Zhang (ECR), Gorczky, Smith, O’Reilly, Griffin

Jiang, Oliveira, Ramzan, Wasilev, Wang, Wu (PhDs)


4.  Atmospheric, environmental and biological evolution

Theme 1

Earth's Architecture and Fluid Fluxes


Van Kranendonk, Fiorentini, Foley, Kirkland, Kilburn, Grange, Alard

LaFlamme, Baumgartner (ECRs)

Barlow, Djokic, Nomchong, Selvaraja, Soares, Steller (PhDs), Bannister, Blake, Tadbiri (MPhils)

5.  Australia’s Proterozoic record in a global context

Themes 2 and 3

Earth's Architecture

Li, Pisarevsky, Wang, Wingate, O’Reilly, Griffin, Pearson, Belousova, McCuaig

Kirsher, Yao (ECRs)

Stark, Y. Liu, Martin, Nordsvan, Volante (PhDs)

6.  Fluid regimes and composition of early Earth

Themes 1 and 3

Earth's Architecture and Fluid Fluxes

Wilde, Nemchin, Grange, Martin, O'Neill

Ge (ECR)

Liu, K (PhD)

7.  Precambrian architecture and crustal evolution in WA

Themes1,2 and 3

Earth's Architecture

Gessner, Kirkland, Belousova, Gréau, Yuan, Wingate, Tyler, Lu

Derring (PhD)

Technology Development


Cameca Ion microprobe

Themes 1, 2, 3

Earth's Architecture and Fluid Fluxes

Kilburn, Martin, Jeon, Fiorentini, McCuaig, Griffin, LaFlamme, Reddy

Students of CIs and ECRs utilising the Ion Probe Facility are active in the program

GAU multi-instrument development

Themes 1, 2, 3

Earth's Architecture and Fluid Fluxes

Pearson, Griffin, O’Reilly, Gréau, Kilburn, Martin, Alard

Huang, Xiong(ECRs)

Henry, Liptai (PhDs)



Summaries and progress are detailed in  Appendix 1

Appendix 2 presents the Flagship Programs set up from 2014, and the 2017 workplan

Independently funded basic research projects are listed in  Appendix 3