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Water is essential for human existence, indeed for life’s beginning. The deep circulation of water and other fluids lubricates the deep-seated dynamics that keep Earth geologically alive, and its surface habitable. Several oceans’ worth of water may be present inside Earth, and the exchange of water and other fluids between the surface and the deep interior plays a crucial role in most Earth systems, including the evolution of the surface and the hydrosphere/atmosphere/biosphere.

Until recently, a real understanding of the workings of Earth’s deep plumbing system (from the surface to 3,000 km depth) has been tantalisingly out of our reach. Now, rapid advances in geophysics are producing stunning new images of physical properties such as seismic velocity and electrical conductivity in the deep Earth, but interpretation of these images requires new kinds of data on deep-Earth materials, and especially on the effects of deep fluids and their circulation. The CCFS CoE will integrate previously disparate fields - geochemistry, petrophysics, geophysics and numerical and thermodynamical modelling - to reach a new level of understanding of Earth’s dynamics and the fluid cycle(s) through time.




Registration is now open for CCFS sponsored Geoanalysis 2018 Details here

The CCFS Whole-of-Centre Meeting Abstract Volume ISSN:2208-7230 is available for download here.

CCFS sponsored Geoanalysis 2018 - the 10th triennial scientific meeting of The International Association of Geoanalysts, 8-13 July 2018 Details here


ACTER 2018 Field Symposium, Qilian Mountain, August 25 – September 5 2018 More details here




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