CCFS Abstracts









4th Australasian Universities Geoscience Educators Network (AUGEN) Meeting, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 12-13 January 2015

Using a Virtual Petrographic Microscope in undergraduate teaching
N.R. Daczko


ASEG-PESA 24th International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Perth, Australia, 15-18 February 2015

A major geophysical experiment in the Capricorn Orogeny, Western Australia
A. Aitken, S. Banasazczyk, M. Dentith, M. Lindsay, J. Shragge, P. Piña-Varas, D. Annetts, J. Austin, Y. Ley-Cooper, T. Monday, B. Kennett, R. Murdie and H. Yuan

Geoscience data integration: Insights into mapping lithospheric architecture
G.C. Begg, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O‘Reilly and L. Natapov   Keynote


13thBiennial AMAS Symposium, Hobart, Australia, 11-13 February 2015

Quantitative microstructural analysis of geological materials: New views on glacier flow, meteorite impacts and deep mantle processes
S. Piazolo   Invited


WA Geophysics Workshop, Perth, Australia, 18 February 2015

Large scale issues in the WA lithosphere
H. Yuan   Invited


46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, TX, USA, 16-20 March 2015

REE and Ti in lunar zircons reflect temperature and oxygen fugacity of lunar magmas?
M. Grange, A.A. Nemchin, M.J. Whitehouse and R.E. Merle


Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGG-CAS), Beijing, China, 30 March 2015

Seismic jigsaw of the Western Australian Craton and insights into early Archean crust formation tectonics, Institute of Geology and Geophysics
H. Yuan


European Geosciences Union (EGU), Vienna, Austria, 12-17 April 2015

Decarbonation of subducting slabs: insight from thermomechanical-petrological numerical modeling
C.M. Gonzalez, W. Gorczyk and T. Gerya

Databases related to Large Igneous Provinces
R.E. Ernst and S.A. Pisarevsky

Age and paleomagnetism of the Precambrian Listvyanka dyke swarm (South Siberia): implications for Nuna and Rodinia
S.A. Pisarevsky, D.P. Gladkochub, R.E. Ernst, T.V. Donskaya, M. Hamilton, A.M. Mazukabzov, K. Konstantinov and A.M. Stanevich

Hydration through melt-rock interaction triggers local partial melting in the lower crust: Example from Fiordland, New Zealand
C. Stuart, S. Piazolo and N. Daczko

Multi-stage supra-subduction metasomatism in the Cabo Ortegal Complex, Spain
R. Tilhac
, S.Y. O‘Reilly, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson, G. Ceuleneer and M. Grégoire

Estimation of uncertainties in a 3D geological model of the Sandstone Greenstone Belt, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
F. Wellmann, R. Murdie and K. Gessner


2015 Joint Assembly: Canadian Cratons Through Time: 4.0 Ga of Chemical Evolution and Tectonism, Montreal, Canada, 3-6 May 2015

Using U-Pb, Lu-Hf and O Isotopes in zircons to unlock the crust-mantle evolution and relationships to mineral systems of the Marmion Terrane (3.02-2.68 Ga), Superior Province, Canada
K.E. Björkman, Y.J. Lu, T. C. McCuaig and P. Hollings


AGU-GAC-MAC Joint Assembly, Montreal, Canada, 3-7 May 2015

The Large Igneous Provinces Industry Consortium Project: Accomplishments and next steps

R.E. Ernst, W. Bleeker, U. Söderlund, M.A. Hamilton, K. Chamberlain, P.J. Sylvester, M.T.D. Wingate, S.A. Pisarevsky, B. Cousens, P.N. Hollings, A.C. Kerr and S.M. Jowitt

Supercontinent-superplume coupling in Earth history: toward a new tectonic paradigm
Z.X. Li

Paleoproterozoic paleogeographic reconstructions: Based on paleomagnetic data and lips barcode constraints.
S.A. Pisarevsky and R.E. Ernst


WA, Multiscale Seismic Workshop, ARRC, Perth, Australia, 19 May 2015

Passive seismic studies in the Capricorn orogen
H. Yuan   Invited


Astrobiology Science Conference 2015, Habitability, Habitable Worlds and Life, Chicago, USA, 15-19 June 2015

The evidence for hydrothermal formation of talc-carbonate at Nili Fossae and implications for astrobiology on Mars
A.J. Brown, C. Viviano-Beck, J.L. Bishop, N.A. Cabrol, D. Anderson, P. Sobron, J.Moersch, M. Van Kranendonk and M.J. Russell

SIMS δ18O of stromatolitic cherts and sandstones in the 3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Formation: implications for PaleoArchean δ18O values
J.N. Cammack, M.J. Spicuzza, M.J. Van Kranendonk, A.H. Hickman, R. Kozdon, A.J. Cavosie and J.W. Valley

Microstructure-specific carbon isotopic signature of organic matter supports biologic origin in ~3.5 Ga cherts of the Pilbara Craton
N. Morag, K.H. Williford, K. Kitajima, P. Philippot, M.J. Van Kranendonk, K. Lepot and J.W. Valley

Early Archean carbonates on Early Earth - Microbial biosignature versus hydrothermal origin
J. Reitner, J.-P. Duda, N. Schäfer, M. Hoppert and M.J. Van Kranendonk

The elements of life at a 3.5 Ga subaerial hotspring: Evidence from the Dresser Formation, Pilbara Craton, Australia
M.J. Van Kranendonk, T. Djokic, G. Poole and E. Nakamura


World Chinese Geoscience Conferences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 15-21 June 2015

Supercontinent-superplume coupling in Earth history: toward a new tectonic paradigm
Z.X. Li   Invited


Inaugural Advanced Resource Characterisation Facility Conference, Perth, Australia, 18 June 2015

High-impact atom probe research: A case study on shocked zircon
S.M. Reddy   Invited

The NRSP's geoscience atom probe: Context and future research
S.M. Reddy   Invited


78th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical-Society, Berkeley, CA, USA, 27-31 July 2015

Characterising the role of mineral orientation on IR microspectroscopy
G.K. Benedix, V.E. Hamilton and S.M. Reddy

New Pb-isotopic constraints on the age of the moon
J.F. Snape, A.A. Nemchin, J.J. Bellucci, M.J. Whitehouse, R. Tartese, J.J. Barnes, M. Anand, I.A. Crawford and K.H. Joy

Record of the early impact history of the Earth-Moon system: targeted geochronology of shocked zircon
N.E. Timms, S.M. Reddy, A.J. Cavosie, A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Grange and T.M. Erickson   Invited


Microscopy and Microanalysis 2015, Portland, USA, 2-6 August 2015

Solving the controversy of Earth's oldest fossils using electron microscopy
D. Wacey, M. Saunders, C. Kong and M. Brasier


Saying goodbye to a 2D Earth, International Conference, Margaret River, WA, Australia, 2-7 August 2015

The future of 3D modeling in Geological Surveys
K. Gessner, R.E. Murdie, L. Brisbout, H. Yuan, and C. Sippl

A 3D fault model of the NW Yilgarn
R.E. Murdie, T. Ivanic, I. Zibra and K. Gessner

The Capricorn Orogen Passive Source Array
R.E. Murdie, H. Yuan, M. Denith, S. Johnson, J. Brett and K. Gessner


12th Annual Meeting Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS), Singapore, 2-7 August 2015

The effect of crustal heterogeneities on the formation of Dabashan Orocline and the growth of the Tibetan Plateau: Evidence from ambient noise tomography
C. Jiang, Y. Yang and Y. Zheng

Imaging lithospheric structures using broadband surface waves from ambient noise
Y. Yang

Heterogeneous crust in the Western Australian Craton: Seismic characteristics and tectonic implications
H. Yuan   Invited


IGCP-649 Workshop on: Ophiolites and Related High-Pressure Rocks in the Qilian Mountains, Xining, China, 5-10 August 2015

Transition-zone mineral assemblages in peridotite massifs, Tibet: Implications for collision-zone dynamics and orogenic peridotites
W.L. Griffin, N.M. McGowan, J.M. Gonzalez-Jimenez, E.A. Belousova, D. Howell, J.C. Afonso, J.S. Yang, R. Shi, S.Y. O‘Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Ophiolitic chromitites originated from ancient SCLM
R.D. Shi, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O‘Reilly, Q.S. Huang, D.L. Liu, X.H. Gong, S.S. Cheng, K. Wu and G.D. Yi

Diamonds and highly reduced minerals from chromitite of the Ray-Iz Ophiolite of the Polar Urals: Deep origin of podiform chromitites and ophiolitic diamonds
J.S. Yang, R. Wirth, M. Wiedenbeck, W.L. Griffin, F.C. Meng, S.Y. Chen, W.J. Bai, X.X. Xu, A.B. Makeeve and N.I. Bryanchan Iiniova


2015 Goldschmidt Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 16-21 August 2015

Crystal/melt partitioning of volatile and non-volatile elements during peridotite melting: Implications for mantle fractionation
J. Adam, M. Turner, E. Hauri and S. Turner

The genesis of silicic magmas in shallow crustal cold zones
J. Adam, S. Turner and T. Rushmer

Low-Ni olivine from silica-undersaturated ultrapotassic rocks as evidence for carbonate metasomatism in the mantle
E. Ammannati, D.E. Jacob, R. Avanzinelli, S.F. Foley and S. Conticelli

Mg and Fe isotope geochemistry of garnet peridotites from the Kaapvaal and Siberia Cratons
Y. An, F. Huang, J. Huang, W.L. Griffin and C. Liu

Magmatic controls on the genesis of Ni-Cu±(PGE) sulphide mineralisation on Mars
R.J. Baumgartner, M.L. Fiorentini, D. Baratoux, S., Micklethwaite, A.K. Sener, J.P. Lorand and T.C. McCuaig

The impact of subducted slab components on back-arc melting
C. Beier, S. Turner, M. Regelous and K. Haase

Towards a coherent radiogenic isotopic model for Mars
J.J. Bellucci, A. Nemchin, M. Whitehouse and J. Snape

A cautionary tale on zircon ages from mafic-ultramafic rocks: a case example from ophiolites, SE Australia
E. Belousova, J.-M. González-Jiménez, I. Graham, W. Griffin, S.Y. O‘Reilly and N. Pearson

Age and hafnium isotopic evolution of the Western Ethiopian Shield
M. Blades, A. Collins, J. Foden, J. Payne, T. Alemu, G. Woldetinsae, C. Clark and R. Taylor

Geochronology of ex situ shocked zircons: Towards dating impacts
A.J. Cavosie, S.M. Reddy, N.E. Timms, T.M. Erickson and M.R. Pincus     Invited

Thermodynamic modelling of the mobility of minor and trace elements in metamorphosed chromites
V. Colás, J.M. González-Jiménez, I. Fanlo, W.L. Griffin,F. Gervilla, S.Y. O‘Reilly, N.J. Pearson and T. Kerestedjian

Subducting the Mozambique Ocean: Cryogenian arc formation throughout the East African Orogen
A.S. Collins, D. Archibald, M. Blades, F. Robinson, D. Plavsa, J. Foden, S. Pisarevsky, C. Clark and R. Taylor

Laser ablation in situ (U-Th-Sm)/He and U-Pb double dating of apatite
M. Danišík, B. McDonald, N. Evans, B. McInnes, C. Kirkland and T. Becker

To subduct or not to subduct? That is the Archaean question…
V. Debaille, C. O'Neill and A.D. Brandon   Invited

Eclogite xeoliths with subducted oceanic crust signatures from the Wajrakarur Kimberlites, Southern India: evidences from trace element and O isotope geochemistry
A. Dongre, D. Jacob, R. Stern and F. Viljoen

Geobiology of an exceptionally preserved Archean microbial mat facies (Strelley Pool Formation, Western Australia)
J.-P. Duda, V. Thiel, M. Blumenberg, D. Ionescu, N. Schäfer, M.J. VanKranendonk and J. Reitner

Iron-mineralized microfossils from the Great Oxygenation Event
A. Fadel, K. Lepot, V. Busigny, A. Addad and M.J. Van Kranendonk

Magmatic processes at persistently active arc volcanoes
C. Firth, S. Turner, M. Turner, S. Cronin and H. Handley

The important role of incipient melting in the compositional and petrological evolution of the mantle
S. Foley and G. Yaxley

From MARID to lamproite: melting phase relations of MARID-like xenoliths from Kimberley, South Africa
M.W. Förster, D. Prelevic, H.R. Schmück, S. Buhre S and D.E. Jacob

Timescales of magma transfer, degassing and crustal assimilation at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
R. Gertisser, H. Handley, M. Reagan, K. Preece, K. Berlo, J. Barclay and R. Herd   Invited

HP-HT metasomatic garnetite associated with lherzolite complexes in the Urals: An indicator of timing of mantle upwelling and exhumation
I. Gottman, E. Pushkarev and E. Belousova

New insights into the lithospheric and deeper mantle
W.L. Griffin, J.C. Afonso, T. Satsukawa, N. McGowan, N. Pearson and S.Y. O‘Reilly   Invited

Modeling microstructural disequilibria during generation of oceanic basalts
C. Grose and J.C. Afonso

Constraints from Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb-Os isotopes for enriched and depleted Hawaiian Plume components in the oldest Emperor Seamounts
K. Hoernle, B. Schaefer, M. Portnyagin, F. Hauff and R. Werner   Invited

Mg isotopes in Roberts Victor xenolithic eclogites: no crustal origin
J.-X. Huang, W. Griffin, Y. Xiang, L. Xie, N. Pearson and S.Y. O‘Reilly

Nanostructure of Arctica islandica Shells: Implications for formation pathways
D. Jacob, R. Wirth, S. Piazolo and P. Trimby

LASS-ICPMS zircon geochronology: comparisons with SHRIMP
I. Jahn, C. Clark, S.M. Reddy, R. Taylor and A. Kylander-Clark

Metallic lead nanospheres discovered in ancient Antarctic zircons
M. Kusiak, D. Dunkley, M. Whitehouse, S. Wilde, R. Wirth and K. Marquardt     Invited

Extrapolating regolith geochemical data for regional analysis of the critical layer using ASTER remote sensing data
H. Lampinen

Probing the record of mantle processes and crust-mantle interactions in minerals, rocks and their geochemical properties
N. Liptai

Geochemical signatures of spinel peridotite xenoliths from the northernmost locations of the Pannonian Basin
N. Liptai, S.Y. O‘Reilly, W. L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and C. Szabó

Zircon multi-isotopic mapping: Imaging lithospheric architecture and continental crust evolution
Y. Lu, T. Kemp, T.C. McCuaig and Z. Hou

Composition and characterisation of chromites, alloys and sulphide inclusions from the Indo-Myanmar Ophiolite Belt of northeastern India
B. Maibam, S.F. Foley, D.E. Jacob, T.B. Singh, D. Ray and D. Panda

Integration of electron, laser and ion microprobe techniques to create an open source digital mineral library of Western Australia
B. McInnes, A. Brown, N. Evans, N. McNaughton and M. Wingate

The individuality of ascent paths in small volcanic systems: Small eruptive centres near Villarrica Volcano, Chile
L. McGee, E. Morgado, H. Handley, M. Turner, L.E. Lara, R. Brahm and M.A. Parada

Quantitative microstructural and trace element geochemical analysis of a mineralogically zoned vein
H. Meadows, S. Reddy, C. Clark and R. Taylor

In situ U-Pb zircon dating on metapelitic granulites of Beni Bousera (Betico-Rifean Belt, N Morocco)
M. Melchiorre, A. Álvarez-Valero, M. Fernàndez, J. Vergés, E. Belousova, A. El Maz and A. Moukadiri

Pro- and retrograde igneous activity during the Neoarchaean Skjoldungen Orogeny in the SE Greenland
T. Næraa, L. Bagas, J. Tusch, T.F. Kokfelt and C. Münker

The evolution of the Hadean Earth
C. O'Neill   Keynote

Variations in intraplate melting regimes during Earth's Evolution
C. O'Neill and S. Zhang   Invited

Cratons, metasomatism and metallogeny
S.Y. O‘Reilly, W. Griffiin, N. Pearson, G. Begg and J. Hronsky   Invited

Zircon Hf- and O-Isotope constraints on the evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Baoulé-Mossi domain of the West African Craton
L.A. Parra, M.L. Fiorentini, E. Belousova, A.I.S. Kemp, J. Miller and T.C. McCuaig

U-Pb geochronology of zircon by femtosecond laser ablation
N. Pearson, W. Powell, Y. Gréau,R. Murphy, J. Payne, E. Belousova, W. Griffin and S.Y. O‘Reilly

Multidisciplinary study of a recent oceanic pluton: The syenitic complex of Rallier du Baty, Kerguelen (TAAF)
L. Ponthus, D. Guillaume, M. SaintBlanquat, M., Benoit, N. Pearson, M. Gregoire, S. Y. O‘Reilly and M. LeRomancer

Making new felsic crust in primitive arc settings: Contrasting case studies
T. Rushmer, S. Foley, R. Brens, J. Adam and S. Turner

Mantle wedge heterogeneties recorded by microstructural evolution
T. Satsukawa, T. Mizukami, T. Morishita, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O‘Reilly and K. Michibayashi

Os isotope evidence for a heterogeneous source for the world's largest phanerozoic volcanic event
B. Schaefer, K. Hoernle, I. Parkinson, R. Golowin, M. Portnyagin, S. Turner, F. Hauff and R. Werner

Analytical and experimental study of post-collisional volcanism in the Alpine-Himalayan belt
D. Prelević, H.R. Schmück, S. Buhre, Y. Wang and S. Foley

Linking mineralization, isotopic composition, chemical composition and pyrite textures in the Neoarchaean Paulsens Au deposit
V. Selvaraja, M. Fiorentini, C. LaFlamme, H. Jeon and B. Wing

Mass independent sulfur signature in Archean orogenic Au deposits
V. Selvaraja, M. Fiorentini, C. LaFlamme, B. Wing, T.H. Bui and I. Fielding

Manganese speciation in bivalve shell aragonite
A. Soldati, D.E. Jacob, P. Glatzel, J. Grattage and J. Geck

C-isotopes of diamonds in eclogites from the Nyurbinskaya Pipe, Yakutia: Evidence for metasomatic origin
Z. Spetsius, W. Griffin and S.Y. O‘Reilly

Rare earth element partition coefficients during high-grade metamorphism: Experiments, realities, and large datasets
R. Taylor, C. Clark, P. Kinny and A. Kylander-Clark

Metasomatized segregates of high-Ca boninites: Cabo Ortegal Pyroxenites
R. Tilhac, M. Grégoire, G. Ceuleneer, S.Y. O‘Reilly, W.L. Griffin and N.J. Pearson

Crustal evolution of the Markha Terrane, Siberian Craton: Evidence from U-Pb, Hf- and O-isotope data for zircons from the Nakyn Kimberlites
I. Tretiakova, E. Belousova, W. Griffin, V. Malkovets and N.J. Pearson

The Tonga-Kermadec arc - Lau back-arc: recent progress and future research directions
S. Turner   Keynote

Maturity of Archean sandstones and ancient detrial zircons
J.W. Valley, M.J. Spicuzza, J.N. Cammack, K. Kitajima, N.T. Kita and M.J. VanKranendonk

Identifying the origin of olivines in ultramafic lamprophyres from Labrador, Canada, by minor and trace elements
M. Veter, S. Foley and D. Prelevic

Composition of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Khamar Daban Ridge, South Russian Siberia: Constraints from mantle xenoliths
K.L. Wang, S. D'rill, S.Y. O‘Reilly, M. Kuzmin, W.L. Griffin and N.J. Pearson

Lawsonite blueschists in recycled mélange involved in K-rich orogenic magmatism
Y. Wang, D. Prelević, S. Foley, S. Buhre and S. Galer

Estimating atmospheric lead concentrations and isotopic composition using two Lichen Genera over the past 120 years in Australia
L. Wu, M. Taylor, H. Handley and M. Wu

Two-layered Neo-Tethyan oceanic lithospheric mantle in a Tibetan ophiolite, China
Q. Xiong, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O‘Reilly, N.J. Pearson and J.P. Zheng


13th SGA Conference, Nancy, France, 24-27 August 2015

Linking crustal evolution to mineral systems using U-Pb geochronology in zircons from the Marmion Terrane (3.02-2.68 Ga), western Superior Craton, Canada
K.E. Björkman, T.C. McCuaig, Y. J. Lu, P. Hollings and G.P. Beakhouse

Sulfur cycle in the deep continental crust: insight from the Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits of the Ivrea Zone (Italy)
M. Fiorentini, G. Garuti, F. Zaccarini, P. Kolleger, L. Martin and J. Cliff

Magmatic controls on the genesis of Ni-Cu±(PGE) sulphide mineralisation on Mars
R.J. Baumgartner, M.L. Fiorentini, D. Baratoux, S. Micklethwaite, A.K. Sener, J.P. Lorand and T.C. McCuaig

Hypozonal orogenic gold mineralisation: a Precambrian mineral system
J. Kolb, A. Dziggel and L. Bagas

Fluid flow and rock permeability considerations for Au mineral systems: inputs from numerical simulations
J. Poh, N. Thébaud, M. Lindsay, M. Fiorentini, F. Wellmann and P. Rey

Sulfur sources in the Glenburgh Orogenic Gold Deposit
V. Selvaraja, M.L. Fiorentini, B. Wing, T.H. Bui, L. Roche, S. Occhipinti and J. Goldsworthy

Evolution of the Siberian Craton lithosphere: evidence from U-Pb and Hf isotope data for zircons from kimberlites
I. Tretiakova, E. Belousova, W. Griffin, N. Pearson, V. Malkovets and S. Kostrovitsky


2nd European Mantle Workshop, Wroclaw, Poland, 24-28 August 2015

Super-reducing conditions in the upper mantle beneath the lower Galilee (Israel)
W.L. Griffin, S.E.M. Gain, V. Toledo,D. Adams, S.Y. O‘Reilly, D.E. Jacob and N.J. Pearson

Constraints on the geochemical properties and processes of the upper mantle beneath the northernmost part of the Pannonian Basin
N. Liptai, S.Y. O‘Reilly, W. L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and C. Szabó

Geodynamic and geophysical consequences of stealthy mantle metasomatism
S.Y. O‘Reilly, W.L. Griffin and N.J. Pearson   Invited


Large Igneous Provinces, Mantle Plumes and Metallogeny in the Earth's History, Irkutsk-Listvyanka, Russia, 1-8 September 2015

Three stages of the intracontinental mafic magmatism in the south-eastern part of the Sharyzhalgai Inlier of the Siberian Cratonic basement
D.P. Gladkochub, T.V. Donskaya, R.E. Ernst, S.A. Pisarevsky and A.M. Mazukabzov


8th Hutton Symposium on Granites and Related Rocks, Florianópolis, Brazil, 20-25 September 2015

Post-collisional Late Neoproterozoic high Ba-Sr granitic magmatism of adakitic affinity from the Dom Feliciano belt and its cratonic foreland, Uruguay
P. Lara, P. Oyhantcabal and K.A. Dadd

Neoproterozoic and Late Paleozoic granitoids of Wrangel Island and Central Chukotka: Age, composition and setting in the structure of Arctic Region
M.V. Luchitskaya, S.D. Sokolov, S.A. Sergeev, A.B. Kotov, L.M. Natapov, E.A. Belousova and S.M. Katkov

Petrogenesis of the 2.09 Ga Laouni granitic magmatic granite basement (central Hoggar, southern Algeria): in-situ zircon U-Pb age and Nd-Hf isotopic constraints
N. Remaci-Benaouda, E. Belousova, Y. Greau, P. Bowden, J.Y. Cottin, D. Bouziani, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O‘Reilly

Six-stage Mesozoic granitoids in an Andean-type orogenic cycle in South China
K. Zhu, Z. Li, X. Xu, S.A. Wilde and H. Chen


First China-Russia International Meeting on the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and IGCP 592 Workshop, Beijing, China, 23-25 September 2015

The scenario of the Paleo-Asian Ocean development with focus on detrital zircon ages spectra in the Late Precambrian sediments of the Southern Siberian craton
D.P. Gladkochub, T.V. Donskaya, S. Zhang, K.-L. Wang, S.A. Pisarevsky, A.M. Stanevich, A.M. Mazukabzov and Z. Motova


TIGeR Conference, Curtin University, Perth, Australia, 23-25 September 2015

Geologic applications for high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) to study fluid-rock interaction
H. Jeon, C. LaFlamme, L. Martin, M. Kilburn, J. Cliff and M. Fiorentini

The chemical signature of syn-deformational fluid-rock interaction: Nano - to microscale
S. Piazolo   Invited

A shocking transformation: probing Precambrian reidite using state of-the-art micro- to sub-nanometer 3D imaging. Key issues in fluid-rock interaction: From the nano to the macroscale
S.M. Reddy, T.E. Johnson, W. Rickard, A. van Riessen, R.J.M. Taylor, D.W. Saxey, D. Fougerouse, S. Fischer, T.J. Prosa, D.A. Reinhard, K.P. Rice and Y. Chen

Hydration through melt-rock interaction triggers local partial melting in the lower crust: Example from Fiordland, New Zealand
C. Stuart, S. Piazolo and N. Daczko


SEG 2015: World-Class Ore Deposits: Discovery to Recovery, Hobart, Australia, 27-30 September 2015

Massive chalcopyrite mineralization at Red Bore, WA: The deep roots of a sea-floor hydrothermal system
A. Agangi, C. Vieru, S. Reddy, D. Plavsa and V. Selvaraja

Linking crustal growth to orogenic gold and Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization using U-Pb geochronology in zircons in the Marmion Terrane (3.0 Ga), Western Superior Craton, Canada
K. Bjorkman, Y. Lu and T. Campbell

Stratigraphy-controlled minero-chemical and isotopic imprints for primary sulfur degassing of lavas in komatiite-hosted Ni-PGE ores at Wannaway deposit, Western Australia
S. Caruso, M. Moroni, M.L. Fiorentini, S.J. Barnes, C. Carissa, B. Wing and J. Cliff

In search of high flux magma conduits: 3D photogrammetry, analyzing emplacement mechanisms of mafic intrusion networks
G. Dering, S. Micklethwaite, M. Fiorentini, S. Barnes and A. Cruden

The spatial and temporal significance of alteration associated with gold-bearing structures in the Greater Revenge Area, St. Ives, Western Australia
B.M. Duggan, T.C. McCuaig and J.M. Miller

High-K to shoshonitic magmatism across the northern Archean Kéména Man margin (Guinea): Implications for the late Eburnean orogenic gold mineralization
A. Eglinger, N. Thébaud, J. Davis, J. Miller, A. Zeh, T.C. McCuaig and E. Belousova

Sulfur and metal fertilization of the lower continental crust
M.L. Fiorentini, M. Locmelis, J. Adam, T.Rushmer, F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti, Z. Vukmanovic, S. Caruso, M. Moroni, S. Barnes, S. Reddy and B. Godel   Invited

Postorogenic Paleoproterozoic mafic intrusions within the Rae Craton
C. LaFlamme, D. Lentz and C. McFarlane

Mapping mineral systems footprints THROUGH cover - linking remote and proximal surface geochemical and mineralogical data to bedrock geology
H. Lampinen, C. Laukamp, S. Halley, L. Hardy, S. Occhipinti, T.C. McCuaig and M. Fiorentini

Effects of hydrous alteration on the distribution of base metals and platinum group elements within the Kevitsa Magmatic Nickel Sulfide Deposit
M. Le Vaillant, S.J. Barnes, M.L. Fiorentini, F. Santaguida and T. Törmänen

High magmatic water content disproves genesis of post-collisional copper-ore-forming high Sr/Y magmas by dehydration melting of lower crust
Y.J. Lu, R.R. Loucks, M. L. Fiorentini, Z.M. Yang, Z.M. and Z.Q. Hou

Petrochemistry of the Ntaka Hill Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusion and implications for Ni-Cu mineralization
D.R. Mole, S.J. Barnes and M. Campbell

The Formation of the Ntaka Hill Ni-Cu Deposit: Plume magmas captured by an Island Arc
D.R. Mole, R. Taylor, P. Kinny and S.J. Barnes

Evidence for fluid- and gas-driven magmatic Ni-Fe-Cu-PGE-rich sulfide ore deposition associated with mantle metasomatism in the Valmaggia ultramafic pipe, Ivrea-Verbano, Italy
M. Moroni, M.L. Fiorentini, S. Caruso, M.L. Frezzotti and G. Sessa

Trace element variations in TiO2 due to polymorphism and age: Implications for rutile as a pathfinder mineral in complex terranes
D. Plavsa, S. Reddy, C. Clark and A. Kylander-Clark

Using TiO2 as pathfinder for mineralized ore systems: A combined EBSD and petrochronology approach
D.S. Plavsa, S. Reddy, C. Clark and A. Kylander-Clark

Crustal architecture and under cover exploration: The Granites-Tanami orogen example
D. Stevenson, L. Iaccheri, L. Bagas, C. McCuaig and A. Aitken

In situ sulfur isotopes from mineral systems in the Proterozoic Capricorn Orogen
S. Vikraman, C. LaFlamme, M. Fiorentini and H. Jeon


15th Australian Space Research Conference, Canberra, ACT, Australia, 29 September - 1 October 2015

The role of core-differentiation in ejection of a Moon-forming disk
C. O'Neill and S. Zhang

Dating late thermal events on the Moon from the annealing of radiation damage in zircon
R.T. Pidgeon, R.E. Merle, M.L. Grange and A.A. Nemchin

Early Earth and the making of Mankind: Astrobiology in our own backyard
M.J. Van Kranendonk   Plenary Speaker

Viscosity formulations and the effect of uncertain parameters
J. Wasiliev, C. O'Neill and S. Zhang

Thermal evolution of the Moon modelled by core-mantle coupling
S. Zhang and C. O'Neill


Geological Society of America Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 1-4 November 2015

Revisiting the impact chronology of the Moon: a terrestrial perspective on using ex situ shocked zircons to date meteorite impacts
A.J. Cavosie, T.E. Erickson, N.E. Timms, S.M. Reddy, C. Talavera, S.M. Montalvo, M.R. Pincus, R. Gibbon and D. Moser

Growth of continental lithosphere by accretion of arc terranes along the Laurentian margin throughout the Proterozoic: evidence from Hf isotopes
M.E. Holland, K.E. Karlstrom, M.F. Doe, T.A. Grambling, E.G. Gehrels, E. George, M. Pecha, W.L. Griffin, E. Belousova, G.C. Begg and C.A. Mako

Precambrian reidite unearthed
S.M. Reddy, T. Johnson, W. Rickard, A. van Riessen, S. Fischer, R. Taylor, T. Prosa, D. Reinhard, K. Rice and Y. Chen   Invited


2nd Lithosphere Dynamics Workshop, Perth, Australia, 19-20 November 2015

Ruthenium in spinel from Chassignite and olivine-phyric Shergottite meteorites: constraints on the behaviour of platinum-group elements and sulphur in Martian magmatic systems
R.J. Baumgartner, M.L. Fiorentini, D. Baratoux, L. Ferrière, M. Locmelis and A.K. Sener

Cassiterite as a multiprocess recorder in Sn bearing systems
J. Bennett, A. Kemp, S.G. Hagemann and M. Fiorentini

Unravelling crustal growth and geodynamics in the Meso to Neoarchaean using U-Pb-O isotopes in zircons and stratigraphic reconstructions from the Marmion Terrane (3.0 Ga)
K.E. Björkman,T.C. McCuaig, Y. J. Lu, A.I.S. Kemp and P. Hollings

Crust-mantle interactions in hot orogens characterised by counterclockwise P-T-t paths and slow cooling
M. Brown   Invited

Sulfur and metal fertilization of the lower continental crust
M. Fiorentini   Invited

Evolution of the lithospheric mantle by melt/rock interaction and its effects on the composition of lithosphere-derived volcanic melts
S. Foley   Invited

Constraints on kimberlite ascent mechanisms revealed by phlogopite compositions in kimberlites and mantle xenoliths
A. Giuliani   Invited

in-situ U-Pb, O and Hf isotopic compositions of detrital zircons from the North Australian Craton
L.M. Iaccheri

Neutral-buoyancy rule over-ruled: Crustal underplating by buoyant magmas during orogeny
R. Loucks   Invited

Secular change in Archean crust formation recorded in Western Australia
H. Yuan   Invited


Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology (SGTSG) conference: Riding the Wave, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia, 22-27 November 2015

Arc root buoyancy: metastable igneous assemblages in deformed lower crust
T. Chapman, G.L. Clarke and N.R. Daczko

Undergraduate teaching with a Virtual Petrographic Microscope
N.R. Daczko

The Neoproterozoic East Gondwana suture: Reconciling geological and geophysical evidence
N.R. Daczko, J.A. Halpin, J.M. Whittaker and I.C.W. Fitzsimons

Does microstructure matter? Investigating the effect of spatial distribution of viscosity on bulk strength and strain localisation
R.L. Gardner, S. Piazolo, L. Evans and N.R. Daczko

Microcontinents offshore Western Australia: insights into the make-up and break-up of East Gondwana
J.A. Halpin, N.R. Daczko, J.M. Whittaker, S.E. Williams, R.L. Gardner, M.E. Kobler and P.G. Quilty

A new map of the Wongwibinda Metamorphic Complex: its relationship to other HTLP complexes of the New England Orogen
K. Jessop, N.R. Daczko and S. Piazolo

Steep metamorphic field gradients in HTLP regional aureoles
K. Jessop, N.R. Daczko and S. Piazolo

Supercontinent-superplume coupling and a new global geodynamic working model
Z.X. Li


GSWA 2015 Annual Lectures, Perth, Australia, 3 December 2015

Inferring past and current tectonic activities using Earthquake seismology
H. Yuan   Invited


Greenland Day Conference, Perth, Australia, 9 December 2015

Nickel-sulfide ore forming processes in the deep continental crust, Thrym Complex, southeastern Greenland
M. Fiorentini

A window into Greenland's geological past: a new geochronology database with implications for mineral exploration
C. Kirkland

The Paleoproterozoic Karrat Group and Rinkian Belt: geology, Black Angel Zn-Pb deposit and other mineralization styles
J. Kolb


59th Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association, Cardiff, UK, 14-17 December 2015

Solving the controversy of Earth's oldest fossils using electron microscopy
D. Wacey, M. Saunders, C. Kong and M. Brasier


AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 14-18 December 2015

Multi-observable thermochemical tomography of the lithosphere and upper mantle
J.C. Afonso, Y. Yang, N. Rawlinson, A. Jones, J. Fullea and M. Qashqai

Erosion and assimilation of substrate by Martian low-viscosity lava flows: implications for sulphur degassing and the genesis of orthomagmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulphide mineralisation
R. Baumgartner, D. Baratoux, F. Gaillard and M.L. Fiorentini

Imaging anisotropic layering with Bayesian Inversion of multiple data types
T. Bodin, J. Leiva, B. Romanowicz, V. Maupin and H. Yuan

Were Amazonia and Baltica connected in Nuna and Rodinia?
S.V. Bogdanova and S.A. Pisarevsky

A Sm-Nd eclogite and U-Pb detrital zircon study of a probable Baltic HP-UHP metamorphic terrane in the Greenland Caledonides
H. Brueckner, E. Belousova, L. Medaris, S. Johnston, W. Griffin, E. Hartz, S. Hemming and R. Bubbico

Constraints on biogenic emplacement of crystalline calcium carbonate and dolomite
B. Colas, S.M. Clark and D.E. Jacob

Paleoproterozoic collisional structures in the Hudson Bay lithosphere constrained by multi-observable probabilistic inversion
F. Darbyshire, J.C. Afonso and R. Porritt

Supercontinent cyclicity: Relevant data, constraints, limitations and aspects requiring particular attention
B. Eglington, D.A.D. Evans, S. Pehrsson and Z.X. Li

The Capricorn Orogen Passive Source Array (COPA) in Western Australia
K. Gessner, H. Yuan, R. Murdie, M.l. Dentith, S. Johnson and J. Brett

REE chemistry of MORB and OIB explained by microchemical disequilibrium melting models
C. Grose and J. Afonso

Tasmania in Nuna: Witness to a ~1.4 Ga East Antarctica-Laurentia connection
J. Halpin, J. Mulder and N.R. Daczko

Extreme variability of deformation mechanisms at tiny scale in natural peridotite: the effect of phase distribution and mineral reactions

M.A. Kaczmarek, S. Reddy and P. Vonlanthen

Little and large: Implications for preservation of radiogenic-Pb in titanite. An example from the Albany-Fraser Orogen, Australia: Resolving process through Geochronology: New techniques, applications, and interpretations
C.L. Kirkland

Anomalous sulfur isotope signatures preserved in the Proterozoic rock record: insight into the link between fluid-driving tectonic processes and ore genesis at cratonic margins
C. LaFlamme, M.L. Fiorentini, S. Johnson, B. Wing, H. Jeon and S. Occhipinti

Using multiple sulfur isotope signatures to delineate terrane boundaries and investigate crustal formation mechanisms during the Paleoproterozoic
C. LaFlamme, M. Fiorentini, B. Wing and H. Jeon

First row transition metals in olivine - Petrogenetic tracers for the evolution of mantle-derived magmas
M. Locmelis, R. Jr. Arevalo, I.S. Puchtel, S.J. Barnes and M.L. Fiorentini

How Earth works 100 years after Wegener's continental drift theory and IGCP 648
Z.X. Li, D.A.D. Evans, S. Zhong and B. Eglington

New Insight into the crustal structures of SE Australian continent from a combined study of ambient noise tomography and gravity modelling
C.X. Jiang, Y.J. Yang and N. Rawlinson

Petrologically-constrained thermo-chemical modelling of cratonic upper mantle consistent with elevation, geoid, surface heat flow, seismic surface waves and MT data
A. Jones and J. Afonso   Invited

Extreme variability of deformation mechanisms at tiny scale in natural peridotite: the effect of phase distribution and mineral reactions
M.A. Kaczmarek, S.M. Reddy and P. Vonlanthen

Morphological characteristics of detrital zircon grains from source to sink (Western Australia); Geochemistry of sediments and sediment recycling and implications for crust and mantle evolution over Earth history
V. Markwitz and C.L. Kirkland

Tracking CO2 geosequestration using downhole gravity gradiometry, Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia
S. Matthews and C. O'Neill

The oxidation state of iron in chromite as a record of deep Earth processes
N.M. McGowan, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson, S.Y. O‘Reilly,S.M. Clark, J. Roque-Rosell, M.A. Marcus and C.A. McCammon

Multi-phase multi-component reactive flow in geodynamics
B. Oliveira, J.C. Afonso and S. Zlotnik

An early, transient, impact-driven tectonic regime in the Hadean
C. O‘Neill, S. Marchi and S. Zhang   Invited

Mapping sub-crustal reflectors in southwestern Spain
I. Palomeras, P. Ayarza, R. Carbonell, S. Ehsan, J. Afonso and J. Diaz Cusi

Mesoproterozoic - Tonian paleogeography: new insights
S.A. Pisarevsky

Why lithospheric extension separated the Aegean from Turkey
T. Ring, K. Gessner, S. Thomson and V. Markwitz

Os isotope evidence for a differentiated plume head reservoir for the Ontong Java Nui source
B. Schaefer, K. Hoernle, I. Parkinson, R. Golowin, M. Portnyagin, S. Turner and R. Werner

The formation of micro diamonds in dislocation creep controlled by the C:O:H ratio of NAMS
H. Sommer, K. Regenauer-Lieb, D. Jacob and B. Gasharova

Rare earth element partition coefficients during high-grade metamorphism: experiments, realities, and large datasets
R. Taylor, C. Clark, A. Kylander-Clark and B. Hacker

Thermophysical structure of the crust beneath the US Intermountain West from Multi-Observable Probabilistic Inversion
M.T. Qashqai, J.C. Afonso, Y. Yang and D. Schutt

Viscosity formulations and the effect of uncertain parameters
J. Wasiliev and C. O'Neill

Interactions among mid-ocean ridges, plumes and Large Igneous Provinces
J. Whittaker, J. Afonso, S. Masterton, D. Müller, P. Wessel, S. Williams and M. Seton   Invited

Unraveling the unusual morphology of the Cretaceous Dirck Hartog extinct mid-ocean ridge
S. Watson, J. Whittaker, J. Halpin, S. Williams, L. Milan, N. Daczko and D. Wyman

Density effects of shallow structures on the crustal shear wavespeeds in surface wave tomography
G. Xing, M. Chen, F. Niu and Y. Yang

Unraveling overtone interferences in Love-wave phase velocity measurements by array-based, radon transform
Y. Yang and Y. Luo

Integrated in situ U-Pb age and Hf-O analyses of zircon from the Northern Yangtze Block: New insights into the Neoproterozoic Low-δ18O Magmas in the South China Block
Y.N. Yang, X.C. Wang, Q.L. Li and X.H. Li

South China connected to north India in Gondwana: sedimentary basin and detrital provenance analyses
W. Yao, Z.X. Li, W.X. Li, X.H. Lia and J.H. Yang

Secular change in Archean crust formation recorded in Western Australia
H. Yuan

Broadband finite frequency ambient noise tomography
K. Zhao, Y. Yang, Y. Luo and J. Xie

A reduced basis approach for implementing thermodynamic phase-equilibria information in geophysical and geodynamic studies
S. Zlotnik, J. Afonso and P. Diez



UHNAI-Nordic Winter School “Water and the Evolution of Life in the Universe”, Hawaii, 1-14 January 2014

Diverse life in a volcanic-hydrothermal environment at the c. 3.5 Ga North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
T. Djokic and M.J. Van Kranendonk


IGG-CAS 2014 Annual Meeting,16-17 January 2014

Seismic images of craton margins and adjacent orogens and tectonic implications
H. Yuan   Invited

Upper mantle structure of Northeastern North America using full waveform inversion
H. Yuan


Biennial Meeting of the Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology (SGTSG), Thredbo, NSW, Australia, 2-8 February 2014

Tectonic evolution of the Early Mesoproterozoic Mount Painter Province, South Australia
R. Armit, P. Betts, B. Schaefer, M. Pankhurst and D. Giles

Pump up the Volume… and the Grade: Fault valving behaviour and the development of Au-Cu mineralisation in the Telfer resource, Paterson Orogen, WA
G. Batt, J. Miller and C. McCuaig

Magma dynamics and metamorphic reaction history of lower-crustal plutons, Western Fiordland Orthogneiss, NZ
T. Chapman, G. Clarke, N. Daczko and S. Piazolo

The influence of phase distribution and grain size on the localization of strain in polyphase rocks
D. Czaplinska and S. Piazolo

Rheological contrast controlling the development of paired shear zones, Fiordland, New Zealand
N. Daczko, J. Smith, S. Piazolo and L. Evans

A crustal section through Archean gneiss dome-greenstone architecture: example from the Southern Cross Domain, Yilgarn Craton
M. Doublier, N. Thébaud, K. Gessner, M. Wingate, D. Mole, S. Romano and C. Kirkland

The effect of viscosity on the formation of boudins: comparison of simulation results with field data from Fiordland, New Zealand
R. Gardner

Interpretation of magnetic and gravity data along seismic reflection surveys in the Southern Carnarvon Basin and Northwest Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
K. Gessner, T. Jones, J. Goodwin, L. Gallardo, P. Milligan, J. Brett and R. Murdie

The opening of the South China Sea: was it driven by Pacific subduction or by India-Eurasia collision?
Z.-X. Li

A Neoproterozoic big twist within Australia: Rodinia, snowball Earth, and mineral deposits
Z.-X. Li and D. Evans

Deformation in an Open System: Fluid assisted brittle-viscous deformation coupled with volume change in a greenschist facies shear zone (Wyangala, Australia)
L. Spruzeniece, S. Piazolo and N. Daczko

How does melt move through the lower crust? New insight from diffuse porous melt flow resulting in metasomatism and hydration of a two-pyroxene-hornblende granite
C. Stuart, S. Piazolo and N. Daczko


Workshop on “Advanced development on in situ & WR high-precision elemental and isotopic analyses, Taipei, Taiwan, 10-12 March 2014

Back to basics: quantitative elemental and isotope ratio analysis by laser ablation ICP-MS

N. Pearson  Keynote


45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, TX, USA, 17-21 March 2014

A unique differentiation history of Mars preserved in Martian meteorite NWA7533
J.J. Bellucci, A.A. Nemchin, and M.J. Whitehouse

Delayed onset of plate tectonics on Earth and implications for the Martian mantle
V. Debaille, C. O’Neill, A.D. Brandon, P. Haenecour, Q.-Z. Yin, N. Mattielli and A.H. Treiman

Oxygen isotope compositions and Ti and REE concentrations of zircon from Martian meteorite NWA 7533
A.A. Nemchin, M. Humayun, M.J. Whitehouse, R.H. Hewins, J.-P. Lorand, A. Kennedy, M.L. Grange, B. Zanda, C. Fieni, S. Pont and D. Deldicque


UNCOVER Summit 2014 Adelaide Convention Centre, SA, Australia, 31 March - 2 April 2014

TerraneChron®: remote sensing with detrital samples
E. Belousova, W. Griffin, N. Pearson, S. O’Reilly and Y. Greau

Archean SCLM: what do we (think we) know?
W.L. Griffin

Isotope geology through space and time: a tool for understanding crustal evolution. Case studies from the Yilgarn Craton and its margin
C.L. Kirkland   Keynote

Greenfield identification: big picture matters
Z.-X. Li

A national trajectory for geoscience research in Australia and some historical perspectives towards UNCOVER
S.Y. O’Reilly   Keynote


European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Austria, 27 April - 02 May 2014

Inward stepping intraplate activity: An example from the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia
A. Aitken, S. Johnson, F. Korhonen, M. Dentith, A. Joly, I. Tyler, and T.C. McCuaig

Osmium isotope systematics of Os-rich alloys and Ru-Os sulfides from oceanic mantle: evidence from Proterozoic and Paleozoic ophiolite-type complexes
I.Y. Badanina, K.N. Malitch, E.A. Belousova, R.A. Lord, T.C. Meisel, V.V. Murzin and N.J. Pearson

What does the deep crustal structure of the Yilgarn Craton tell us about Mesoarchean Dynamics?
K. Gessner, C. Kirkland and I. Zibra

Cross-gradient joint inversion of gravity and aeromagnetic data in mineralized northern Menderes Massif, Turkey
K. Gessner, L. Gallardo, F. Wedin and K. Sener

Cenozoic denudation of the Menderes Massif and its geodynamic framework: slab tear or not?
K. Gessner, L. Gallardo, V. Markwitz, U. Ring and S.N. Thomson

Ancient Pb and Ti mobilization revealed by Scanning Ion Imaging
M.A. Kusiak, M.J. Whitehouse and S.A. Wilde

Radiogenic and stable isotope study of the Dyumptaley and Binyuda ultramafic-mafic intrusions and associated Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ores (Russian Arctic)
K. Malich, I. Badanina, E. Belousova, N. Pearson, A. Romanov and S. Sluzhenikin

Is there really carbon in the detrital zircons from Jack Hills, Western Australia?
M. Menneken, T. Geisler, A.A. Nemchin, K. Pollok, M. Whitehouse, R. Pidgeon and S. Wilde

3D Fault Network of the Murchison Domain, Yilgarn Craton
R. Murdie and K. Gessner

Long hard road from Nuna to Rodinia
S.A. Pisarevsky   Invited

New insights into the late Paleozoic evolution of the New England Orogen (eastern Australia) in view of the recent paleomagnetic data
S.A. Pisarevsky, G. Rosenbaum, U. Shaanan and D. Hoy

Experimental studies on TTGs the Nuvvuagittuq Complex, Quebec, Canada: Implications for early crustal recycling and Archaean granitoids
T. Rushmer and J. Adam

Three-dimensional crustal structure of a craton rim: Preliminary results from passive seismic imaging of the eastern Albany-Fraser Orogen, Western Australia
C. Sippl, H. Tkalcic, B.L.N. Kennett, C.V. Spaggiari and K. Gessner

Heading down early on? Start of subduction on Earth
S. Turner, T. Rushmer, M. Reagan and J.-F. Moyen


International Workshop on: Ophiolites, Mantle Processes and Related Ore Deposits, Beijing, China, 14-15 April 2014

Transition-Zone mineral assemblages in peridotite massifs, Tibet: Implications for collision-zone dynamics and orogenic peridotites

W.L. Griffin   Invited


6th Orogenic Lherzolite Conference, Morocco, 4-15 May 2014

Major and trace element geochemistry, origin and timing of sulfide formation in ultramafic xenoliths from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (northern Hungary - southern Slovakia)
L.E. Aradi, C. Szabó, J.-M. González-Jiménez, S.Y. O’Reilly and W.L. Griffin

Transition-Zone mineral assemblages in peridotite massifs, Tibet: Implications for collision-zone dynamics and orogenic peridotites
W.L. Griffin, N.M. McGowan, D. Howell, J.M. Gonzalez-Jimenez, E. Belousova, J.C. Afonso, J.S. Yang, R. Shi, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Updating metasomatism concepts: Stealth, densification, and geophysical consequences
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and N.J. Pearson

Fluid-induced deformation in chromite during metamorphism
T. Satsukawa, J.-M. González-Jiménez, V. Colás, W.L. Griffin, S. Piazolo, S.Y. O’Reilly, F. Gervilla and I. Fanlo

History of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath the Carpathian-Pannonian region
C. Szabó, L.E. Aradi, J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and K. Hattori

Diamonds and highly reduced minerals from chromitite of the Ray-Iz ophiolite of the Polar Urals: deep origin of podiform chromitites and ophiolitic diamonds
J.S. Yang, F.C. Meng, S.Y. Chen, W.J. Bai, X.Z. Xu, Z.M. Zhang, P. T. Robinson, Y. Dilek, W.L. Griffin, A. B. Makeeyev, and N.I. Bryanchaninova

Transition between two supercontinents in late Mesoproterozoic: paleomagnetic approach
S.A. Pisarevsky


Biosignatures across space and time. Joint Meeting - Nordic Network of Astrobiology and the Centre of Geobiology, Bergen, Norway, 20-22 May 2014

Early life on Earth: Possible metabolic pathways in the c. 3.5Ga Dresser Formation, North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
T. Djokic and M.J. Van Kranendonk


GAC-MAC Annual Meeting, Fredericton, Canada, 21-23 May 2014

Formation of mantle plumes and superplumes: Driven by subduction?
Z.X. Li, S. Zhong and X.C. Wang

SS25. Mineral systems: beyond source, transport and trap
D. Huston, C. McCuaig and R. Blewett


XIX Geological Congress of Argentina, Córdoba, Argentina, 2-6 June 2014

U-Pb age of detrital zircon from Candon Williams, northeast Chubut Province, Patagonia: implication for the provenance of the Chubut Group sedimentary sequences
L.E. Navarro, E. Belousova, M.V. Guler and R. Astini


Goldschmidt 2014 Conference, Sacramento, USA, 8-13 June 2014

Ediacaran granites in the Tuareg Shield, West Africa: Alkalinity and end-Gondwanan assembly
P. Bowden, J.-Y. Cottin, E. Belousova, Y. Gréau, W. Griffin, S. O’Reilly, A. Azzouni-Sekkal, N. Remaci-Benouda and F. Bechiri-Benmerzoug

Taking fingerprints of metamorphism in chromite using minor and trace elements
V. Colás, J.M. González-Jiménez, I. Fanlo, W.L. Griffin, F. Gervilla, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson and T. Kerestedjian

Is there a secular change in supercontinent assemblies?
K.C. Condie, S.A. Pisarevsky and J. Korenaga

Biogeochemical influences on uranium speciation in the Mulga Rock Sedimentary Uranium Ore Deposit, Western Australia
S. Cumberland, C. Jaraula, K. Grice, G. Douglas, K. Evans, C. McCuaig, L. Schwark, R. Curtain, S. Rubanov, M. de Jonge, D. Howard and J. Moreau

New evidence for ~4.45 Ga terrestrial crust from zircon xenocrysts in Ordovician ignimbrite in the North Qinling Orogenic Belt, China
C. Diwu, Y. Sun and S.A. Wilde

Sediment-eclogite fluid exchanges during subduction in the Tavsanli zone, Turkey
L. Gauthiez-Putallaz, D. Rubatto, J. Hermann, L. Martin, K.F. Fornash and D.L. Whitney

PGE remobilisation during metamorphism of chromitites in Central Chile
J.M. González-Jiménez, F. Barra, M. Reich, E. Hernandez, F. Gervilla, W.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Re-Os isotopic constraints on the evolution of Bangong-Nujiang Tethyan oceanic mantle 
Q.-S. Huang, R.-D. Shi, W.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly and D.-L. Liu

Radiolytic alteration of biopolymers in the Mulga Rock Uranium Deposit
C.M. Jaraula, L. Schwark, X. Moreau, W. Pickel, L. Bagas and K. Grice

Ru-Os-Ir alloys and Ru-Os sulfides from oceanic mantle: Evidence for robustness of Os-Isotope system
K. Malich, I. Badanina, E. Belousova, R. Lord, T. Meisel, V. Murzin and N. Pearson

Tibetan chromitites: Digging in the slab graveyard
N. McGowan, W. GriffinJ.-M. González-Jiménez, E. BelousovaJ.C. Afonso, R. Shi, C. McCammonN. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

The Neoarchaean Skjoldungen Orogeny - A continent-continent collision orogeny?
T. Næraa, T.F. Kokfelt, L. Bagas and K. Thrane

Global magmatism and changing tectonics at the Archean-Proterozoic boundary: Insights from O isotopes in zircon
J. Payne, K. Barovich, N. Pearson and M. Hand

Laser ablation of zircon and implications for U-Pb geochronology
N. PearsonW. Powell, J. Payne, R. MurphyE. BelousovaW. Griffin and S. O’Reilly

Organics in orogenic gold systems: Characterisation of organic matter associated with gold (Au) deposits
A. Robert, H. Grotheer, R. Lockhart, P. Greenwood, C. McCuaig, C. Jaraula, K. Grice, L. Bagas and L. Schwark

100 Ma magmatism in the Jiamusi Block, NE China: An indication for lithospheric extension driven by Paleo-Pacific roll-back
M. Sun, H. Chen and S. Wilde

Time-Space relationships of ore-related igneous activity: Lishui Basin, middle and lower Yangtze River
L. Wang, J. Huang and W.L. Griffin

Proterozoic Mantle Lithosphere beneath the Khanka Massif in Far East Russia: In situ Re-Os Evidence
K.-L. Wang, V. Prikhodko, S.Y. O’ReillyW.L. GriffinN. Pearson, V. Kovach, Y. Iizuka and Y.-H. Chien

Long link of Cathaysia Block of South China with East Gondwana
J.-H. Yu, L. Wang, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and Q. Liu


Sydney Space Society, Australia, 16 June, 2014

The tectonics of exoplanets
C. O’Neill   Invited


AESC Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Sustainable Australia, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 7-10 July 2014

Accretion of andesitic crust along a high-temperature oceanic detachment fault in the Oman Ophiolite (Bahla Massif)
B. Abily, G. Ceuleneer, M. Python, M. Grégoire, M. Benoit and D. Baratoux

Archean andesites in the East Yilgarn Large Igneous Province, Australia: The case for their origin by plume/crust interaction
S. Barnes, M.J. Van Kranendonk, D. Mole and C. Isaac

The enigma of crustal zircons in upper mantle rocks: Insights from U-Pb ages, Hf-O-isotopes and trace- element signatures (Tumut Region, SE Australia)
E. Belousova, J.M. González Jiménez, I. Graham, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Exploration of Miocene biomarkers in cored sedimentary rocks from IODP expedition 317, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
S. Bratenkov and S.C. George

A Mesoarchean terrane boundary in the Southern Pilbara Craton?
A. Coates and M.V. Kranendonk

K-Ar dating of fault gouge and slickensides to resolve the precise ages of low-grade basin inversion and coaxial events deforming Proterozoic metasedimentary rocks
H. Cutten, H. Zwingmann, M. Wingate and S. Johnson

Geochemistry and source of ash layers in Bering Sea sediment at IODP site 323-U1341
K. Dadd

The rise and fall of life in the ca 3.5Ga Dresser Formation, North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
T. DjokicM.J. Van Kranendonk and M.R. Walter

Metal sources and transport mechanisms at crust-mantle boundary conditions: new search space for deep-seated magmatic mineral systems
M.L. FiorentiniM. LocmelisT. RushmerJ. Adam and S. Turner   Keynote

Subduction refertilisation of orogenic lithosphere detected by trace elements in olivine
S.F. Foley, D. Prelevic and D.E. Jacob

Using synchrotron X-ray microtomography to image structure and porosity in sheared Neoarchean granite, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
K. Gessner, I. Zibra, J. Liu, M. Paesold, V. Toy, X. Xiao, K. Regenauer-Lieb and L. Menegon

Innovation in Australian geochronology and thermochronology
A. Gleadow, B. McInnes and N. Pearson   Keynote

Diamond fluids at work - nanoscale insights from polycrystalline diamond aggregates
W.L. GriffinD.E. JacobD. HowellS. PiazoloM. Kilburn and R. Wirth

Zircon U-Pb-Hf-O isotope evidence suggests that Mesoarchean crust formation dominated early growth of the North Australian Craton
J.A Hollis, J.A Whelan, L.M. Glass, C.J. Carson, N. Kositcin, R.A. Armstrong, G.M. Yaxley, J.D. Woodhead and J. Cliff

Basin formation by orogenic collapse: zircon U-Pb-Hf isotope evidence from the Kimberley and Speewah Groups, Northern Australia
J.A Hollis, A.I Kemp, I.M TylerC.L. KirklandM.T.D Wingate, C. Phillips, S. Sheppard, E. Belousova and Y. Gréau

Rapid advance from hydrous to biotite-dehydration melting of a metasedimentary source in the formation of the Jiufeng Pluton, Southern China: A result of basaltic underplating during slab foundering?
H.-Q. Huang, X.-H. Li, Z.-X. Li and W.-X. Li

Geochemical characterisation of granitic rocks in the Granites-Tanami Orogen
L.M Iaccheri and L. Bagas

3D crustal structure in North Tibet from ambient noise tomography: Implications for the growth of the Tibetan Plateau
C. JiangY. Yang and Y. Zheng

Growing ancient Australia: Hafnium and neodymium isotope constraints from the Yilgarn and Pilbara Cratons
A. Kemp, J. Vervoort, A. Hickman, H. Smithies, S. Wyche, M.T.D. Wingate and C. Kirkland

What does the deep crustal structure of the Yilgarn Craton tell us about Mesoarchean geodynamics?
K. GessnerC. Kirkland and I. Zibra

Geochronology and lithostratigraphy of a major Birimian sedimentary basin: insight into the tectonostratigraphic evolution and gold mineralisation controls of the Siguiri Basin, Guinea (West Africa)
E. Lebrun, N. Thébaud, J. Miller and T.C. McCuaig

Zircon multi-isotopic mapping - a potentially robust pathfinder to large-scale targeting for gold mineral systems
Y.-J. LuT.C. McCuaig, A.I.S. Kemp, K. BjorkmanJ. Cliff and P. Hollings

Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Sadiola Gold Camp, Mali, West Africa: Defining the framework of a world-class gold province
Q. MasurelN. Thébaud, J. Miller and T.C. McCuaig

Tracking of CO2 geosequestration using downhole gravity gradiometry, Otway Basin, Vic
S. MatthewsC. O’NeillM. Lackie and N. Fraser

Paleoproterozoic sedimentation and contemporary basin tectonics in the Lower Wyloo Group, Western Australia
R. Mazumder and M.J. Van Kranendonk

Tibetan chromitites: to the transition zone and back?
N. McGowanW. GriffinJ.-M. González-JiménezE. BelousovaJ.C. AfonsoN. PearsonS. O’Reilly
C. McCammon and R. Shi

Organic matter in orogenic gold (Au) systems
A. Mirasol-Robert, C. Jaraula, C. McCuaigL. Bagas, H. Grotheer, P. Greenwood, L. Schwark and K. Grice

Is there a window for plate tectonics in terrestrial planet evolution?
C. O’Neill, A. Lenardic, S. Zhang and J. Wasiliev

Was the early Earth stagnant?
C. O’Neill and V. Debaille   Invited

Modelling planetary interiors in aspect: Viscosity, volatiles and varying mass
C. O’NeillS. Zhang and J. Wasiliev

Archean lithospheric mantle: The fount of all ores?
S.Y. O’ReillyW.L. Griffin, G. Begg, N.J. Pearson and J.M.A. Hronsky

Changes in global magmatism and the limitations of Hf-O isotope data in zircon
J. Payne, N.J. Pearson, K.M. Barovich and M. Hand

Building national infrastructure using TerraneChron® and lithosphere mapping
N.J. Pearson, S.Y. O’ReillyW.L. GriffinE. Belousova and G. Begg

Filling the gap: The tectonic significance of the Ayr Conglomerate in the New England Orogen
B. Phu and M.J. Van Kranendonk

Towards a better understanding of the rheology of seprentine bearing rocks in subducting slabs
S. RamzanT. RushmerS. Piazolo and C. O’Neill

How to make subduction zones weak: Understanding the rheology of serpentine in subducting slabs
S. RamzanT. RushmerS. Piazolo and C. O’Neill

3D crustal architecture of the East Albany-Fraser Orogen in Western Australia from passive seismic data
C. Sippl, H. Tkalčić, B.L.N. Kennett, C.V. Spaggiari and K. Gessner

Tectonic links between Proterozoic sedimentary cycles, basin formation and magmatism in the Albany- Fraser Orogen, Western Australia
C.V. Spaggiari, C.L. Kirkland, H. Smithies, M.T.D. Wingate and I.M Tyler

How deformation affects reaction rates: new insights from phase transformation experiments in the 
KBR-KCL-H2O system
L. SpruzenieceS. Piazolo and S. Joyce

The Granites-Tanami Orogen subsurface geometry as revealed by an integrated potential field geophysical and geological study
D. StevensonL. Bagas and A. Aitken

How melt moves through the crust: evidence for reactive diffuse porous melt flow under static conditions in the hot lower continental crust
C. StuartS. Piazolo and N. Daczko

Formation and alteration history of detrital chromites from Jack Hills sediments, Western Australia
S. Tessalina, I. Puchtel, W. GriffinA. Nemchin and V. Kamenetsky

How mantle heterogeneities control supra-subduction metasomatism: constraints from the Cabo Ortegal Complex, Spain
R. TilhacS.Y. O’ReillyW.L. GriffinN.J. Pearson, M. Grégoire, D. Guillaume and G. Ceuleneer

Zircons from Yakutian kimberlites reveal Archean crust under the Eastern Siberian Craton
I. TretiakovaE. Belousova, V. Malkovets and W.L. Griffin

An event horizon in the Sydney Basin: Passage of a forebulge?
M.J. Van Kranendonk, D. Flannery and R. Mazumder

A thriving Proterozoic biosphere at the rise of atmospheric oxygen: Evidence from the c. 2.3 Ga Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
M.J. Van Kranendonk, E. Barlow, M.R. Walter and J.W. Schopf

Formation of horizontally layered Archean crust: examples from the Pilbara, Kaapvaal, and Yilgarn Cratons
M.J. Van Kranendonk   Keynote

Lawsonite acts as a trace element sponge in subduction zones of the Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic Belt: Evidence from Tavşanlı Blueschist (Turkey)
Y. Wang, D. Prelević and S. Foley

Sulfur dioxide degassing during Archean komatiite volcanism
B. Wing, C. Isaac, E. Griffiths and M. Fiorentini

The evolution of early Mars: Does mobile-lid exist in its early age?
S. Zhang and C. O’Neill


XXXIV Reunión de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía, Granada, 2 July 2014

Inherited mantle and crustal zircons in mantle chromitites (E Cuba): Implications for the evolution of oceanic lithosphere
J.A. Proenza, J.M. González-Jiménez, A. García-Casco, E. Belousova, W.L Griffin, F. Gervilla,
Y. Rojas- Agramonte, D. Navarro-Ciruana, S.Y. O’Reilly, C. Talavera and D. Jacob


Gondwana 15, Madrid, Spain, 14-18 July 2014

What drives the formation of mantle plumes and superplumes?
Z.X. Li., S. Zhong and X.C. Wang

New paleomagnetic data from the Late Paleozoic New England Orogen (East Australia) and developed kinematic model of its evolution
S.A. Pisarevsky, G. Rosenbaum, U. Shaanan and D. Hoy

Post-collisional Early Ordovician magmatism in the Central Iberian Zone: evidence from zircon Hf isotopes in metagranitic orthogneisses from the Spanish Central System
C. Villaseca, E. Merino Martínez, D. Orejana, T. Andersen and E. Belousova

The collision of South China with NW India to join Gondwanaland in the Cambrian: results of foreland basin sedimentology and provenance analyses
W. Yao, Z.X. Li, W.X. Li, X.H. Li and J.H. Yang


AOGS 11th Annual Meeting, Royton Sapporo Hotel, Japan, 28 July - 1 August, 2014

The 3D crustal structure in north Tibet revealed by ambient noise tomography: implications for the growth of the Tibetan Plateau
Y. Yang, C. Jiang and Y. Zheng

Application of long period surface waves from ambient noise in regional surface wave tomography: Verification and a case study in W. USA
Y. Yang


Australian Institute of Geoscientists Minerals Systems Workshop, Perth, 11 August 2014

The mineral system concept: the key to exploration targeting
T.C McCuaig and J.M.A. Hronsky


12th International Platinum Symposium, Yekaterinburg, Urals, Russia, 11-14 August 2014

Mineral chemistry and isotopic composition of ophiolitic Os-rich alloys and Ru-Os sulfides: Synthesis of new data
I.Y. Badanina, K.N. Malitch, R.A. Lord, E.A. Belousova, W.L. Griffin, T.C. Meisel, V.V. Murzin, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

Insights into ore genesis of zoned Uralian-type massifs using Osmium isotopes: Evidence from laurite and Os-rich alloys from the Nizhniy Tagil Massif, Middle Urals, Russia
I.Y. Badanina, K.N. Malitch, E.A. Belousova and V.V. Khiller

Crust-mantle interaction in the Tumut region of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia: A synthesis of new isotopic information (Re-Os, U-Pb, Lu-Hf and O)
E. Belousova, J.M. Gonzáles-Jiménez, I. Graham, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, and N.J. Pearson

Tranzition-zone mineral assemblages in “ophiolitic” chromitites: implications for collision-zone dynamics and orogenic peridotites
W.L. Griffin, N.M. McGowan, J.M. Gonzalez-Jimenez, E.A. Belousova, D. Howell, J.C. Afonso, J.S. Yang,
R. Shi, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Platinum group minerals in ophiolitic chromitites of Timor Lester
A. Lay, I. Graham, D. Cohen, J.M. Gonzáles-Jiménez, K. Privat, E. Belousova and S.-J. Barnes

Closed-system behaviour of the Re-Os isotope system in primary and secondary PGM assemblages: Evidence from the Nurali Ultramafic Complex (Southern Urals, Russia)
K.N. Malitch, E.V. Anikina, I.Yu Badanina, E.A. Belousova, W.L. Griffin, V.V. Khiller, N.J. Pearson, E.V. Pushkarev and S.Y. O’Reilly

Nd-Sr-Hf-S-Cu isotope systematics of ore-bearing ultramafic-mafic intrusions from Polar Siberia (Russia): Genetic constraints and implications for exploration
K.N. Malitch, I.Y. Badanina, E.A. Belousova, W.L. Griffin, R.M. Latypov, A.P. Romanov and S.F. Sluzhenikin

Source of platinum-group minerals (PGM) from pyrope-garnet rich placer deposit, Bohemian Massif: Results from mineralogical and Re-Os geochronological studies
J. Pašava, J. Malec, W.L. Griffin and J.-M. Gonzáles-Jiménez

Mineralogy, geochemistry and in situ Re -Os dating of sulfides from megacrystalline pyrope peridotites from the Udachnaya Pipe, Siberian Craton
I.G. Tretiakova and V.G. Malkovets, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson, L.N. Pokhilenko, N.P. Pokhilenko, S.I. Kostrovitsky and V.S. Sobolev

Diamonds and highly reduced minerals in ophiolitic mantle rocks and chromitites
J.S. Yang, X.X. Zhang, X.Z. Xu, Z.M. Zhang, Z. Huang, P.T. Robinson, Y. Dilek, and W.L. Griffin


Gordon Research Conference: Rock Deformation, Andover, New Haven, USA 17-22 Aug, 2014

The effect of second phases on the rheology of polycrystalline material: experiments with pure and “dirty” D2O ice
D. Czaplinska

Numerical simulation of pinch and swell structures: Lessons for field interpretation
R. Gardner

Strain heterogeneities and dynamic recrystallization in anisotropic materials: Insights from ice and ice mixture deformation experiments and modeling
S. PiazoloKeynote


Ninth International Mining Geology Conference, Adelaide, SA, 18-20 August 2014

Mines versus mineralisation - Deposit quality, mineral exploration strategy and the role of ‘Boundary Spanners’
T.C. McCuaig J.E. Vann and J.P. Sykes   Keynote


21st General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association 2014, Gauteng, South Africa, 1-5 September 2014

Insights into the mantle structure beneath the Lunda Norte kimberlitic province (NE Angola): petrography and palaeothermobarometry of fresh mantle xenoliths
M. Castillo-Oliver, S. Galí, J.C. Melgarejo, V. Pervov and W. Griffin

In situ trace-element geochemistry and U-Pb dating on perovskite from kimberlites of the Lundas Norte province (NE Angola): petrogenetic and tectonic implications
M. Castillo-Oliver, S. Galí, J.C. Melgarejo, V. Zinchenko, E. Belusova and W.L. Griffin

Pink colour in Type I diamonds: is deformation twinning the cause?
D. Howell, D. Fisher, S. Piazolo, W. Griffin and S. Sibley

Water contents of Roberts Victor eclogites: primary vs metasomatic controls
J. Huang, W. Griffin, Q. Xia, P. Li, Y. Greau, N. Pearson and S. O’Reilly

Mineralogy and geochemistry of megacrystalline pyrope peridotites from the Udachnaya pipe, Siberian Craton
V. Malkovets, L. Pokhilenko, N. Pokhilenko, T. Ota, E. Nakamura and W. Griffin

Understanding δ15N variations in the mantle using internal variabilities in natural diamonds
R. Southworth, S. Mikhail, D. Howell, A. Verchovsky, F. Brenker and A. Jones

Metasomatic diamonds in eclogite xenoliths from Yakutian kimberlites: implications for diamond-grade estimation
Z. Spetsius, W. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and I. Bogush

Morphology and microstructures of chromite crystals from the Merensky Reef: implications for inclusion entrapment
Z. Vukmanovic, S. Barnes, S. Reddy, B. Godel and M. Fiorentini


14th International Conference on Thermochronology, Chamonix, 8-14 September 2014

Constraining the vertical tectonic movements in southern South China by multi-system geo-/thermochronology
N. Tao, Z.X. Li, M. Danišík, N.J. Evans, G.E. Batt, W. Li, C. Pang, F. Jourdan and Y. Xu

Earthquake seismology: Exploring the cratonic crust in Western Australia
H. Yuan   Invited


77th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Casablanca, Morocco, 8-12 September 2014

A complex thermal history of the Southern Highlands preserved in Martian meteorite NWA7533 and its pairs
J.J. Bellucci, A. Nemchin and M.J. Whitehouse

A new perspective on the Pb isotopic composition of Mars
R.B. Kielman, A.A. Nemchin, M.J. Whitehouse, J.J., Bellucci, J.F. Snape and F. Thiessen

Pyrite tracks late hydrothermal alteration in Martian regolith breccia NWA 7533
J.-P. Lorand, R.H. Hewins, L. Remusat, B. Zanda, S. Pont, M. Humayun, A. Nemchin, M. Grange, A. Kennedy and C. Göpel

Do lunar impact breccias date basin forming events?
F. Thiessen, A.A. Nemchin, M.J. Whitehouse, J.J. Bellucci, J.F. Snape, R.B. Kielman and R.E. Merle

Decomposition of zircon in Mistastin Lake impact melt glass: an integrated SIMS, Hyperspectral-CL, Raman and EPMA study
M. Zanetti, A. Wittmann, A. Nemchin, P. Carpenter, E. P. Vicenzi and B. Jolliff


Kimberley diamond symposium and trade show, The Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa, 11-14 September 2014

Xenolithic eclogites from Roberts Victor, South Africa: A metasomatic model
J. Huang, Y. Gréau, W.L. Griffin, N. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly


2014 Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences, Kumamoto, Japan, 17-18 September 2014

Chemical homogenization by fluid-induced deformation in chromitites during metamorphism
T. Satsukawa, S. Piazolo, V. Colás, J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, F. Gervilla and I. Fanlo

Terminal events in the eastern segment of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
S.A. Wilde


2014 EMAS regional Workshop, Leoben, Austria, 21-24 September 2014

In situ quantitative determination of PGE concentrations in komatiitic chromites: application to nickel- sulphide targeting
M.L. Fiorentini   Invited


SEG 2014: Building Exploration Capability for the 21st Century, Keystone, CO, USA, 27-30 September 2014

Gravity and magnetic investigation of 3D basement structure within Siguiri Basin (Guinea, West Africa): Implications for gold deposit distribution
J. Markov, Aitken A., Dentith, M., Jessell, M. and Miller, J.

The mineral system concept: Key to exploration targeting under cover
T.C. McCuaig and J.M.A. Hronsky   Invited

The Granites-Tanami Orogen subsurface geometry as revealed by an integrated potential field geophysical and geological study
D. Stevenson, L. Bagas and A. Aitken


SEISMIX 2014, 16th Int. Symposium on Multi-scale Seismic Imaging of the Earth’s crust and Upper Mantle, Castelldefels, Spain,
12-17 October 2014

Seismic interpretation of the Cue-Weld range area, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
O. Ahmadi, H. Koyi, C. Juhlin and K. Gessner


Nordic Supercontinent Workshop, Haraldvangen, Norway, 13-19 October 2014

Precambrian Continents and Terranes for GPLATES
S.A. Pisarevsky

IAGA Global Paleomagnetic Database
S.A. Pisarevsky

Rodinia: Status and Challenges
S.A. Pisarevsky


Dating Origin of Life: Present-Day Molecules and First Fossil Record, Göttingen, Germany,
16-18 October 2014

Biogeochemical characterization of Paleoarchaean Rocks from the Pilbara Craton (Western Australia)
J.-P. Duda, J. Reitner, M. Blumenberg, D. Ionescu, N. Schäfer, V. Thiel and M. Van Kranendonk

Early Archean carbonates on early Earth - microbial biosignature versus hydrothermal origin
J. Reitner, J.-P. Duda, F. Wilsky, N. Schäfer, M.J. Van Kranendonk, M. Hoppert, F. Wilsky and B. Bent

A planetary driver of environmental, atmospheric and biological change through the Precambrian
M.J. Van Kranendonk


GSA 2014, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 19-22 October 2014

Reidite and shock-twinned zircon in polymict breccia from the Ordovician Rock Elm Impact Structure, USA
A. Avosie, T.M. Erockson, and N. Timms

Rheological contrast controlling the development of paired shear zones, Fiordland, New Zealand
N.R. Daczko, J. Smith, S. Piazolo and L. Evans


Symposium on International Safeguards, IAEA, Vienna, 20-24 October 2014

Novel mass spectrometric techniques for the rapid characterization and fingerprinting of nuclear fuel materials
J. Cliff, J. Denman, L. Martin, and M. Kilburn


24e Réunion des Sciences de la Terre (24th Earth Sciences Meeting), Pau, France, 27-31 October 2014

Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths of the Neogene-Quaternary Middle Atlas Volcanic Field (Morocco)
B. Arnoux, B. Abily, M. Benoit, N. Youbi, F. Ait-Hamouh, M. Grégoire, A. Idris and M.A. Boumehdi

Les roches crustales profondes de l’Archipel de Kerguelen (Sud de l’Océan Indien)
J. Chevet, M. Grégoire, S.Y. O’Reilly, M.-C. Gerbe, G. Delpech, B. Moine, D. Guillaume, W. Griffin and J.Y. Cottin

Upper mantle structure of Northeastern North America using full waveform inversion
H. Yuan

Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths of the Neogene-Quaternary Middle Atlas Volcanic Field (Morocco)
B. Arnoux, B. Abily, M. Benoit, N. Youbi, F. Ait-Hamouh, M. Grégoire, A. Idris and M.A. Boumehdi


2014 GSWA Kimberley Workshp, Perth, 21 November 2014

The geochemical architecture of the Hart Dolerite at Speewah Dome, Western Australia
M.L. Fiorentini   Invited


Archean Tectonics debate and symposium “Plumes or plates in the late Archaean: how far does uniformitarianism apply in Archaean tectonics?” CSIRO, Kensington, WA, 27-28 November 2014

No plate tectonics in the Archaean?
C. O’Neill   Invited

Archean tectonics and the tyranny of “too few constraints”
M.J. Van Kranendonk

Internal seismic structure of the cratonic lithosphere
H. Yuan   Invited


1st Australian Workshop for EMC Geoscientists, Macquarie University, NSW, Australia, 1-2 December 2014

Present and future of UNCOVER and the Geosciences in the context of the Australian Academy of Sciences
S.Y. O’Reilly


AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 15-19 December 2014

Multi-observable probabilistic tomography reveals the thermochemical structure of Central-Western US
J.C. Afonso, Y. Yang, N. Rawlinson, D. Schutt, A. Jones and J. Fullea

Trace elements in olivine in Italian potassic volcanic rocks distinguish between mantle metasomatism by carbonatitic and silicate melts
E. Ammannati, D.E. Jacob, R. Avanzinelli, S.F. Foley and S. Conticelli

Magmatic controls on the genesis of Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide mineralisation on Mars
R.J. Baumgartner, M. Fiorentini, D. Baratoux, S. Micklethwaite, K. Sener and C. McCuaig

The genesis of the Dunite Transition Zone in the Oman Ophiolite: new insights from Major and Rare Earth Elements
M. Benoit, M. Theveny, M. Claverie, M. Rospabé, B. Abily and G. Ceuleneer

Looking up from the base of a thickened arc - Evaluating eclogite fractionation depths
T. Chapman, G.L. Clarke, and N.R Daczko

Thermochemical structure and stratification of the Hudson Bay lithosphere, Northern Canada: Evidence from multi-observable probabilistic inversion
F.A. Darbyshire and J.C. Afonso   Invited

Magmatic processes and systems deduced from single crystals
J. Davidson, R.C. Bezard, D.J. Morgan and C. Ginibre

The complex history of Alarcon Rise Mid-Ocean Ridge rhyolite revealed through mineral chemistry
B.M. Dreyer, R.A. Portner, D.A. Clague, N.R. Daczko, P. Castillo and I.N. Bindeman

Temporal distribution of mantle-derived potassic rocks and carbonatites linked to stabilization of mantle lithosphere and redox states during subduction
S.F. Foley

Towards coupled modeling of grain-scale non-equilibrium thermodynamics and mantle-scale geodynamics
C.J. Grose and J.C. Afonso

Crustal and uppermantle structure of Northeast China from ambient noise and teleseismic earthquake rayleigh wave tomography
Z. Guo, Y.J. Chen, Y. Yang, and J.C. Afonso

The importance of redox reactions in fluid transport systems in the Earth’s deep mantle: Evidence from nano-inclusions
D.E. Jacob, R. Wirth and L. Dobrzhinetskaya

On the formation of the Dabashan Orocline, Central China: Evidence from seismic ambient noise tomography
C. JiangY. Yang and Y. Zheng

Life with and life without plate tectonics
A. Lenardic, T. Hoeink, M. Jellinek, C.L. Johnson, N.B. Cowan, R. Pierrehumbert, V. Stamenkovic, C. O’Neill and 
R. Dasgupta

Supercontinent break-up: Causes and consequences
Z.-X. Li

On the limitations of interstation distances in ambient noise tomography
Y. Luo and Y. Yang

Accounting for propagation outside of the model boundaries in regional full waveform inversion based on adjoint methods
Y. Masson, C. Pierre, B.A. Romanowicz, S.W. French and H. Yuan

Water in the cratonic mantle: Insights from FTIR Data on Lac de Gras Xenoliths (Slave Craton, Canada)
A.H. Peslier, A.D. Brandon, L.A. Schaffer, S.Y. O’ReillyW.L. Griffin, R.V. Morris, T.G. Graff and D.G. Agresti

Stress heterogeneities in anisotropic materials - their effect on dislocation fields and post-deformational recrystallization: Insights from combined experiments and numerical simulations of polycrystalline ice
S. Piazolo, M. Montagnat, V. Borthwick, L. Evans, A. Griera, F. Grennerat, H. Moulinec and J. Wheeler

Lessons from Dynamic Heds: Diagonite microstructures suggest solid-state deformation, annealing and incipient differentiation
S. PiazoloT. Rushmer and V. Luzin

Anisotropic shear velocity models of the North American upper mantle based on waveform inversion and numerical wavefield computations
C. Pierre, Y. Masson, B.A. Romanowicz, S.W. French and H. Yuan

Deformation of the deep crust: Insights from physiochemical characteristics of deformation microstructures of plagioclase and quartz in gneiss from the Salt Mylonite Zone, Western Gneiss Region, Norway
R.N. Renedo, S. Piazolo, D.L. Whitney and C.P. Teyssier

High pressure experimental study of eclogite with varying H2O contents
A. Rosenthal, D.J. Frost, S. Petitgirard, G.M. Yaxley, A. Berry, A.B. Woodland, Z. Pinter, P. Vasilyev, D.A. Ionov, 
D.E. Jacob, G.D. Pearson, I. Kovacs and A. Padron-Navarta

Chemical homogenization by fluid-present deformation in chromitites: An example from Golyamo Kamenyane chromitites, SE Bulgaria
T. SatsukawaS. Piazolo, J.-M. González-Jiménez, V. ColásW.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly, F. Gervilla and I. Fanlo

Feg-EPMA and nanosims profiles of zoned crystals for diffusion chronometry
K. Saunders, B. Buse, M. Kilburn, S. Kearns and J.D. Blundy

A Br isotopic study of Australian Arid Playa Lakes and halophyte vegetation as a monitor of Br transport
B.F. Schaefer

Crustal and lithospheric structure of the Albany-Fraser Orogen, Western Australia, from passive-source seismology
C. Sippl, H. Tkalcic, B.L.N. Kennett, C.V. Spaggiari and K. Gessner

Fluid-induced transition from Kyanite- to bimineralic Eclogite: A petrological, geochemical and mass balance approach to mantle eclogites
H. Sommer, D.E. Jacob, G.D. Pearson and R.A. Stern

Fluid-controlled fabric development across a brittle-ductile shear zone: an example from a Wyangala Batholith, Australia
L. Spruzeniece and S. Piazolo

Sink or Swim?  The role of intracrustal differentiation in the generation of compositional diversity and crustal delamination in the Archean
J.A. VanTongeren, C.T. Herzberg, B. Kaus, T.E. Johnson and M. Brown

Lawsonite blueschists in recycled mélange involved in K-rich orogenic magmatism
Y. Wang, D. Prelevic, S.F. Foley, S. Buhre and S.J.G. Galer

High-resolution ambient noise adjoint tomography of the crust and upper mantle beneath the eastern margin of the Tibetan plateau
G. Xing, F. Niu, M. Chen and Y. Yang

Genesis of diamond-bearing and diamond-free podiform chromitites in the Luobusa Ophiolite, Tibet
J. Yang, F. Xiong, X. Xu, T. Robinson, Y. Dilek and W.L. Griffin

Imaging upper mantle structures in regional, continental and global scales using long-period surface waves (50-300 sec) from ambient noise
Y. Yang and J. Xie

Crustal composition of the Western Australian craton and implications for craton formation tectonics
H. Yuan

Rayleigh wave and shear wave tomography of Northeastern China: Results coconstrained by multiple datasets
T. Zhou, J. Chen, J. Han, Y. Tian, M. Wu, Y. Yang and J. Ning






Granulites & Granulites 2013, Hyderabad, India, 16-20 January 2013

The Pan-African granulites of Madagascar and southern India
I.C.W. Fitzsimons, C. Clark, A. Collins and R. Taylor

Generating TTGs in Nuvvuagittuq Fold Belt: implications for the origin of the Earth’s early continental crust
T. Rushmer  Keynote

Implications of Late Archean magmatism and almost coeval high-grade metamorphism in the North China Craton at the Archean/Proterozoic boundary
S.A. Wilde  Keynote

37th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia, 5-8 February 2013

Polyamorphism: Fact or Fiction?
S. Clark  Invited

44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Texas, 18-22 March 2013

What Lunar Zircon Ages Can Tell?
M.L. Grange, A.A. Nemchin, R.T. Pidgeon, R.E. Merle and N.E. Timms

Stratigraphy of the Fra Mauro Formation Defined by U-Pb Zircon Ages of Breccia Samples from Apollo 14 Landing Site
R.E. Merle, A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Grange and M.J. Whitehouse

Constraining the Flux of Impactors Postdating Heavy Bombardment Using U-Pb Ages of Impact Glasses
A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Norman, R.A. Zeigler and M.L. Grange

1950 Ma Annealing of Radiation Damage in a Complex Zircon from an Apollo 15 Breccia
R.T. Pidgeon, M.L. Grange and A.A. Nemchin

Applications of electron backscatter diffraction to lunar and other extraterrestrial samples
N.E. Timms, S.M. Reddy, A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Grange, R.T. Pidgeon, P.A. Bland, G. Benedix, K.A. Dyl, M.-A. Kaczmarek and F. Jourdan

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2013

What lies beneath: Unveiling the fine-scale 3D compositional and thermal structure of the lithosphere and upper mantle
J.C. Afonso  Keynote

Evaluating the extent of microbial mediation in volcanic glass alteration by nanoSIMS: Insights from recent and Archean metabasaltic pillow lavas
N. McLoughlin, E.G. Grosch, D. Wacey, M.R. Kilburn, I.H. Thorseth and R.B. Pedersen

Structure of the New England Orocline (eastern Australia): evidence from magnetic fabrics
T. Mochales, G. Rosenbaum, S.A. Pisarevsky and F. Speranza

U-Pb geochronology and paleomagnetism of the Neoproterozoic St Simeon dolerite dykes, Quebec: an eastern Laurentian perspective of Ediacaran Rodinia breakup
S.A. Pisarevsky, J.B. Murphy, M. Hamilton, U. Söderlund and J. Hodych

Lithospheric mantle heterogeneities within the Tibetan Plateau: Results from a geophysical-petrological approach
L. Tunini, I. Jimenez-Munt, M. Fernandez and J.C. Afonso

The post-collisional stage of the Yenisey Ridge orogeny (Siberia): geological, geochemical, geochronological and paleomagnetic data
V.A. Vernikovsky, A.E. Vernikovskaya, A.Y. Kazansky, N.Y. Matushkin, D.V. Metelkin, I.V. Veyalko, Z.-X. Li, M.T.D. Wingate and S. Wilde


International Workshop in Advanced EBSD Techniques, Wollongong, 3 May 2013

EBSD and Numerical Modelling: Current Status, Challenges and Opportunities
S. Piazolo  Invited


5th International Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth, Sydney, 5-10 May 2013

Numerical modelling of textures and recrystallization microstructures in ice with insights from in-situ deformation experiments
L. Evans, S. Piazolo, A. Giera, M. Peternell and C.J.L. Wilson

Dynamic recrystallization at high Th: New insights from in situ neutron diffraction and see-through experiments of polycrystalline ice
S. Piazolo, C. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell

Effect of temperature on the development of microstructures during and after deformation: In-situ experiments and EBSD, Burgers vector and time lapse analysis
S. Piazolo, J. Wheeler and M.R. Drury

The distinction of grain microstructures formed by triple junction kinetics and grain boundary kinetics: Insights from in situ and ex situ experiments in aluminium
S. Piazolo, V.G. Sursaeva and L. Evans

Deformation and recrystallization processes in polycrystalline diamond aggregates: Monitors of mantle processes
S. Piazolo, E. Rubanova, W. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Deformation and recrystallization of ice using in situ experiments
C. Wilson, S. Piazolo, M. Peternell and V. Luzin


Rodinia 2013: Supercontinent Cycles and Geodynamics Symposium, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 20-24 May 2013

Proterozoic Baltica: major stages of block reorganization and supercontinent reconstruction
S.V. Bogdanova, N.V. Lubnina and S.A. Pisarevsky  Keynote

Petrology and geochemistry of Proterozoic mafic intrusions in the southern part of the Siberian craton and Proterozoic supercontinents
T.V. Donskaya,  D.P. Gladkochub, A.M. Mazukabzov, M.N. Shokhonova and S.A. Pisarevsky

When Siberia broke up from Rodinia? Evidence from detrital zircon geochronology
D.P. Gladkochub, S.A. Pisarevsky, A.M. Stanevich, T.V. Donskaya and A.M. Mazukabzov

New U-Pb age data on detrital zircons from Upper Ediacaran sandstones, south-east White-Sea region: Implications for tectonic models for the Late Ediacaran evolution of the north-eastern margin of the East-European Craton
N.B. Kuznetsov, A.S. Alexeev, E.A. Belousova and T.V. Romanyuk

Neoproterozoic glaciations in a revised global palaeogeography from the breakup of Rodinia to the assembly of Gondwanaland
Z.X. Li, D.A.D. Evans and G.P. Halverson

Australia’s 40° twist during Rodinia breakup and a revised Neoproterozoic global palaeogeography
Z.X. Li and D.A.D. Evans  Keynote

Pre-Rodinian supercontinents: how “super” were they?
S.A. Pisarevsky  Keynote


FUTORES Noel White Symposium, Townsville, Queensland, 2-5 June 2013

Intra-plate tectonics and melting processes
W. Gorczyk and K. Vogt

Genesis of porphyry Cu deposits in collisional orogens
Y.-J. Lu, R.R. Loucks and M.L. Fiorentini

Multiscale structural controls on mineral systems
T.C. McCuaig


YOM Seismic and MT Workshop, GSWA, June 2013

Numerical modelling of the west Musgrave Province
W. Gorczyk and H. Smithies


MPE2013 Workshop -  Recycling Rocks: Understanding Sustainability in a Dynamic Earth, Melbourne, Australia, 5-16 July, 2013

In-situ studies of granular materials under deformation
S. Clark, T. Rushmer, B. Colas, R.L.L. Jones and D.Y. Parkinson  Invited

Coupling global systems in geodynamic earth models
C. O’Neill  Invited


GSA Biennial Conference of the Specialist Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology, Mission Beach, Queensland, July 14-19 2013

Melting mantle migmatites
S.F. Foley


76th Annual Meeting Of The Meteoritical Society, Edmonton, Canada, 29 July -2 August 2013

Petrology of NWA 7533: Formation by Impacts on Ancient Martian Crust
R.H. Hewins, B. Zanda, M. Humayun, J.-P. Lorand, D. Deldicque, S. Pont, C. Fieni, A. Nemchin, M. Grange, A. Kennedy, C. Göpel and E. Lewin

The Age and Composition of the Martian Crust from NWA 7533
M. Humayun, A. Nemchin, M. Grange, A. Kennedy, B. Zanda, R.H. Hewins, J.-P. Lorand, C. Göpel, E. Lewin, S. Pont and D. Deldicque

U-Pb Ages and Compositions of Apollo 14 Regolith Glasses
M.D. Norman, A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Grange, R.A. Zeigler, M.J. Whitehouse, J.R. Muhling and R.E. Merle


12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 12-15 August 2013

Compositional diversity in chromitites from Eastern Rhodopes (SE Bulgaria): petrogenesis and tectonic implications
V. Colas, I. Fanlo, F. Gervilla, J.M. Gonzalez-Jimenez and T. Kerestedjian

Multistage mineralization of the giant Obuasi gold deposit, Ghana
D. Fougerouse, S. Micklethwaite, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig and S. Ulrich

Sulfur degassing and nickel sulfide ore forming process in Archean komatiite volcanoes
C. Isaac, M.L. Fiorentini and B. Wing

The chromite-bearing ultramafic-mafic complexes of the Vizcaíno Peninsula (Baja California Sur, Mexico), revisited for platinum-group minerals
L.A. Jimenez-Galindo, J.M. Gonzalez-Jimenez, A. Camprubi, M. Martini, E. Centeno-Garcia, J.A. Proenza, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Ore dating by Shrimp II proxy analyses, Fe-Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide deposits, Ivrea Verbano Zone, Northern Italy
P. Kollegger, M.L. Fiorentini, F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti and O.A.R. Thalhammer

Potential role of a buoyant CO2 vapour phase in the formation of the Mount Isa copper ore deposit
M. Kühn and K. Gessner

Hydrothermal footprints around magmatic nickel-sulfide deposits: a case study at the Miitel deposit, Yilgarn craton, Western Australia
M. Le Vaillant, M.L. Fiorentini, J. Miller, S.J. Barnes and D. Paterson

Structural framework and evolution of the world class Siguiri orogenic gold district (Guinea, West Africa)
E. Lebrun, J. Miller, N. Thébaud, T.C. McCuaig and S. Ulrich

Geology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Twin Bonanza intrusion-related gold deposit: Implications for a post-collisional lithospheric mantle source for the Granites-Tanami gold province, North Australian Craton
B. Li, L. Bagas and T.C. McCuaig

Zircon multi-isotopic mapping in Wabigoon Subprovince, western Superior Craton: Implications for lithospheric architecture and controls on orogenic gold mineral systems
Y.-J. Lu, T.C. McCuaig, P. Hollings, K. Ketchum, R. Kerrich,  M. Smyk, J. Cliff and L. Bagas

Genesis of fertile hydrous adakite-like melts in post-subduction porphyry Cu systems of Tibet
Y.-J. Lu, R.R. Loucks and M.L. Fiorentini

Structural setting and mineralisation of the carbonate hosted Sadiola gold deposit, Mali, West Africa
Q. Masurel, J. Miller, N. Thébaud, T.C. McCuaig and S. Ulrich

The orogenic gold mineral system
T.C. McCuaig and J.M.A. Hronsky  Keynote

Intra-cratonic architecture and the localisation of mineral systems
D. Mole, M. Fiorentini, N. Thébaud, T.C. McCuaig, K. Cassidy, C. Kirkland, S. Romano, M. Doublier, E. Belousova and S. Barnes

Crust-mantle interaction and genesis of the Kidston goldrich breccias pipe deposit in north-east Australia: U–Pb, Hf and Os isotope evidence
V. Murgulov, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Age constraints on host rocks for gold mineralisation in the Ashanti Belt, Ghana
L.A. Parra, M.L. Fiorentini, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig, Y. Bourassa and S. Perrouty

The orogenic and not so orogenic gold deposits of the Agnew Gold Camp (Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia)
N. Thébaud, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig, L. Fisher and I. Sonntag

Origin of Bushveld magmas via new constraints from Pb-Hf zircon systematic
M. Yudovskaya, J. Kinnaird, E. Belousova, N. Pearson, J. Kramers and D. Kuzmin

Platinum group elements and Re minerals in the magmatic Ni-Fe-Cu sulfide deposits of the Ivrea Verbano Zone (Italy)
F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti, P. Kollegger, O.A.R. Thalhammer and M. Fiorentini 


Goldschmidt 2013 Conference, Florence, Italy, 25-30 August 2013

Crystal/melt partitioning of volatiles during near-solidus melting of peridotite
J. Adam, M. Turner, E. Hauri and S. Turner

Multi-observable thermochemical tomography: A new framework in integrated studies of the lithosphere
J.C. Afonso, J. Fullea, J. Connolly, N. Rawlinson, Y. Yang and A.G. Jones  Invited

Trace elements in olivine characterize the mantle source of subduction related potassic magmas
E. Ammannati, S.F. Foley, R. Avanzinelli, D.E. Jacob and S. Conticelli

Time-related changes in the Si-isotopic composition of Palaeo- to Mesoarchaean granitoids
K. Abraham, S.F. Foley, A. Hofmann, D. Cardinal, L. André

Ancient fragments in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
L.E. Aradi, C. Szabó, J.-M. González-Jiménez, W. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and K. Hattori

U-Pb and Hf isotope characteristics of zircon from chromitites at Finero 
I.Yu. Badanina, K.N. Malitch and E.A. Belousova

Archean andesites as products of plume/crust interaction?
S.J. Barnes, C. Isaac and M.L. Fiorentini

Ore deposits and lithosphere evolution in the early Earth
G.C. Begg, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and J.M.A. Hronsky  Keynote

New insights into the history of an ophiolite from zircons
E.A. Belousova, J.M. González-Jiménez, I.T. Graham, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Assimilation of sediments embedded in the oceanic arc crust: myth or reality?
R. Bezard, J.P. Davidson, S. Turner, C.G. Macpherson, J.M. Lindsay and A.J. Boyce

Zircon from Mesoarchean enderbites of Volgo-Uralia: U-Pb age, REE, Hf and O-isotope compositions
S.V. Bogdanova, E.A. Belousova, B. De Waele and A.V. Postnikov

Lithium isotopic composition of the Tonga-Kermadec arc and its constraints on subduction recycling
R. Brens Jr., X.-M. Liu, R. Rudnick, S. Turner and T. Rushmer

Evidence of sulfur degassing in komatiite-hosted Ni-PGE ores
S. Caruso, M. Moroni, C. Isaac, M.L. Fiorentini, S.J. Barnes, B. Wing and J. Cliff

U-Pb geochronology and source constraints for late S-type Variscan magmatism related to Sn-W metallogeny: The Logrosán granite pluton (Central Iberian Zone)
E. Chicharro, C. Villaseca, P. Valverde-Vaquero, E. Belousova and J.A. López-García

The Gangdese batholith, southern Tibet is the largest of the Transhimalayan batholiths produced by the Neo-Tethyan subduction
M.-F. Chu, S.-L. Chung, X.-H. Li, H.-Y. Lee and S.Y. O’Reilly

Garnet, zircon and monazite as monitors of high-temperature metamorphic events: How useful are they?
C. Clark

16O1H signal as an indication of metamict O-contamination in zircon
J. Cliff, R.T. Pidgeon and A.A. Nemchin

Trace-element fingerprints of chromites link ultramafic massifs of the Bulgarian Rhodopes
V. Colas, J.M. González-Jiménez, I. Fanlo, W.L. Griffin, F. Gervilla, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson and T. Kerestedjian

Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope mapping of Tien Shan in Uzbekistan
A. Dolgopolova, R. Seltmann, R. Armstrong, E. Belousova, R. Pankhurst, D. Konopelko and R. Koneev

A comparison of shocked zircon and quartz from the Reis impact structure, Germany
T.M. Erickson, S.M. Reddy, N.E. Timms and A.A. Nemchin

Li isotopes in zircon: Effects of Li substitution and kinetic fractionation
Y.-Y. Gao, X.-H. Li, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Constraining the nature of the western Azores mantle source using Pb-Hf-Os isotope systematics
F.S. Genske, C. Beier, S.P. Turner, A. Stracke and K.M. Haase

On the origins of Platinum-Group Minerals in ophiolitic chromitites
F. Gervilla, W.L. Griffin, J.M. González-Jiménez, J.A. Proenza, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Direct observations of structures developed on fluorite surfaces after contact with an aqueous solution
J.R.A. Godinho, C.V. Putnis and S. Piazolo

Neo-Archean domains in the Mediterranean and their implications
J.M. González-Jiménez, C. Villaseca, W.L. Griffin, E. Belousova, Z. Konc, E. Ancochea, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson, C.J. Garrido and F. Gervilla

Intra-Plate tectonics and magmatisim as a consequence of mantle lithosphere delamination
W. Gorczyk, K. Vogt, K. and B. Hobbs

A Second Lunar Magma Ocean?
M. Grange and A. Nemchin

Going up or going down? Diamonds and Super-Reducing UHP assemblages in ophiolitic mantle
W.L. Griffin, J.S. Yang, P. Robinson, D. Howell, R.D. Shi, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

“Garnet signature” systematics and the structure of oceanic lithosphere
C.J. Grose and J.C. Afonso

Along-arc geochemical and isotopic variations in Javanese volcanic rocks: ‘Crustal’ versus ‘source’ contamination at the Sunda arc, Indonesia
H. Handley, J. Blichert-Toft, S. Turner, C. Macpherson and R. Gertisser

Nitrogen isotope systematics and origins of mixed-habit diamonds
D. Howell, R.A. Stern, W.L. Griffin, R. Southworth, S. Mikhail, T. Stachel, A.B. Verchovsky, A.P. Jones, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Unmasking enigmatic xenolithic eclogites: Progressive metasomatism on a key Roberts Victor sample
J.-X. Huang, W.L. Griffin, Y. Greau, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

Deformation mechanisms in Martian Shergottites
M.-A. Kaczmarek, M. Grange, S.M. Reddy and A. Nemchin

High-resolution imaging and quantification of Au in sulphide minerals using NanoSIMS
M.R. Kilburn and R. Liu

Ancient mobilisation of radiogenic Pb and Ti during high-grade metamorphism
M.A. Kusiak, M.J. Whitehouse, S.A. Wilde, D.J. Dunkley, A.A. Nemchin, R. Wirth and K. Marquardt

Mass Transfer of Fluids and Metals in the Deep Earth
M. Locmelis, M.L. Fiorentini, T. Rushmer, J. Adam, F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti, M. Turner and S. Turner

Distinctive Composition and Genesis of Copper Ore-forming Arc Magmas
R.R. Loucks

Speciation and thermodynamic properties of palladium chloride and bisulfide complexes: insights from experiments and ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations
Y. Mei, T.M. Seward, J. Brugger, S.J. Barnes and M.L. Fiorentini

Crustal sources of peraluminous granites: the Montes de Toledo batholith, Iberian Hercynian Belt
E. Merino, C. Villaseca, C. Pérez-Soba, D. Orejana, E. Belousova and T. Andersen

Rates of Natural silica precipitation through time
R. Merle, A. Nemchin, S. Simons, F. Tomaschek and T. Geisler

Trace-element fingerprints of chromites and sulfides from the Archean Nuggihalli greenstone belt, western Dharwar craton, India
R. Mukherjee, S.K. Mondal, J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

Stabilising a craton: The 3.1 Ga Mpuluzi batholith (Swaziland / RSA)
R.C. Murphy, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

Fractionation of 238U/235U by reduction during low T uranium mineralisation processes
M.J. Murphy, C.H. Stirling, A. Kaltenbach, S.P. Turner and B.F. Schaefer

Crustal recycling during the Neoarchaean; SE Greenland
T. Næraa and L. Bagas

Zircon U-Pb-ages, Hf isotope and trace element composition in the evolution of the IVAC Complex (Urals, Russia)
I.L. Nedosekova, E.A. Belousova, B.V. Belyatsky and N. Pearson

What does Hadean mantle mixing tell us about Hadean geodynamics?
C. O’Neill, V. Debaille and W.L. Griffin

Archean lithospheric mantle: The fount of all ores?
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, G.C. Begg, N.J. Pearson and J.M.A. Hronsky  Invited

The Thrym Complex of southeastern Greenland: Evolution of Ni-Cu-Sulfide mineralization in the lower crust
J. Owen, L. Bagas, J. Kolb, M.L. Fiorentini, B.M. Stensgaard and N. Thébaud

Mafic potassic volcanics from the Altiplano, South America: indication of a dynamic A-type magma source under construction?
M.J. Pankhurst, B.F. Schaefer and S.P. Turner

New Zircon U-Pb and Hf-isotope data of the Birimian Terrane of the West African craton
L.A. Parra, M.L. Fiorentini, E. Belousova, A.I.S. Kemp, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig and N. Said

A forward modelling approach to understanding continental growth
J.L. Payne, K.M. Barovich, N.J. Pearson and M. Hand

The hole story about laser ablation ICP-MS
N.J. Pearson, W.J. Powell, K.J. Grant, J.L. Payne, R.C. Murphy, E. Belousova, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly  Invited

On the hunt for a Gondwanan suture zone in South India
D. Plavsa, A.S. Collins, J.F. Foden, C. Clark and M. Santosh

Os-isotope constraints on the dynamics of orogenic mantle: the case of central Balkans 
D. Prelevic, G. Brugmann, M. Barth, M. Bozovic, V. Cvetkovic and S.F. Foley

Growth medium and carbon source of unusual rounded diamonds from alluvial placers of the North-East of Siberian Platform
A.L. Ragozin, V.S. Shatsky, D.A. Zedgenizov and W.L. Griffin

Origin of Earth’s Earliest Continental Crust: A Combination of Partial Melting and Fractional Crystallization?
T. Rushmer and J. Adam

Heterogeneity of the uppermost mantle in back-arc settings: Insights from trace-element compositions and water contents in Japanese peridotite xenoliths
T. Satsukawa, M. Godard, S. Demouchy and K. Michibayashi

Mobility of Au in the mantle
J.E. Saunders, N.J. Pearson, S.Y. O’Reilly and W.L. Griffin

A Pilot Br Isotopic Study of Arid Playa Lakes and Ordinary Chondrites
B.F. Schaefer

Geodynamic constraints on the recycling of ancient SCLM and genesis of Tibetan diamondiferous ophiolites
R.D. Shi, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, X.R. Zhang, Q.S. Huang, X.H. Gong and L. Ding

Timing of ultra-high temperature (UHT) metamorphism and formation of incipient charnockites in the Kerala Khondalite Belt (KKB), southern India
R. Taylor, C. Clark and I.C.W. Fitzsimons

Extremely young melt infiltration of the continental lithospheric mantle
S. Turner and M. Turner

Recycling of water between the mantle and crust/hydrosphere
M. Turner, S. Turner, T. Ireland and J. Adam

Tomography at Single-Atom Scale of 207Pb and 206Pb in a 4374 Ma Zircon
J.W. Valley, T. Ushikubo, A.J. Cavosie, D.A. Reinhard, D. F. Lawrence, I. Martin, D.J. Larson, P.H. Clifton, T.F. Kelly, S.A. Wilde, D.E. Moser and M.J. Spicuzza

Microstructural control on trace element diffusion in pyrrhotite from komatiite hosted massive Ni sulphides, Yilgarn Craton
Z. Vukmanovic, S.M. Reddy, B. Godel, S.J. Barnes, M.L. Fiorentini and S.-J. Barnes

Geochemistry and nano-structure of putative filamentous microbes from the 3.24 Ga Sulfur Springs Group, Pilbara, Western Australia
D. Wacey, M. Saunders, M.R. Kilburn, J.B. Cliff, C. Kong and M.E. Barley

Geochemical fingerprints in Siberian mantle xenoliths reveal progressive erosion of an Archean lithospheric root
K.-L. Wang, Y.-H. Chien, M.I. Kuzmin, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, A. Vorontsov and N.J. Pearson

Lawsonite as a potential repository of Th and REE in subduction zones: Blueschists from Tavsanlı (Turkey)
Y. Wang, D. Prelevic, S. Foley, S. Buhre, T. Johnson and T. Häger

Diamond-forming fluids: The trace-element perspective
Y. Weiss, W.L. Griffin and O. Navon

Delamination of the North China Craton: A widespread phenomenon or a one-off situation?
S.A. Wilde

Multistage refertilization of an Archean peridotite massif, N. Qaidam orogen (NE Tibet, China)
Q. Xiong, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and J.-P. Zheng

Parental growth media of Siberian diamonds – Relation to kimberlites
D.A. Zedgenizov, A.L. Ragozini, V.S. Shatsky and W.L. Griffin


Building Strong Continents, Metamorphic Studies Group, University of Portsmouth, UK, 2-4 September 2013

Crustal recycling during the Neoarchaean; SE Greenland
T. Næraa and L. Bagas 


The Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference, York, UK, 3-6 September 2013

Electron microscopy reveals unique microfossil preservation in 1 billion-year-old lakes
M. Saunders, C. Kong, S. Menon and D. Wacey 


6th International Symposium on Hydrocarbon Accumulation Mechanisms and Petroleum Resources Evaluation, Beijing,  PR China, 26-28 September 2013

Re-Os dating of the Shengli River marine oil shale, North Tibet: A development method for direct dating crude oil.
X.-C. Wang and J. Li  Invited


19th International Conference on Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and Tectonics, Leuven, Belgium, 16-18 September 2013

Microstructural evolution of polycrystalline ice using in situ deformation experiments and FAME
M. Peternell, C.J.L. Wilson, M. Dierckx, D.M. Hammes and S. Piazolo  Keynote

Dynamics of ice mass deformation: Linking processes to rheology, texture and microstructure
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell

Melt migration in the lower crust by melt induced fracturing and reaction: insights from field studies combined with numerical modelling
S. Piazolo, D. Koehn, A. Vass and N. Daczko

The role of reaction progression and annealing on shear localization: Initiation of paired shear zones in the lower crust of Fiordland, New Zealand
S. Piazolo, J. Smith, N. Daczko

Rheology of Dirty Ice: First Results and Future Perspectives
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell  Invited

Natural constraints on the dynamics of the uppermost mantle evolution during the initial stage of back-arc spreading
T. Satsukawa, T. Mizukami and T. Morishita


13th Australian Space Science Conference, Sydney, 30 September - 2 October 2013

The tectonics of exoplanets
C. O’Neill  Keynote

Venusian Admittance and Correlation: Clues to Topographic Compensation Mechanisms and Mantle Dynamics
E. Schinella and C. O’Neill


International Meeting on Precambrian Evolution and Deep Exploration of the Continental Lithosphere, Beijing, PR China, 6-9 October 2013

The World Turns Over: Hadean – Archean crust-mantle evolution
W.L. Griffin, E. Belousova, V. Malkovets, Z. Spetsius, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson and others  Keynote

Spurious ages and ancient mobilisation of radiogenic Pb and Ti in zircons from the Napier Complex, Antarctica
M. Kusiak, M.J. Whitehouse, S.A. Wilde, D.J. Dunkley, A. Nemchin, R. Wirth and K. Marquardt

Was Earth stagnant in the Hadean?
C. O’Neill, V. Debaille and W.L. Griffin

A saga of crust-mantle relationships and evolution since Archean times: Geophysical and geochemical evidence tracked in mantle xenoliths from Arctic Norway and Cape Verde (Atlantic Ocean)
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and G. Begg  Keynote

Thirty years of progress in Precambrian paleomagnetism and continental reconstructions
S. Pisarevsky  Invited

What do we really know about conditions in the Hadean?
S. Wilde


The GSA 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Expo, Denver, Colorado, USA, 27-30 October 2013

Solving CCW granulite–UHT metamorphism: a model for the tectonic evolution of the Eastern Ghats Province, India–Rayner Province, East Antarctica
M. Brown, C. Clark and F.J. Korhonen

Peridotite-pyroxenite relationships in orogenic peridotites from Liverpool Land, Eastern Greenland caledonides: chemical metasomatism or mechanical mixing?
H. Brueckner, L.G. Medaris Jr., W.L. Griffin, S.M. Johnston,  R. Bubbico and E.H. Hartz

Establishing peak temperature in UHT metamorphic terranes
C. Clark, M. Brown, F.J. Korhonen and R. Taylor

Multiple melting events in polycyclic high-T terranes defined using geochemically constrained dating of zircon and monazite

N.M. Kelly, J.A. Matthews, A.R.C. Kylander-Clark, A.E. Koenig, S.L. Harley and C. Clark

Is plate tectonics a phase in the evolution of Earth-like planets?
C. O’Neill   Invited

Development of regional stratigraphic frameworks and geological implications in Upper Devonian carbonates using integrated chronostratigraphy, Canning Basin, Western Australia
T.E. Playton, D.A. Katz, K. Hillbun, E. Tohver, R. Hocking, P. Haines, K. Trinajstic, P. Montgomery, J. Hansma and S.A. Pisarevsky

Rare earth element behavior in orthopyroxene, zircon and garnet during UHT metamorphism
R. Taylor, C. Clarke and I.C.W. Fitzsimons


ICE Microstructure, Rheology and Physical Properties, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ, 29-30 October 2013

Dynamics of ice mass deformation: Linking processes to rheology, texture and microstructure
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin,  C. Brouzet and M. Peternell

Numerical simulation of ice processes
S. Piazolo  Invited

Rheology of Dirty Ice: First Results and Future Perspectives
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell  Invited


IGCP581 4th Annual Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam, 10-15 November 2013

A thermochronological record of vertical tectonic movements in southern South China since the Mesozoic
N. Tao., Z.-X. Li, M. Danišík, N.J. Evans, Y.G. Xu, W.X. Li and C.J. Pang

South China’s connection with North India in Gondwanaland – Basin and detrital provenance analyses
W.H. Yao, Z.-X. Li, W.X. Li, X.H. Li and J.H. Yang


Swiss Geosciences Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, 15-16 November 2013

Deformation mechanisms in Martian meteorites
M.-A. Kaczmarek, M. Grange, S. Reddy and A. Nemchin


AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 9-13 December 2013

The compositions of hydrous fluids in equilibrium with the Peridotitic Mantle
J. Adam, M. Locmelis, M. Fiorentini and T.A. Rushmer

Multi-observable thermochemical tomography of the lithosphere and upper mantle beneath the Western/Central US
J.C. Afonso, Y. Yang, N. Rawlinson, D. Schutt, J. Fullea and A.G. Jones

Lower crustal assimilation in oceanic arcs: insights from an osmium isotopic study of the Lesser Antilles
R.C. Bezard, B.F. Schaefer, S. Turner, J. Davidson and D.S. Selby

Constructing a starting 3D shear velocity model with sharp interfaces for SEM-based upper mantle tomography in North America
M. Calo, T. Bodin, H. Yuan, B.A. Romanowicz, C.S. Larmat and M. Maceira

Decarbonation and carbonation processes in the slab and mantle wedge – insights from thermomechanical modeling
C.M. Gonzalez, W. Gorczyk, J.A. Connolly, T. Gerya, B.E. Hobbs and A. Ord

Majorite Garnet and Lithosphere Evolution: Kaapvaal Craton
W.L. Griffin, S. Tessalina and S.Y. O’Reilly  Invited

Garnet Signatures in Geophysical and Geochemical Observations: Insights into the Thermo-Petrological Structure of Oceanic Upper Mantle
C.J. Grose and J.C. Afonso

Molecular marker and stable carbon isotope analyses of carbonaceous Ambassador uranium ores of Mulga Rock in Western Australia
C. Jaraula, L. Schwark, X. Moreau, K. Grice and L. Bagas

The crustal structure in north Tibet revealed by joint inversion of receiver functions and ambient noise tomography: implications for the growth of the Tibetan Plateau
C. Jiang, Y. Yang and Y. Zheng

Fluid percolation within an ocean-continent transition
M.-A. Kaczmarek and S.M. Reddy

Isotropic and anisotropic shear velocity model of the NA upper mantle using EarthScope data
J. Leiva, P. Clouzet, S.W. French, H. Yuan and B.A. Romanowicz

Upper Mantle Texture Patterns In Eastern North America From Seismic Anisotropy And Global Mantle Flow Calculations
V.L. Levin, R. Moucha and H. Yuan

The effect of grain boundary sliding on the rheology of polymineralic rocks: Nature and numerical experiments
J.M. Nevitt, S. Piazolo, L. Evans and V.G. Toy

Was the Hadean Earth stagnant? Constraints from dynamic mixing models
C. O’Neill, V. Debaille and W.L. Griffin

Geochemical Evolution of cratonic lithospheric mantle: A 3.6 Ga story of persistence and transformation
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and N.J. Pearson  Invited

Developing and testing models for creep of polycrystalline ice: new laboratory approaches
D.J. Prior, T.E. Caswell, W.B. Durham, N. Golding, D.L. Goldsby, K. Lilly, S. Piazolo, M. Seidemann, M. Vaughan and C. Wilson

Source stacking for numerical wavefield computations: application to continental and global scale seismic mantle tomography
B.A. Romanowicz, S.W. French, F. Rickers and H. Yuan

Chondrules as Natural Analogs for Metal Segregation: Analyses from 3D Synchrotron Imaging
T.A. Rushmer, S.M. Clark and D. Parkinson

An N-TIMS Br Isotopic Study of Australian Playa Lakes
B.F. Schaefer

From Gabbro to Granulite to Kyanite- and bimineralic Eclogite: A petrological, geochemical and mass balance approach to mantle eclogites
H. Sommer and D. Jacob

Looking at the roots of the highest mountains: the lithospheric structure of the Himalaya-Tibet and the Zagros orogens.  Results from a geophysical-petrological study
L. Tunini, I. Jimenez-Munt, M. Fernandez, A. Villasenor, J.C. Afonso and J. Verges

Mantle flow, volatiles, slab-surface temperatures and melting dynamics in the north Tonga Arc – Lau Backarc Basin
S. Turner, J. Caulfield, R.J. Arculus, C.W. Dale, F.E. Jenner, J.A. Pearce, C. Macpherson and H.K. Handley

Interactions among plumes, mantle circulation and mid-ocean ridges
J.M. Whittaker, S. Williams, S.M. Masterton, J.C. Afonso, M. Seton, T.C. Landgrebe, M.F. Coffin and D. Müller

Modelling terrestrial planet evolution with practical mineral physics and mantle-core coupling
S. Zhang and C. O’Neill

Imaging lithosphere structures using long period surface waves from ambient noise: a case study in western USA
Y. Yang

The collision of South China with NW India to join Gondwanaland in the Cambrian: Provenance constraints from foreland basins
W. Yao, Z.-X. Li, W. Li, X.-H. Li and J. Yang

Azimuthal anisotropy layering in the Pacific upper mantle
H. Yuan, S.W. French and B.A. Romanowicz

Evidence for large sulfur isotope fractionation in carbonate hosted Neoarchean pyrites
I. Zhelezinskaia, A.J. Kaufman, J. Farquhar and J. Cliff





Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology bi-annual conference, Waratah Bay, Victoria, 29 January - 4 February 2012

The relationship between microstructure, metasomatism and hydrogen incorporation in deformed mantle olivine
E. Gray, S. Reddy, K.E. Evans, N.E. Timms and B. McInnes

The role of serpentinisation in fault stress and long-term deformation in the Java-Sumatra subduction system
C. O’Neill and J.C. Afonso 

Serpentinite deformation in subducting plates and implications for seismic anisotropy in supra subduction zone environments: Cause and effects of deformation in the lithosphere
S. Reddy, J. Bridges, M.-A. KaczmarekC. Clark and D. Healy

Deformation of the lithosphere by impact events: what we can learn from zircon microstructure
N. Timms, S. Reddy, D. Healy, A. NemchinM. GrangeR. Pidgeon and R. Hart


22nd Australian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis (ACMM 22), - ACMM 22 / APMC 10 / ICONN 2012, Perth, Australia, 5-9 February 2012

Practical isotope ratio analysis using SIMS
J.B. Cliff   Invited

The understanding of mantle shearing with EBSD
M.-A. Kaczmarek 

Chemical and isotopic imaging at the sub-micron scale with NanoSIMS
M.R. Kilburn   Invited

Assessment of electron backscatter diffraction as a radiation damage probe
N.E. Timms, M.L. GrangeA.A. Nemchin, T. Geisler-Wierwille, S.M. ReddyR.T. Pidgeon and R. Hart

Scanning ion imaging - an underutilised yet potent tool in SIMS U-Pb zircon geochronology
M. Whitehouse, C. Fedo, M. Kusiak and A. Nemchin   Invited

Unravelling Early Earth Evolution through Microanalysis of Zircon
S. Wilde   Invited



The 10th International Kimberlite Conference, Bangalore, India, 6-11 February

Petrological inferences for the role of exsolution in upper mantle: evidence from the Yakutian Kimberlite xenoliths
T.A. Alifirova, L.N. Pokhilenko, V.G. Malkovets and W.L. Griffin

Petrology, bulk-rock geochemistry, indicator mineral composition, and zircon U-PB geochronology of the end-Cretaceous diamondiferous Mainpur Orangeites, Bastar Craton, central India
N.V. Chalapathi Rao, B. Lehmann, E. Belousova, D. Frei and D. Mainkar

Petrogenesis of composite xenoliths from alkaline basalts (west Sangilen, Russia)
A.A. Gibsher, V.G. Malkovets, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Pyrope garnet from the El Kseibat area, Algeria and lithosphere beneath the north-eastern part of the West African Craton
M. Kahoui, Y. Mahdjoub, M. Chabane, E. BelousovaW.L. Griffin and F.V. Kaminsky

Late metasomatic addition of garnet to the SCLM: Os-isotope evidence
V.G. Malkovets, W.L. GriffinN.J. Pearson, D.I. Rezvukhin, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.P. Pokhilenko, V.K. Garanin, Z.V. Spetsius and K.D. Litasov 

Lithosphere mantle structure beneath the Nakyn Kimberlite Field, Yakutia
V.G. Malkovets, W.L. Griffin, N.P. Pokhilenko, S.Y. O’Reilly, A.I. Dak, A.V. Tolstov, I.V. Serov, I.S. Bazhan and D.V. Kuzmin

Tables vs. benches: Trace elements in fibrous diamonds
O. Navon, W.L. Griffin and Y. Weiss

Mineral inclusions in pyropes from some kimberlite pipes of Yakutia
D.I. Rezvukhin, V.G. Malkovets, A.A. Gibsher, D.V. Kuzmin, W.L. Griffin, N.P. Pokhilenko and S.Y. O’Reilly

Heterogeneous mantle beneath Lunda area in Angola
S.E. Robles-Cruz, S. Galía, M. Escayola and J.C. Melgarejoa

Geochemistry and microstructure of diamondites
E.V. RubanovaW.L. GriffinS. PiazoloS.Y. O’Reilly, T. Stachel, R. Stern and A.C. Birnie

High-Mg carbonatitic HDFS, kimberlites and the SCLM
Y. Weiss, W.L. Griffin, D.R. Bell and O. Navon

Fluid microinclusions in monocrystalline diamonds
Y. Weiss, I. Kiflawi, W.L. Griffin and O. Navon


GSWA Open Day, Fremantle, 23 Feb 2012

A multi-isotopic approach to the crustal evolution of the west Musgrave Province
C.L. Kirkland, R.H. Smithies, A. Woodhouse, M.T.D. Wingate, M.H. Howard, J. Cliff and E.A. Belousova


108th Annual GSA meeting, Cordillera Section, Querétaro, Mexico, 29-31 March 2012

Metallogenic and tectonomagmatic evolution of Mexico during the Mesozoic: a review and new insights 
A. Camprubí, M. Martini, J.M. González-Jiménez, E. González-Partida, J.A. Proenza, E. Centeno-García, E. Fitz-Díaz, M. Valencia-Moreno, A. Izaguirre and A. Iriondo

A Mesozoic back-arc in the Guerrero Composite Terrane (Mexico): evidence from trace elements and Re-Os isotopes in podiform chromitites from Loma Baya
J.M. González-Jiménez, A. Camprubí, W.L. Griffin, E. Centeno-García, S.Y. O’Reilly, M. Martini, J.A. Proenza and N.J. Pearson


Joint 5th MSCC & 3rd CEMC 2012, Miskolc, Hungary, 19–21 April 2012

Distribution of platinum-group elements in upper mantle xenoliths from the Carpathian-Pannonian region
L. Aradi, K. Hattori, W. GriffinS. O’Reilly, A. Szabó and Cs. Szabó

New U–Pb dating and Hf-isotope composition of the Gornjane Granitoids (South Carpathians, east Serbia)
N. Vaskovi, E. BelousovaS.Y. O’ReillyW.L. Griffin, D. Srekovi-Batoanin, G. Christofides and A. Coroneos


European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012, Vienna, Austria, 22-27 April 2012

The compositional and thermal structure of the lithosphere from thermodynamically-constrained multi-observable probabilistic inversion
J.C. Afonso, J. Fullea, Y. Yang, A.G. Jones, W.L. Griffin, J.A.D. Connolly, S.Y. O’Reilly and S. Lebedev   Keynote 

Petro-geochemical constraints for origin of pyroxenites xenoliths associated with mantle peridotites from Adrar N’ajjer caenozoic volcanics (NE Ahaggar, Algerian Sahara)
F. Ait-Hamou, R. Laloui, M. Gregoire, W.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly, G. Ceuleneer and H. Afafiz

Li isotopic constraints from the Erro-Tobbio serpentinites on Alpine subduction processes
M.-F. Chu, M. Scambelluri, W.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson 

A 1-Ga history of melting in the western Mediterranean Subcontinetal Lithospheric Mantle recorded in chromitites from the Ojén Ultramafic Massif (SW Spain)
J.M. González-Jiménez, C. Marchesi, W.L. Griffin, R. Gutiérrez-Narbona, J.-P. Lorand, S.Y. O’Reilly, C.J. Garrido, F. Gervilla and N.J. Pearson 

40Ar/39Ar dating of unusual minerals (tourmaline, K-richterite, yimengite, wadeite and priderite) and applicability to the geological record
F. Jourdan, E. Thern, S.A. Wilde and L. Frewer

Carbon flux from plants to soil microbes is highly sensitive to nitrogen addition and biochar amendment
C. Kaiser, Z.M. Solaiman, M.R. Kilburn, P.L. Clode, L. Fuchslueger, M. Koranda and D.V. Murphy

Provenance and evolution of the western Mediterranean lithospheric mantle beneath the eastern Betics (S. Spain): insights from in-situ analyses of Os isotopes and platinum-group elements in sulphides from the Tallante mantle xenoliths
Z. Konc, C. Marchesi, C.J. Garrido, J.M. González-JiménezW.L. Griffin, O. Alard, K. Hidas, S.Y. O’Reilly and N. Pearson

The Seismic Structure of the Mantle Wedge under Cascade Volcanoes, Northwestern U.S.A.
A. Levander, K. Liu, R. Porritt, R. Allen and Y. Yang

Zircon and baddeleyite from the economic ultramafic-mafic Noril’sk-1 intrusion (Russia): Hf-isotope constraints on source composition
K.N. Malitch, E.A. Belousova, I.Y. Badanina and W.L. Griffin

Paleomagnetism of the 1210 Ma Gnowangerup-Fraser dyke swarm, Western Australia
S.A. PisarevskyZ. X. LiM.T.D. Wingate and E. Tohver

New geochronological ages (U-Pb/Lu-Hf) from high-pressure rocks of the Escambray terrane and Santa Clara serpentinite mélange, central Cuba.  Regional correlations and geodynamic implications
Y. Rojas-Agramonte, A. García-Casco, A. Kröner, D. Herwartz, A. Ibis Despaigne and S. Wilde

Two types of Archean continental crust: plume and plate tectonics on early Earth
M.J. Van Kranendonk   Eminent speaker 

The stepwise growth of tectonic plates across Earth’s evolving supercontinent cycle
M.J. Van Kranendonk and C.L. Kirkland 


Scandem 2012 Annual Meeting of the Nordic Microscopy Soc., Bergen, Norway, 12-15 June 2012

Electron Microscopy of Early Cellular Life
D. Wacey, N. McLoughlin, M. Saunders and M. Brasier 


12th International Ni-Cu-(PGE) Symposium, Guiyang, China, 16-17 June 2012

Use and Calibration of portable X-Ray fluorescence analyzers: case studies from komatiite-hosted nickel-sulfide deposits of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
M. Le VaillantM.L. Fiorentini, L. Fisher, S.J. Barnes and S. Caruso

Microstructural control on trace element distribution in komatiite hosted Ni sulphide deposits, Yilgarn Craton (Western Australia) 
Z. Vukmanović, S.J. Barnes, S.M. Reddy and M.L. Fiorentini


Workshop: The Role of Metasomatism in Geological Processes, Montreal, Canada, 23 June 2012

Mantle Metasomatism: Characteristics, scale and distribution, and geodynamic significance
S.Y. O’Reilly and W.L. Griffin   Invited


22nd Annual V.M. Goldschmidt Conference, Montréal, Canada, June 24-29 2012

Links between tectonics and life, 4.0 to 2.3 Ga and the rise of oxygen
M.E. Barley

The early formation of the continental crust: constraints from zircon Hf-isotope data
E.A. BelousovaW.L. Griffin, Y.A. Kostitsyn, N.J. Pearson, G. Begg and S.Y. O’Reilly

How does the continental crust get really hot?
C. Clark, I.C.W. Fitzsimons and D. Healy

Igneous and metamorphic garnet-clinopyroxene assemblages in eclogite and granulite, Breaksea Orthogneiss, New Zealand: major and rare earth element characteristics
G.L. Clarke, N.R. Daczko and D. Miescher

O isotopes in the Azores: mantle melting versus AFC
F.S. Genske, C. Beier, S. Krumm, K.M. Haase and S.P. Turner

Apollo 15 zircons reveal age of young impact
M.L. GrangeA.A. NemchinR.T. Pidgeon and C. Meyer

The end of the Hadean: The world turns over
W.L. Griffin, V. Malkovets, E.A. BelousovaS.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

LA-ICP-MS analysis on spinel from chromitites of different tectonic settings: their contrasted minor- and trace-elements compositions
J.M. González-JiménezW.L. GriffinM. LocmelisS.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Magmatic degassing in contrasting volcanic systems of the Vanuatu arc: constraints from uranium-series isotopes
H. HandleyS. Turner, M. Reagan, G. Girard and S. Cronin 

PGE abundances in upper mantle xenoliths from the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
K. Hattori, C. Szabo, W. GriffinS. O’Reilly and L. Elod Aradi

High-resolution chemostratigraphy of the 2.46 Ga Joffre banded iron formation, Western Australia: implications for the hydrosphere-atmosphere-lithosphere in the early Palaeoproterozoic
R. Haugaard, E. Pecoits, S.V. Lalonde, N. Aubet, M.J. Van Kranendonk and K.O. Konhauser

Trace element partitioning in mixed-habit diamonds
D. HowellW.L. GriffinW. PowellP. WielandN. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

A Tertiary record of Australian plate motion from ages of diamondiferous alkalic intrusions
B. McInnes, N. Evans, F. Jourdan, B. McDonald, J. Gorter, C. Mayers and S. Wilde

Microstructures in lunar zircon: key to interpretation of U-Pb ages
A.A. NemchinM.L. Grange, N.E. Timms and R.T. Pidgeon

Development and application of LA-ICP-MS in the geosciences: past, present and future
N.J. PearsonW.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly   Keynote

The geochemical features of the garnets from peridotites of Udachnaya pipe (Yakutia)
L. Pokhilenko, V. Malkovets, A. Agashev and W. Griffin

Origin of silicic magmas in the primitive, intra-oceanic Tongan arc
T. RushmerS. TurnerJ. CaulfieldM. Turner, S. Cronin and I.E. Smith

Recycling of ancient SCLM constraints on the genesis of the Tethys ophiolitic podiform chromitites in Tibet
R. Shi, W.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly, Q.S. Huang, X.R. Zhang and L. Ding

Mantle flow, slab-surface temperatures and melting dynamics in the north Tonga arc–Lau Basin
S. Turner
J. Caulfield, R. Arculus, C. Dale, N. Keller, J. Pearce and C. Macpherson

Implications of unsupported radiogenic Pb in ancient zircon
M. Whitehouse, M. Kusiak and A. Nemchin

What can zircon really tell us about Earth’s earliest crustal evolution?
M. Whitehouse and A. Nemchin   Keynote

Pre-Late Heavy Bombardment terrestrial crust: review of the zircon evidence for its nature and origin
S.A. Wilde  Invited 

Sr isotopic composition of pore water of shelf cores from IODP Expedition 317: Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
T. Yoshimura, H. Kawahata, M. Tanimizu, S.C. George, J.S. Lipp and G.E. Claypool


XXXII Reunión SEM, Bilbao, Spain, 27-30 June 2012

Factors controlling chromite alteration: Example from Kosturino, SE Bulgaria
V. Colás, F. Gervilla, I. Fanlo, T. Kerestedjian, I. Sergeeva, J.M. González-Jiménez and E. Arranz

Back-arc origin for chromitites of the Dobromirtsi Ultramafic Massif
J.M. González-Jiménez, V. Colás, I. Sergeeva, W.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly, F. Gervilla, T. Kerestedjian, I. Fanlo, M. LocmelisN. Pearson and E. Belousova


Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits, Gordon Conference, New Hampshire, USA, 15-20 July 2012

Preliminary Craton wide geochronology and geochemistry of the Leo Man shield, West Africa
L.A. ParraD.R. Mole, N. Said, T.C. McCuaig and M.L. Fiorentini

Lithosphere architecture and the role of the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle in mineral deposits
N. Pearson


34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, 5-10 August 2012

Crustal structure of a latest Mesoproterozoic intracontinental rift— the Ngaangatyarra Rift (Giles Event), central Australia
A.R.A. Aitken, R.H. Smithies, M.C. Dentith, A. Joly, H.M. Howard, S. Evans, T.C. McCuaig and I.M. Tyler

The Australian Seismometers in Schools project: educating students in earth shaking science
N. Balfour, M. Sambridge and C. O’Neill

The first multiple sulphur isotope evidence for a 2.9 Ga Mesoarchean sulphate reservoir linked to a major volcanic even
M. Barley
, S. Golding and M. Fiorentini

The lithosphere, geodynamics and Archean mineral systems
G.C. Begg, W.L. GriffinS.Y. O’Reilly and L. Natapov

Zircon Hf-isotope record for the evolution of the Continental crust since 4.5 Ga
E. BelousovaW.L. Griffin, Y. Kostitsyn, G. Begg and S.Y. O’Reilly   Invited

Tectonic mode switches at the Australian Mesoproterozoic Boundary — tectonic events at the same scale lengths as modern tectonic systems
P. Betts, R. Armit, J. Stewart and B. Schaefer 

UHT metamorphism in Peninsular India: a consequence of anomalous enrichment in heat producing elements?
C. Clark, F. Korhonen, R. Taylor, M. Hand and A. Collins

Igneous and metamorphic garnet-clinopyroxene assemblages in eclogite and granulite, Breaksea Orthogneiss, New Zealand: major and rare earth element characteristics
G. Clarke, N. Daczko and D. Miescher

LA-ICP-MS analysis on chromite: a guide for the geodynamic setting of formation of ultramafic massifs in the Bulgarian Rhodopes
V. Colás, J.M. González-JiménezW.L. GriffinM. Locmelis, F. Gervilla, S.Y. O’ReillyN.J. Pearson, I. Fanlo, T.N. Kerestedjian and I. Sergeeva 

Earth’s changing thermal regime between 3 and 2.5 Ga: a primary control of planetary evolution?
K. Condie and C. O’Neill

Integrating geophysics with mapping — defining a new volcano-sedimentary belt, Mali, West Africa
J. Davis, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaigL. Parra, N. Said, J. Tunjic and E. Baltis

Full-waveform synthetic seismograms for evaluating seismic proxies for the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary
D. Eaton, C. Hogan, J.C. Afonso and J. Tromp

Dating the geological history of the northwestern North American Plate: Re-Os isotopic analyses of sulfides from western Yukon ultramafic complexes
M.P. EscayolaJ.M. González-JiménezW.L. Griffin, J. Proenza, N. Pearce, D. Murphy, C. van Staal and S.Y. O’Reilly

Banded iron formation to iron ore: implications for the evolution of Earth environments
K.A. Evans, T.C. McCuaig, D. Leach, T. Angerer and S.G. Hagemann

A record of life in changing Neoarchean environments of the Fortescue Group, Pilbara region, Western Australia
D. Flannery, Y. Hoshino, M. Walter, M. Van Kranendonk and S. George

Low-18O Suzhou A-type granite revisited: Uranium influences in-situ zircon Oxygen-isotope Analyses
Y.-Y. Gao, X.-H. Li and S.Y. O’Reilly

Biomarkers in offshore Canterbury Basin sediments, New Zealand: organic matter input and thermal maturity
S.C. George, E. Teague, J.S. Lipp, T. Yoshimura and G.E. Claypool

Os isotopes in mantle-derived minerals: what can they really tell us?
J.M. González-JiménezW.L. GriffinS.Y. O’ReillyN.J. Pearson, F. Gervilla and C. Marchesi

Topographic response to development of Rayleigh-Taylor instability at the base of the mantle lithosphere
W. Gorczyk, B. Hobbs, K. Gessner, A. Ord, T. Gerya and R. Korsch

Intra-plate melt intrusion as a consequence of Rayleigh-Taylor instability
W. Gorczyk, K. Vogt, T. Gerya and B. Hobbs

New REE data from Apollo 14 and 17 zircons
M. GrangeA. Nemchin and M. Whitehouse

The end of the Hadean: a global revolution
W.L. Griffin, V. Malkovets, E.A. BelousovaS.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Late Devonian carbonate magnetostratigraphy from the south Oscar Range, Lennard Shelf, Western Australia
J. Hansma, E. Tohver, M. Yan, K. Trijnastic, T. Playton, S.A. Pisarevsky, J.L Kirschvink, K. Hillbun, D.P. Ward, P.W. Haines and R. Hocking

Investigating the syngeneity and paleobiology of hydrocarbon biomarkers in the Fortescue Group at 2.7–2.8 Ga
Y. Hoshino, D. Flannery, M. Walter and S. George

Trace element partitioning in mixed-habit diamonds
D. HowellW. GriffinW. PowellP. WielandN. Pearson and S. O’Reilly

Multi-stage origin of Roberts Victor eclogites: progressive metasomatism
J.-X. HuangW.L. GriffinY. GréauS.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Formation of Jurassic high-K granitoids in the Nanling Range of southern China by reworking of supracrustal rocks by mantle-derived magmas
H.-Q. Huang, X.-H. Li, Z.-X. Li and W.-X. Li

Placement of the Guadalupian-Lopingian (Capitanian-Wuchiapingian) boundary in the Permian of eastern Australia
M.H. Huyskens, J. Crowley, R.S. Nicoll and I. Metcalfe

Multiple sulphur isotopes record degassing in komatiite hosted nickel systems during Emplacement
C. Isaac, B. Wing and M. Fiorentini

Distribution of sulfur reservoirs through the Archean in the North Eastern Goldfields, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia and their significance for nickel sulfide formation in komatiites
C. IsaacM. Fiorentini, B. Wing, S. Golding and M. Barley

Late Archean crustal accretion patterns and continental growth in the Eastern Dharwar Craton: constraints from SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages and whole rock geochemistry
M. Jayananda, M.A. Kusiak, K. Sekhamo, S.A. Wilde and R.V. Gireesh

An experimental investigation of primitive magmas from the Kermadec Arc
A. Jennings, T. RushmerJ. Adam and S. Turner

High-resolution lithosphere structure beneath the North China Craton from teleseismic Rayleigh wave tomography
M. Jiang, Y. Ai, L. Chen and Y. Yang

4D integrative-approach for target generation in the west Musgrave Province
A. Joly, A. Aitken, M. Dentith, A. Porwal, H. Smithies, S. Evans, I. Tyler and C. McCuaig

Emplacement of ophiolite in Papua New Guinea: new field data
L. Jonda, M.A. Kaczmarek, H. Davies and F. Boudier

Two collisions, two sutures: punctuated pre-1950 Ma assembly of the West Australian Craton during the Ophthalmian and Glenburgh Orogenies
S.P. Johnson, S. Sheppard, A.M. Thorne, B. Rasmussen, M.T.D. WingateC.L. Kirkland, J.R. Muhling, I.R. Fletcher and E. Belousova

Synchronicity between the Kalkarindji large igneous province and the Early-Middle Cambrian Extinction
F. Jourdan, K. Hodges, B. Sell, U. Schaltegger, M. Wingate, L. Evins, U. Söderlund, P. Haines and D. Phillips

The Marum Ophiolite Complex (Papua New Guinea): the origin of depleted peridotite
M.-A. Kaczmarek, L. Jonda, H. Davies and F. Boudier

Mantle deformation during rifting in East Africa (Marsabit – Kenya)
M.-A. Kaczmarek and S.M. Reddy

Late Permian-Early Triassic palynology of the Bowen and Sydney basins: more CA-IDTIMS isotopic ages
T.E. Kelly, D. Mantle, C.B. Foster, R.S. Nicoll, I. Metcalfe, J. Crowley and R. Mundil

Long-lived ultrahigh temperature (UHT) metamorphism in the Eastern Ghats orogenic belt (India): constraints from zircon and monazite geochronology
F.J. Korhonen, C. Clark, M. Brown and S. Bhattacharya

Provenance and formation model of Ti-Zr placers of Murray basin (southeastern Australia) from SHRIMP data on dating recrystallization crystalsA. Kremenetskiy and E. Belousova

Ion imaging of Pb isotopes illuminates complexity of zircon geochronology
M.A. Kusiak, M.J. Whitehouse, S.A. Wilde and A.A. Nemchin

Late Neoproterozoic granitoid magmatism in the southernmost section of the Dom Feliciano Belt, Uruguay
P. Lara, P. Oyhantcabal and K. Dadd

Crustal and upper mantle velocity structure in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau
H. Li, Y. Yang, Z. Huang, M. Gong, X. Li, Y. Shen, D. Shi, E. Sandvol and A. Li

Geochronology, petrogenesis and tectonic implications of Triassic granitoids from Beishan, NW China
S. Li, T. Wang, S.A. Wilde, Y. Tong and D. Hang

Coupled supercontinent-superplume cycles and the geodynamic driving force: an overview
Z.-X. Li

Large-scale and rapid vertical continental movements due to the eclogisation of a flat-subducted oceanic plateau in Mesozoic south China
Z.-X. Li, C. Pang, G.E. Batt, W.-X. Li and Y. Xu

Quantifying spatial relationships between gold mineralisation and relevant control factors, St Ives Goldfield, Western Australia
Y. Liu, Z.-X. Li, G. West, C. Laukamp and S. Gardoll

Laser ablation ICP-MS analysis of ruthenium in chromite — a new tool in the exploration for komatiite-hosted nickel-sulphide deposits
M. LocmelisM.L. Fiorentini, S.J. Barnes and N.J. Pearson

Geochemical, Sr-Nd-Pb, and zircon Hf-O isotopes of Cenozoic K-adakitic and shoshonitic granitoid rocks in Western Yunnan, SW China: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications
Y.J. LuT.C. McCuaig, R. Kerrich and Z.Q. Hou

Managing uncertainty in exploration targeting
T.C. McCuaig, A. Porwal, A. Joly and A. Ford

Cratonic source codes: a new tool in Archean plate reconstructions?
N. McNaughton, D. Srinivasa Sarma, M. Ram Mohan, I. Fletcher, C. Gregory, B. Krapez, B. Rasmussen and S. Wilde

Occurrence of inherited supra-subduction zone mantle in the oceanic lithosphere as inferred from mantle xenoliths from Dragon Seamount (southern Tore-Madeira Rise)
R. Merle, M.A. Kaczmarek, E. Tronche and J. Girardeau

Unravelling New England Orogen by anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility studies
T. Mochales, G. Rosenbaum, F. Speranza and S. Pisarevsky

Nickel mineral systems within an evolving Archean craton
D.R. MoleM.L. Fiorentini, N. Thebaud, T.C. McCuaig, K.F. Cassidy, C.L. Kirkland, S. Romano, M. Doublier, E.A. Belousova and S.J. Barnes

Wordian (Middle Permian) U-Pb CA-IDTIMS isotopic ages from the Lightjack Formation, Canning Basin, Western Australia
A.J. Mory, J. Crowley, R.S. Nicoll, I. Metcalfe, D. Mantle, R. Mundil and J. Backhouse

Il’meno-Vishnevogorsky Alkaline Complex (IVAC) from Urals, Russia: age, sources and origin
I. Nedosekova, E. Belousova and B. Belyatsky 

U-Pb systematics of glass beads from lunar soils
A. NemchinM. Grange, M. Whitehouse and M. Norman

Using high precision CA-IDTIMS zircon age determinations to interpret correlation and depositional rates in Permian coal sediments of the Sydney, Gunnedah and Bowen basins
R.S. Nicoll, I. Metcalfe, J. Crowley, M. Ives and J.R. Laurie

A 4.2 billion year old impact basin on the Moon
M. Norman and A. Nemchin

Deep Earth recycling in the Hadean
C. O’Neill   Keynote

Plate tectonics: a phase a planet goes through?
C. O’Neill

Tracking coupling and decoupling during lithosphere evolution with geochemistry and geochronology: a case history from arctic Norway
S. O’ReillyW. Griffin, N. Nikolic and N. Pearson   Invited

Sedimentary facies analysis of a latest Triassic to early Jurassic shallow marine deltaic succession in northern Guangdong Province, south China: consequence of eclogisation and foundering of a flat-slab?
C. Pang, Z.-X. Li and Y. Xu

Advances in in-situ Re-Os isotope ratio measurements by LA-MC-ICP-MS
N. PearsonW. Griffin and S. O’Reilly

Comparative early history of the Moon and the Earth: zircon geochronological evidence
R. PidgeonA. NemchinM. Grange and C. Meyer

India in Nuna – possibilities and problems
S. Pisarevsky and Z.-X. Li

Calibration of a Sydney Gunnedah Basin thermal model and insights into the Bowen Basin
S. Quenette, L. Moresi, C. Danis and C. O’Neill

Do externally-derived fluids influence the large-scale reactivation of continental interiors?
T. Raimondo, C. Clark, M. Hand, J. Cliff and R. Anczkiewicz

Zircon deformation and its affect on chronometry, thermometry and fluid-rock interaction
S.M. Reddy and N.E. Timms   Keynote

Mantle wedge olivine or subducting slab serpentinite: what is responsible for supra-subduction zone seismic anisotropy?
S.M. Reddy, E. Gray, J. Bridges, D. Healy and M.A. Kaczmarek   Keynote

Geochemistry of diamondiferous eclogites from Udachnaya Pipe, Siberia
E.V. RubanovaW.L. Griffin, Z.V. Spetsius, S.Y. O’ReillyN.J. Pearson, R. Stern, T. Stachel and J. Cliff

Geochemistry and microstructure of diamondites
E.V. RubanovaW.L. GriffinS. PiazoloS.Y. O’ReillyN.J. Pearson, R. Stern, T. Stachel and J. Cliff

When a bolide hits a world class Pb/Zn deposit: new insights into the Lawn Hill impact structure
J.A. Salisbury, A.G. Tomkins and B.F. Schaefer

U-Pb ages and Hf-isotope systematics of detrital zircons from the Gadag Greenstone Belt: implications for the Archaean crustal growth processes in the western Dharwar Craton, India
D.S. Sarma, N. McNaughton, E. Belousova, M. Ram Mohan and I. Fletcher

Gold mobility in the mantle: constraints from sulfides in variably metasomatised peridotites
J.E. SaundersN.J. PearsonS.Y. O’Reilly and W.L. Griffin

Constraining deformational processes on Venus from rheology and lithospheric structure
E. SchinellaC. O’Neill and J.C. Afonso

Detrital zircon record of Cretaceous sedimentary basins on the Jiamusi Block and Sikhote-Alin accretionary complex, NE China
M.-D. Sun, H.-L. Chen, S.A. WildeZ.-X. Li, F.-Q. Zhang and M.-N. A  Invited

SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronological, geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic study of a mid-Cretaceous bimodal composite dyke complex in the Jiamusi Block, NE China, and its geodynamic implication

M.-D. Sun, H.-L. Chen, F.-Q. Zhang, S.A. Wilde, C.-W. Dong and S.-F. Yang

Constraining paleo-latitudes of rocks from Christmas Island
R. TanejaC. O’Neill, P. Schmidt and T. Rushmer

Timing of ultra-high temperature (UHT) metamorphism from zircon, monazite and garnet in Kerala, southern India
R. Taylor, C. Clark, S.L. Harley and I.C.W. Fitzsimons

Origin of depleted mantle xenoliths from South Africa
S. Tessalina, W. Griffin and S. O’Reilly

Deformation of the lithosphere by impact events: what we can learn from zircon microstructure
N.E. Timms, S.M. Reddy, D. Healy, A.A. NemchinM.L. GrangeR.T. Pidgeon and R. Hart

Deep structures of the Alpine-Himalaya collision in the Zagros Mountains and Tibetan Plateau: a combined geophysical and petrological study
L. Tunini, I. Jiménez-Munt, M. Fernàndez, J. Vergés and J.C. Afonso

Coal degradation in anaerobic sediments associated with acid mine drainage
J. van Holst, D.J. Midgley, L. Stalker, M. Gillings and S.C. George

Earth’s evolving supercontinent cycle: a planetary driver of environmental change
M.J. Van Kranendonk and C.L. Kirkland

3 Ga onset of the supercontinent cycle and modern-style subduction and hydrological weathering
M.J. Van Kranendonk, S.B. Shirey, S.H. Richardson, C.L. Kirkland, R. Hugh Smithies and J. Cliff

A 2.3 Ga sulfuretum at the GOE: microfossil and organic geochemistry evidence from the Turee Creek Group, WA
M.J. Van Kranendonk, J.W. Schopf, K. Grice, M. Walter, A. Pages, A.B. Kudryavtsev, V.A. Gallardo, C. Espinoza, I. Melendez and A. Lepland

Appraisal of prospects for buried commercial placers of Ti-Zr placer provinces in Australia and Russia on the basis of reconstruction of the system: bedrock – intermediate collector – Ti-Zr sands
L.I. Veremeeva, E.A. Belousova, N.A. Gromalova and I.M. Kulikova

Metamorphic microstructures in komatiite hosted-Ni sulphides from the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Z. Vukmanovic, S.J. Barnes, S.M. ReddyM.L. Fiorentini and B. Godel

A long-lived UHT Grenvillian belt in central Australia
A.K. Walsh, D.E. Kelsey, M. Hand, R. Hugh Smithies, C.L. Kirkland and C. Clark

Early crustal evolution in the western Yangtze block: evidence from U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes on detrital zircons from sedimentary rocks
L. Wang, J. Yu, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Detailed geochronological traverse along the Jack Hills Metasedimentary Belt, Western Australia
Q. Wang and S.A. Wilde

A mantle hydrated by stagnated Pacific slab that produced intraplate continental flood basalts in northeastern China
X.-C. Wang, Z.-X. Li, Q.-L. Li and X.-H. Li

CET exploration simulator: a training tool for mineral exploration decision making
J.C. Wong, E.-J. Holden, P. Kovesi and T.C. McCuaig 

Protoliths and ~440-Ma ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism of eclogite and gneiss in the north Qaidam orogen, NE Tibet: implications for deep subduction of the Qaidam Basin
Q. Xiong, J. Zheng, S.Y. O’Reilly and W.L. Griffin

Destruction timing of the North China Craton
J.-H. Yang, F.-Y. Wu, R. Zhu, S.Y. O’ReillyW.L. Griffin and S.A. Wilde   Invited

The structure of the crust and uppermost mantle in China from ambient noise tomography
Y. Yang, Y. Zheng, L. Zhou, W. Shen, J. Xie and M.H. Ritzwoller

Post-kinematic lithospheric delamination of the Wuyi-Yunkai orogen in south China: evidence from ca. 435 Ma high-Mg basalts
W.-H. Yao, Z.-X. Li, W.-X. Li, X.-C. Wang, X.-H. Li and J.-H. Yang

Long-time linking of Cathaysia Block, south China with East Gondwanaland from Paleoproterozoic to early Paleozoic
J.-H. Yu, S.Y. O’Reilly, L. Wang, W.L. Griffin and Q. Liu

Pangea assembly and breakup control long-wavelength mantle structure evolution
N. Zhang, S. Zhong, W. Leng and Z.-X. Li

Pre-Rodinia supercontinent Nuna shaping up: a global synthesis with new paleomagnetic results from north China
S. Zhang, Z.-X. Li, D.A.D. Evans, H. Wi, H. Li and J. Dong

Zircon U-Pb study of the Heilongjiang complex in the NE China: evidence and tectonic implications
X.-Z. Zhang, L.-L. Zhao, J.-B. Zhou and S.A. Wilde

Zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotope study of the Neoproterozoic Haizhou Group in the Sulu Orogen: provenance and tectonic implications
J.-B. Zhou, X.-Z. Zhang, S.A. Wilde and H. Chen


Meteoritical Society Annual meeting, Cairns Australia, 12-17 August 2012

Microstructural analysis of troilite in IAB iron meteorites
G.K. Benedix, M.-A. Kaczmarek and S. Reddy

How to preserve a chemically heterogeneous martian mantle?  A plate tectonics point of view
V. Debaille, C. O’Neill, A.D. Brandon, P. Haenecour, Q.-Z. Yin, N. Mattielli and A.H. Treiman

Preferred mineral orientations in martian shergottites: magmatism or shock?
M.-A. KaczmarekM. GrangeS. Reddy and A. Nemchin

Comparison of zircon U-Pb ages of Apollo 14 breccias
R.E. Merle, M.L. GrangeA.A. Nemchin, M.J. Whitehouse and R.T. Pidgeon

Prolonged early bombardment of the inner solar system from ages of lunar samples
M.D. Norman and A.A. Nemchin

The development of lunar zircon/apatite U-Pb geochronology at Curtin University
R.T. PidgeonA.A. Nemchin and M.L. Grange

Br isotope signatures in Ordinary Chondites
B.F. Schaefer

Unravelling the impact history of the Moon using deformed zircon
N.E. Timms, 
S.M. ReddyM.L. GrangeA.A. NemchinR.T. Pidgeon and D. Healy

Impact-driven disequilibrium melting and melt migration: implications for rapid planetesimal core formation
A.G. Tomkins, R.F. Weinberg, B.F. Schaefer and A. Langendam


The 13th International Conference on Thermochronology, Guilin, China, 24-28 August 2012

Post-UHP exhumation history of the Sulu Orogenic Belt, eastern China: evidence from integrated thermochronology
L. Liu, Z.X. Li, M. Danišík, S. Li, N.J. Evans and X. Liu

Thermochronological record of central and southern South China since the Mesozoic
N. Tao, Z.X. Li, M. Danišík, N.J. Evans, Y.G. Xu, C.J. Pang, W.X. Li and D.H. Liu


The First European Mineralogical Conference (EMC2012) - Planet Earth from Core to Surface, Frankfurt, Germany, 2-6 September 2012

Clues for unravelling metamorphic alteration on Kosturino (SE Bulgaria) chromitites
F. Gervilla, V. Colás, I. Fanlo, T. Kerestedjian, I. Sergeeva, J.M. González-Jiménez and E. Arranz 

Tracking the evolution of the convecting mantle in ophiolites: the case of the Dobromirtsi Ultramafic Massif, Central Rhodope, Bulgaria 
J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, E. Belousova, M. Locmelis, F. Gervilla, S.Y. O’Reilly, T.N. Kerestedjian, I. Sergeeva, N.J. Pearson, V. Colás and I. Fanlo


AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Fueling the Future, Singapore, 16-19 September 2012

Source rock mapping using fluid inclusion geochemistry in the offshore Perth Basin
H. Volk, R. Kempton, S. Gong, M. Ahmed, S.C. George, C.J. Boreham and E. Grosjean


SEG 2012, Integrated Exploration and Ore Deposits, Lima, Peru 23-26 September 2012

Nickel mineral systems within an evolving Archean Craton
D.R. Mole, M. Fiorentini, N. Thebaud, C. McCuaig, K.F. Cassidy, C.L. Kirkland, S.S. Romano, M.P. Doublier, E.A. Belousova and S.J. Barnes


Supercontinent Symposium 2012, Helsinki, Finland, 25-28 September 2012  

LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating of detrital zircons from sediments of the southern part of the Siberian craton: constraints for Precambrian supercontinents
D. Gladkochub, G. Nicoll, S. Zhang, A. Stanevich, S. Pisarevsky, A. Mazukabzov and T. Donskaya

New palaeomagnetic and geochronological data from the Ropruchey sill (Karelia, Russia): implications for late Palaeoproterozoic palaeogeography
N.V. Lubnina, S.A. Pisarevsky, U. Söderlund, M. Nilsson, S.J. Sokolov, A.N. Khramov, A.G. Iosifidi, R. Ernst, M.A. Romanovskaya and B.N. Pisakin 

Mesoproterozoic supercontinent - paleomagnetic synthesis and geological constraints.
S.A. Pisarevsky   Keynote


ESCA-2012 International Earth Science Colloquium on the Aegean Region, Izmir, Turkey, 1-5 October 2012

Dating the geological history of the northwestern North American plate: Re-Os isotopic analyses of sulfides from western Yukon ultramafic complexes
M.P. Escayola, J.M. González-Jiménez, W. Griffin, J. Proenza, N. Pearce, D. Murphy, C. van Stall and S.Y. O’Reilly

Lithospheric mapping, metallogenesis and the evolution of continents
W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, G. Begg, E.A. Belousova and N.J. Pearson   Keynote

The use of trace elements and Os isotopes in chromite deposits to understand the origin and evolution of old upper mantle fragments within young ophiolites
J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Ancient mantle domains stranded in ocean lithosphere add complexity to understanding Tethyan ophiolites
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and N.J. Pearson


Geochemistry and Ore Deposit Models Seminar, University of Oulu, Finland, 17-18 October 2012

Multiple sulfur isotopes as an indicator of sulfur source in Ni-Cu sulfide deposits
E. Hanski and M. Fiorentini   Keynote


GSA Annual Meeting, Charlotte, USA, 4-7 November, 2012

Phase equilibria modeling integrated with geochronology in highly residual UHT granulites from the Eastern Ghats Province, India
M. Brown, F.J. Korhonen and C. Clark

A microbial ecosystem in an ancient sabkha of the 3.49 ga Pilbara, Western Australia, and comparison with Mesoarchean, Neoproterozoic and Phanerozoic examples
N. Noffke, D. Christian, D. Wacey and R.M. Hazen


17th Australian Organic Geochemistry Conference, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2-5 December 2012

The organic geochemistry of the Mesoproterozoic Velkerri Formation and investigations into syngenicity and indigeneity of hydrocarbons using slice experiments
E.N. Flannery and  S.C. George

An exciting future for biomarker geochemistry in very old rocks: single oil inclusion analysis by TOF-SIMS
S.C. George, S. Siljeström, H. Volk, A. Dutkiewicz, J. Lausmaa, P. Sjövall and T. Hode

Flash pyrolysis GCMS analysis of fluid inclusions
P.F. Greenwood., Z. Zhirong, K. Liu, K. Grice, S.C. George, L. Fisher and R. Hough

Investigating the Syngeneity and the Palaeobiology of Hydrocarbon Biomarkers in the Fortescue Group at
2.7-2.8 Ga
Y. Hoshino, D. Flannery, M.R. Walter and S.C. George 

Application of a linear transfer model for the estimation of the hydrocarbon concentration in the seawater of Antarctica following a fuel spill
K. Kotzakoulakis and S.C.  George

Sr isotopic composition of pore water of shelf cores from IODP Expedition 317: Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
T. Yoshimura, H. Kawahata, M. Tanimizu, S.C. George, J.S. Lipp and G.E. Claypool


American Geophysical Union’s 45th Annual Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 3–7 December 2012

Liquidus and sub-liquidus phase equilibria for an Archaean tonalite: matching experimental data to models of TTG genesis
J. Adam, T.A. Rushmer and J. O’Neil

Towards multi-observable thermochemical tomography of the lithosphere and sublithospheric upper mantle
J.C. Afonso, J. Fullea, Y. Yang, N. Rawlinson, A.G. Jones and J.A. Connolly

The first year of the Australian Seismometers in Schools Network: Inspiring Students to follow careers in science by participating in a national science experience
N. Balfour, M. Sambridge and C. O’Neill

Exploration of the Lesser Antilles arc signature in St Lucia using a multiscale analytical approach
R.C. Bezard, J.P. Davidson, S. Turner and J.M. Lindsay

Using experimental petrology to constrain genesis of wet, silicic magmas in the Tonga-Kermadec island arc
R. Brens, T.A. Rushmer, S. Turner and J. Adam

A new high-pressure research facility at the Australian Synchrotron
S. Clark, T.A. Rushmer, C. Glover, S. Turner, R. Garrett and Y. Wang

Incorporation of crust at the Lesser Antilles arc
J.P. Davidson and R.C. Bezard   invited 

Dome and Keel dynamics in the hot Archean lithosphere: a numerical approach
G. Duclaux, N. Thebaud, K. Gessner and M. Doublier

Lawsonite Veins in Eclogite and Bluschist as Recorders of Subduction Fluids
K.F. Fornash, L. Gauthiez-Putallaz, D.L. Whitney and L. Martin

Intra-cratonic melting as a result of delamination of mantle lithosphere - insight from numerical modelling
W. Gorczyk, K. Vogt, T. Gerya and B.E. Hobbs

Petrology of Oceanic Lithosphere from Thermodynamic Models: Implications for Geophysical Observations and Geodynamics
C.J. Grose and J.C. Afonso

Along-arc geochemical and isotopic variations in Javanese volcanic rocks: ‘crustal’ versus ‘source’ contamination at the Sunda arc, Indonesia
H. Handley, J. Blichert-Toft, S. Turner and C.G. Macpherson

The opening of the South China Sea: Driven by Pacific subduction, or by India-Eurasia collision?
Z.-X. Li   Invited

No crustal material flow through the northeast corner of the Tibetan Plateau into the Ordos basin
H. Li, Y. Yang, Z. Huang, M. Gong, X. Li, Y. Shen, D. Shi, E.A. Sandvol and A. Li

Metal transport between the upper mantle and the lower crust
M. Locmelis, J. Adam, F. Zaccarini, M.L. Fiorentini, T. Rushmer, G. Garuti, S. Turner, P. Kollegger and E. Davies

Crustal radial anisotropy in the Dabie orogenic belt from ambient noise tomography
Y. Luo, Y. Xu and Y. Yang 

Evaluating the earliest traces of Archean sub-seafloor life by NanoSIMS
N. McLaughlin, E.G. Grosch, M. Kilburn and D. Wacey

Two styles of lithosphere stabilisation as recorded by post orogenic A-type magmas from each side of the Tasman Line, Australia
M.J. Pankhurst, B.F. Schaefer and S. Turner

Crustal anisotropy in Eastern Tibet
M.H. Ritzwoller, J. Xie, W. Shen, P.H. Molnar, Y. Yang, L. Zhou and Y. Zheng

Core formation in Planetesimals: Textural analyses from 3D synchrotron imaging and complex systems modeling
T.A. Rushmer, A. Tordesillas, D.M. Walker, D.Y. Parkinson and S.M. Clark 

The uppermost mantle evolution during back-arc spreading: Microstructural and petrological characteristics of Ichinomegata peridotite xenoliths in the back-arc region of Japan Islands
T. Satsukawa, K. Michibayashi, G. Marguerite and S. Demouchy

Origin of seamount volcanism in northeast Indian Ocean with emphasis on Christmas Island
R. Taneja, C. O’Neil, T.A. Rushmer; F. Jourdan, J. Blichert-Toft, S. Turner and M.A. Lackie

Recycling of water within the mantle: New insights from pyroxene water data
M.B. Turner, S. Turner, T.R. Ireland, J. Adam, G.M. Yogodzinsk, D.L. Blatter and M.R. Perfit

Extremely young metasomatism of the continental lithospheric mantle
S. Turner and M.B. Turner

Imaging crustal anisotropy in eastern Tibet and South China using ambient noise and earthquake data
J. Xie, W. Shen, M.H. Ritzwoller, Y. Yang, L. Zhou and Y. Zheng

Applications of long period surface wave dispersion measurements from ambient noise in regional surface wave tomography
Y. Yang

The crustal and upper mantle structure of the Tien Shan Orogen and surroundings from ambient noise and earthquake tomography
Y. Zheng, Y. Yang, W. Shen, M.H. Ritzwoller and X. Xiong


4th Greenland Day Workshop, Perth, Western Australia, 4 December 2012

Proterozoic deposits in Australia and Greenland 
L. Bagas, J. Kolb, M. Fiorentini, B.M. Stensgaard and J. Owen

The potential for nickel mineralization in entire Greenland
M. Fiorentini, B.M. Stensgaard, J. Kolb and L. Bagas

A joint CET-GEUS-BMP research project: Nickel mineral systems in Archaean ultramafic rocks in South-East Greenland
M. Fiorentini, L. Bagas, J. Owen, B. Lally, B.M. Steensgaard, J. Kolb and N. Thebaud 

Comparison between endowed terranes in Greenland and Australia
J. Kolb, L. Bagas, M. Fiorentini and B.M. Steensgaard 

Introduction to 4 billion years of geological history of Greenland and data
J. Kolb, L. Bagas, B.M. Stensgaard and S. Piazolo







Kimberlites from D.R. Congo: mantle structure and diamond potential 
J.M. Batumike, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Relations between East African (740-600 Ma) and Kuunga (570-530 Ma) orogenies in NE Mozambique
B. Bingen, G. Viola, I.H.C. Henderson, E.A. Belousova, A.K. Engvik and M. Smethurst


The early evolution of Earth’s atmosphere, links to tectonics and life
M. Barley Invited


Structure of the lithosphere in Central Europe based on the CELEBRATION 2000 experiment and integrated modeling
Z. Alasonati-Tasarova, M. Bielik, J. Fullea, H-J. Götze and J.C. Afonso 


Integrated interpretation and targeting under cover
T.C. McCuaig  Invited 

Exploration Targeting in a Business Context
T.C. McCuaig and J.M.A. Hronsky Keynote    

Managing success - Strategies for keeping the leadership edge: Exploration Targeting
T.C. McCuaig Invited


Tectonic modes and atmospheric Argon on Venus and Earth
T. Höink, C. O’Neill and A. Lenardic 



From mantle instabilities to fault scarps: structural controls on geothermal systems in the Menderes Massif, western Turkey
K. Gessner and V. Markwitz 

Characterization of fault damage zones in the North Perth Basin
H. Olierook, N.E. Timms, P.J. Hamilton and S.M. Reddy



Paleogeography of the Early Earth and paleomagnetic data
S.A. Pisarevsky

Neoproterozoic paleogeography: paleomagnetic perspective
S.A. Pisarevsky  Invited

Neoproterozoic sedimentation and orogenesis in NE Laurentia
P. Cawood, R. Strachan and S.A. Pisarevsky

Analysis of single Precambrian oil-bearing fluid inclusions as a way of constraining evolution of eukaryotes
S. Siljeström, J. Lausmaa, H. Volk, S.C. George, P. Sjövall, A. Dutkiewicz and T. Hode

A 3D multi-observable probabilistic inversion method for the compositional and thermal structure of the lithosphere and sublithospheric upper mantle
J.C. Afonso, Y. Yang, J. Fullea, S. Lebedev and S. Zlotnik

The lithosphere-sublithospheric upper mantle system beneath the Atlantic-Mediterranean Transition Region: advances and limitations from recent multidisciplinary approaches
J.C. Afonso, J. Fullea, M. Fernández, J. Vergés and H. Zeyen Invited

Decoupled crust-mantle accommodation of Africa-Eurasia convergence in the NW-Moroccan margin
M. Fernàndez, I. Jiménez-Munt, J. Vergés, D. Garcia-Castellanos, J. Fullea, M. Pérez-Gussinyé and J.C. Afonso

Imaging the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary of southern Africa integrating elevation, surface heat flow, magnetotelluric and petrological data
J. Fullea, M. Muller, A. Jones, J.C. Afonso and S. Zlotnik

Alteration mechanism of chromite in podiform chromitites from two metamorphosed ophiolitic complexes: Golyamo Kamenyane (Bulgaria) and Tapo (Peru)
F. Gervilla, I. Fanlo, T. Kerestedjian, R.Castroviejo, J.M. González-Jiménez, J.A. Padron and J.F. Feliciano-Rodriques Keynote  

 Lu-Hf evolution patterns and implications for palaeotectonic settings
C. Kirkland, S. Daly, S. Johnson and E. Belousova

Geophysical-petrological modelling of the lithosphere beneath the Cantabrian Mountains and North-Iberian margin: mantle wedge hydration triggered by eclogitization reactions?
D. Pedreira, J.A. Pulgar and J.C. Afonso



Unravelling the first 500 million years of Earth history
S.A. Wilde Invited



Stylolites; Their origin and impact on reservoir quality
J. Hamilton, S. Reddy, H. Olierook and N. Timms



Fluids in diamonds: samples from the deep lithosphere
W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly Invited

Tracking Earth’s plumbing system in time and space: an interdisciplinary strategy towards understanding Earth’s evolution
S.Y. O’Reilly Invited

The effect of D” and post-perovskite on the dynamics of plumes
C. O’Neill and T. Jones Invited

Evaluating the validity of 2D experiments: New insights from 3D XRD analysis during in situ heating of rocksalt
S. Piazolo, V. Borthwick and S. Schmidt

Direct evidence for the nature and timing of sub-arc mantle metasomatism
S. Turner, J. Caulfield, M. Turner, P. van Keken, R. Maury, M. Sandiford and G. Prouteau Invited


Paleomagnetic constraints for the building blocks of Nuna
S.A. Pisarevsky, D.P. Gladkochub and T.V. Donskaya

Deep and ancient lithosphere rules supreme: a 3.6 Ga story of persistence, transformation, dispersal and re-assembly
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, M. Zhang, N.J. Pearson, J. Zheng, X. Xu, J. Yu and J.-H. Yang Keynote  

Coupling, decoupling and metasomatism: Crust-mantle relationships beneath NW Spitsbergen
W.L. Griffin, N. Nikolic, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson Invited

Tracking cratonic mantle evolution using highly siderophile elements in mantle sulfides
M. Zhang, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, K.-L. Wang and J. Hronsky

Making, keeping and potentially losing cratonic lithosphere
A. Lenardic, C.M. Cooper, C.J. O’Neill, L. Moresi, C. Sandu, C.T. Lee and A. Levander

Continental accretion and reworking beneath the North China Craton: Evidence from deep-seated xenoliths
J. Zheng, W.L. Griffin, C. Yu, S.Y. O’Reilly, H. Tang, Q. Ma, Q. Xiong and M. Zhang Invited

SCLM of the Siberian Craton and subduction
Z.V. Spetsius, L.A. Taylor, W.L. Griffin and O.V. Tarskhix

Phanerozoic crustal growth: Sorting out facts from fiction
S.A. Wilde Keynote  



Multiple sulphur isotopes in magmatic systems 
M.L. Fiorentini Invited

Mineral system deposition and timing: Constraints from quantitative microanalysis
S. Reddy Keynote  



Integrating in-situ experiments with numerical simulations
S. Piazolo Invited



Reassessment of isobaric and molecular interferences in LA-MC-ICP-MS Hf isotope analysis
J.L. Payne, N.J. Pearson, K. Grant, M. Hand and G.P. Halverson

Microstructural control on pentlandite exsolutions from monosulphide solid solution in komatiite hosted Ni sulphides from the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Z. Vukmanovic, S.J. Barnes, S.M. Reddy and M.L. Fiorentini



Compositional variations in the mantle, and their velocity and density effects
D. Schutt, J.C. Afonso and C. Lesher



U-Pb ages and Hf systematic of Detrital zircon from quartzite of Mesoproterozoic Gulliksenfjellet Formation (SW-Svalbard)
N. Kuznetsov, J. Majka, A. Ladenberger, L. Natapov and E. Belousova



The high-pressure pseudobasement of the Northern Caucasus Fore Range
M.L. Somin, A.N. Konilov, L.M. Natapov, E.A. Belousova, V.A. Kamzolkin and K.A. Dokukina



New biomarker results from the 2.7 Ga Tumbiana Formation, Pilbara region
S.C. George, J. M. Coffey and M.R Walter

Contingent events leading to an oxygenated environment
M.J. van Kranendonk Keynote  



Precambrian supercontinents and paleomagnetic data, or how “super” are supercontinents?
S.A. Pisarevsky Invited

Unravelling the driving forces behind recent changes in the eruptive behaviour of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
R. Gertisser, J. Barclay, K. Berlo, H. Handley, R. Herd, K. Preece and M. Reagan

Relationship between mantle events and crustal magmatism in northeast Australia: evidence from in situ sulfide and zircon isotope data
V. Murgulov, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Growth and Recrystallization of Diamond in the Upper Mantle
E. Rubanova, S. Piazolo, W. Griffin and S. O’Reilly

3D isotropic and anisotropic structures of crust and uppermost mantle in Tibet and surrounding regions from ambient noise tomography
Y. Yang, Y. Zheng and M. Ritzwoller

The structure of the crust and uppermost mantle beneath the western US revealed by ambient noise and earthquake tomography
Y. Yang, W. Shen and M. Ritzwoller



Timing of opening and subduction of the paleo-Tethys at Jinshajiang (SW China): perspectives from zircon U-Pb and Hf-O systematics of ophiolitic plagiogranites
J.W. Zi, P.A. Cawood, W.M. Fan, E. Tohver and T.C. McCuaig



Recycled meta-igneous crustal sources for S- and I-type Variscan granitoids from the Spanish Central System batholith: constraints from Hf isotope zircon composition
C. Villaseca, D. Orejana and E.A. Belousova



New biomarker results from the 2.7 Ga Tumbiana Formation, Pilbara region
S.C. George, J. M. Coffey and M.R Walter



The evolution of prograde-type orogenic peridotites from Liverpool Land, a HP terrane in the eastern Greenland Caledonides
R. Bubbico, H.K. Brueckner, E.H. Hartz, S.M. Johnston and W.L. Griffin

Decompression melting of composite mafic-felsic crust (Archean Belomorian eclogite province, Gridino area, Russia)
K. Dokukina, A. Konilov, L. Natapov and E. Belousova

Metasomatic hide and seek: The origins of Roberts Victor eclogites
W.L. Griffin, J. Huang, Y. GréauS.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

High-pressure (eclogite facies) complex of the Northern Caucasus
A. Konilov, M. Somin, L. NatapovE. Belousova, A. Kröner, V. Kamzolkin, K. Dokukina and A. Mukhanova



Involvement of heterogeneous crustal sources in the generation of granitoid rocks in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Evidence from zircon ages and Hf isotopes
A. Kröner, E. Belousova, R. Seltmann, J. Wong, E. Hegner, K. Cai, R. Armstrong, A. Dolgopolova, M. Sun and D. Liu



Hadean greenstones and the origin of the Earth’s early continental crust
J. Adam, T. Rushmer, J. O’Neil and D. Francis

The first multiple sulfur isotope evidence for a 2.9 Ga Mesoarchean sulfate reservoir
M. Barley, S.E. Golding, G.J. Heggie and M.L. Fiorentini

Chalcophile elements in magmas and magmatic sulfide deposits: Can we see the mantle signals?
S.J. Barnes, M.L. Fiorentini and W.D. Maier

Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope systematics of the Oyu Tolgoi Cu-Au deposit (Mongolia)
A. Dolgopolova, R. Seltmann, R. Armstrong, E. Belousova and R. Pankhurst 

Evidence of water degassing in Archean komatiites
M.L. Fiorentini, S.W. Beresford, W.E. Stone and E. Deloule

Plume-ridge interaction: constraints on melting dynamics from the Azores and Iceland
F.S. Genske, C. Beier, S.P. Turner, K.M. Haase and B.F. Schaefer

Geodynamic implications of >1 Ga Re-Os model ages in PGM from the Dobromirtsi Ultramafic Massif, Central Rhodope, Bulgaria
J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, F. Gervilla, T. Kerestedjian, S.Y O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Deciphering mafic and felsic lunar magmatic events: Insight from zircon
M.L. Grange, A.A. Nemchin, N. Timms, R.T. Pidgeon and C. Meyer

Ore deposits and the SCLM
W.L Griffin, G. Begg, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson Keynote  

Insights into the Galápagos plume from Uranium-series isotopes of recently erupted basalts
H.K. Handley, K. Berlo, C. Beier, S. Turner and A.E. Sy

Mixed-habit diamonds: Evidence of a specific mantle fluid chemistry?
D. Howel, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’ReillyC. O’Neill, N. Pearson, S. Piazolo, T. Stachel, R. Stern and L. Nasdala

Fluid microinclusions in octahedral diamonds
I. Kiflawi, Y. Weiss, W.L. Griffin and O. Navon

Late metasomatic addition of garnet to the SCLM: Os-isotope evidence
V.G. Malkovets, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson, D.I. Rezvukhin, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.P. Pokhilenko, V.K. Garanin, Z.V. Spetsius and K.D. Litasov

Monogenetic, but not monotonous: basaltic eruptions in the Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand
L.E. McGee, I.E.M. Smith, M.-A. Millet, C. Beier, J.M. Lindsay and H.K. Handley

Long-distance transport of north Gondwana Cambro-Ordovician sandstones: Evidence from detrital zircon Hf isotopic composition
N. Morag, D. Avigad, A. Gerdes, E. Belousova and Y. Harlavan

U-Series disequilibrium in groundwater as a vector for U mineralisation
M.J. Murphy, A. Dosseto, S.P. Turner and B.F. Schaefer

“Table” vs “Bench”: trace elements in fibrous diamonds
O. Navon, W. L. Griffin and Y. Weiss

The punctuated evolution of the Earth: Geodynamic constraints and model predictions.
C. O’Neill, A. Lenardic and K. Condie

Coupling, decoupling and metasomatism: a saga of crust-mantle relationships beneath NW Spitsbergen (Arctic Norway)
S.Y. O’Reilly, N. Nikolic, W.L Griffin and N.J. Pearson

Matrix effects and Hf isotope analysis of zircon by laser ablation MC-ICP-MS
N.J. Pearson, J.L. Payne and K.J. Grant

The legacy of plastic deformation and pre-existing microstructures during olivine serpentinization
O. Plümper, H. Austrheim, S. Piazolo and H. Jung 

A complex network analysis of growth and mixing dynamics in natural metal-silicate systems
T. Rushmer, A. Tordesillas and D.M. Walker

Gold mobility in the mantle: Constraints from sulfides in pyroxenites and lherzolites
J.E.J. Saunders, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

A new Br isotope analytical protocol: constraints on the global Br cycle
B.F. Schaefer 

Deep crust of the Siberian craton: evidence from xenoliths
V.S. Shatsky, V.G. Malkovets, L. Buzlukova, W.L. Griffin, E.A. Belousova and S.Y. O’Reilly

3 Ga onset of the supercontinent cycle: SCLM and crustal evidence
S.B. Shirey, S.H. Richardson and M.J. van Kranendonk

Zircon from kimberlites of the Nyurbinskaya pipe as indicator of kimberlite emplacement and Lithosphere evolution
Z.V. Spetsius, E.A. BelousovaW.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and A.S. Ivanov

Evolution of andesite magma systems; Egmont Volcano, New Zealand
R.B. Stewart, A.V Zernack, M.B. Turner, R.C. Price, I.E.M. Smith and S.J. Cronin

Direct evidence for the nature and timing of sub-arc mantle metasomatism
S. Turner, J. Caulfield, M. Turner, P. Van Keken, R. Maury, M. Sandiford and G. Proteau Invited

Geology, age and origin of the oldest terrestrial rocks and minerals
M.J. van Kranendonk Keynote  

Freeze-fry cycles in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group of Western Australia
M.J. van Kranendonk, A. Lepland and K.E. Yamaguchi 

Origin of isotopically heavy Fe in pyrite from 2.75 Ga Wilgie Mia BIF, Western Australia 
M.J. van Kranendonk and M.J. Whitehouse

Os isotopes in sulfides from xenoliths of the Campos de Calatrava Volcanic Field, Central Spain
C. Villaseca, J.M González-JiménezW.L. Griffin, E. Ancochea, F. Gervilla, S.Y O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson and E. Belousova

Primordial ages of lithospheric mantle vs ancient relicts in the asthenospheric mantle: in situ Os perspective
K.-L. Wang, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson, V. Kovach and V. Yarmolyuk 

High-Mg carbonatitic HDFs, kimberlites and the SCLM
Y. Weiss, W.L. Griffin, D.R. Bell and O. Navon 

Transitional oxygenation recorded in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
K.H. Williford, M.J. van Kranendonk, T. Ushikubo, R. Kozdon and J.W. Valley

Formation of the oldest rocks in the Cathaysia Block, Southern China
J.-H. Yu, S.Y. O’Reilly, L. Wang and W.L. Griffin

Water contents in the Cenozoic subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath the Cathaysia block, SE China
Y. Yu, X.S. Xu, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly 

Evidence for evolution of growth media in superdeep diamonds from Sao-Luis (Brasil)
D.A. Zedgenizov, A.L. Ragozin, V.S. Shatsky, H. Kagi, S. Odake, W.L. Griffin D. Araujo and O.P. Yuryeva



3D mineral map of Australia
T. Cudahy, M. Caccetta, J. Chia, R. Fraser, K. Gessner, M. Haest, I. Lau, C. Laukamp, C. Ong and A. Rodger



Compaction related microstructure in chromitites from the Merensky Reef, Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Z. Vukmanovic, S.M. Reddy, S.J. Barnes, B. Godel and M.L. Fiorentini



Hf isotopes in zircons from the CAOB: Crustal evolution history and tectonic significance
E. Belousova, R. Seltmann, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly Invited

Tectonic evolution of the CAOB in NE China
S.A. Wilde and J.-B. Zhou Invited



Is the Menderes Massif in Turkey one big Neogene shear zone?
K. Gessner, V. Markwitz, L.A. Gallardo and U. Ring



High temperature deformation in magmatic chromites from the Merensky Reef (Bushveld Complex, South Africa)
Z. Vukmanovic, S.J. Barnes, S.M. Reddy, B. Godel and M.L. Fiorentini

3D structural model of Southwest Turkey reveals lithosphere-scale control on hydrothermal fluid flow
K. Gessner, L.A. Gallardo and L.A. Markwitz

Mapping the intra-cratonic framework of an Archean Craton: implications for camp-scale mineralization
D.R. Mole, M.L. Fiorentini, N. Thebaud, T.C. McCuaig, K.F. Cassidy, C.L. Kirkland, M.T.D. Wingate, S.S. Romano, M.P. Doublier, E.A. Belousova and S. Barnes

Komatiite volcanism: Lithospheric controls on the Earth’s hottest melts and implications for associated Ni-Cu-PGE deposits
D.R. Mole, M.L. Fiorentini, N. Thebaud, T.C. McCuaig, K.F. Cassidy, C.L. Kirkland, M.T.D. Wingate, S.S. Romano, M.P. Doublier, E.A. Belousova and S. Barnes



Discriminación de cromititas ofiolíticas a partir de elementos menores y trazas: un estudio mediante LA-ICPMS
J. A. Proenza, M. Escayola, J.M. González-Jiménez and S. Jackson

Re-Os isotope evidences of multiple melting event in the Ojén Ultramafic Massif
J.M. González-Jiménez, R. Gutiérrez-Narbona, W.L. Griffin, F. Gervilla, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson and J.P. Lorand



Chemistry at the sub-µm scale with NanoSIMS 
M. Kilburn Invited



A >1300 km-long Late Pan-African Khondalite Belt along the southern margin of the CAOB
S.A. Wilde and J.-B. Zhou Invited



A chronostratigraphic division of the Precambrian: possibilities and challenges
M.J. van Kranendonk Invited



Siberia and Baltica in Nuna and Rodinia
S.A. Pisarevsky, D.P. Gladkochub and T.V. Donskaya

A Precambrian continental margin arc in the southern Thomson Orogen, eastern Australia: implications for the evolution of Gondwana 
R.A. Glen, A. Saeed, E. Belousova and W.L. Griffin



Identification of optimal conditions for komatiite-hosted nickel sulfide formation: non-mass dependent S isotopes from various reservoirs of the north Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia
C. Isaac, M. Barley, M.L. Fiorentini and S. Golding

New types of porphyry Cu (Au-Mo) mineral systems of Eastern Tibetan Plateau in western Yunnan: compositional characteristics, sources, and exploration implications for continental collision metallogeny
Y.J. Lu, C.T. McCuaig, R. Kerrich, C.J.R. Hart, P.A. Cawood, A.I.S. Kemp, Z.X. Li and Z.Q. Hou

Origin of Ferrian Chromite in metamorphosed podiform chromitites: a two-stage process
F. Gervilla, I. Fanlo, T. Kerestedjian, R. Castroviejo, J.A. Padrón, J.F. Rodrigues and J.M. González-Jiménez

Chromite deposits at Loma Baya: petrogenesis and clues for the origin of the coastal Guerrero Composite Terrane in Mexico
J.M. González-Jiménez, J.A. Proenza, A. Camprubí, E. Centeno-García, E. González-Partida, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Re-Os systematics in chromite deposits from the Bulgarian Rhodopes: preliminary results
J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, T. Kerestedjian, F. Gervilla, S. Y. O'Reilly, J.A. Proenza and N.J. Pearson 

Lithospheric controls on mineral systems
D. Mole, M. Fiorentini, N. Thebaud, C. McCuaig, K. Cassidy, C. Kirkland, S. Romano, M. Doublier, E. Belousova and S. Barnes

4D imaging of an Archean craton: Implications for the localisation of komatiite-hosted nickel camps
D. Mole, M. Fiorentini, N. Thebaud, C. McCuaig, K. Cassidy, C. Kirkland, S. Romano, M. Doublier, E. Belousova and S. Barnes

New types of porphyry Cu (Au-Mo) mineral systems of Eastern Tibetan Plateau in western Yunnan: compositional characteristics, sources, and exploration implications for continental collision metallogeny
Y.-J. Lu, T. C. McCuaig, R. Kerrich, C.J.R. Hart, P. Cawood, A.I.S. Kemp, Z.-X Li and Z.-Q. Hou 



Constraining weathering processes on Venus from particle size distributions and Magellan Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

E. Schinella and C. O’Neill



Two contrasting Phanerozoic orogenic systems on Earth revealed by Hf isotope data from zircon
W.J. Collins, E.A. Belousova, A.I.S. Kemp and J.B. Murphy 

Tectonic controls on magmatic-hydrothermal gold mineralization in the magmatic arcs of SE Asia and the SW Pacific
M. Barley



Romance in Geology: The marriage and breakup of continents
M.J. van Kranendonk Invited



Hafnium isotope results from Wadi Allaqi, Egypt
K. Ali, S.A. Wilde and R.J. Stern



Strain heterogeneities and recrystallization in polycrystalline materials: Characterization and Interpretation 
S. Piazolo Invited



Application of U-series isotopes in understanding sandstone-hosted uranium mineralisation in the Frome Embayment, South Australia
M.J. Murphy, A. Dosseto, B.F. Schaefer, S.P. Turner and N.J. Pearson



The distribution of intraplate volcanism and controls on the generation of intraplate magmatism
J. Adam, T.A. Rushmer and I.E. Smith 

Ubiquitous old depleted mantle in the Oceanic mantle 
O. Alard Invited

3D multi-observable probabilistic inversion for the compositional and thermal structure of the lithosphere and sublithospheric upper mantle
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