The CoE will builds on a world-class infrastructure base, and multiplies the capabilities of three internationally recognised centres of research excellence: Macquarie University (lead institution), Curtin University and the University of Western Australia. The Geological Survey of Western Australia is a Partner Institution. Five overseas nodes led by Partner Investigators in France, China, Canada, Germany and the USA  contribute resources and provide access to a wide variety of expertise and instrumental capabilities.

Administering Organisation:

Macquarie University

Collaborating Organisations:

University of Western Australia
Curtin University

Australian Partner:

Geological Survey of Western Australia

International Partners:

Bayreuth University, Germany     
CNRS, University of Montpellier, France
Geochemical Inst., Inst. Geol. & Geophys.,Chinese 
   Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
University of Maryland, USA
University of Saskatchewan, Canada


Chief Investigators
Professor Suzanne Y. O’Reilly - Director (MQ)
Professor Campbell McCuaig - Node Director (UWA)
Professor Simon Wilde - Node Director (Curtin) 
Dr Elena Belousova  (Macquarie)
Associate Professor Simon Clark (MQ/ANSTO)
Professor Marco Fiorentini (UWA)
Professor Stephen Foley - Research Coordinator (MQ)
Professor William L. Griffin (MQ)
Dr Matthew Kilburn   (CMCA UWA)
Professor Zheng-Xiang Li (Curtin)
Associate Professor Alexander Nemchin   (Curtin)
Associate Professor Craig O’Neill   (Macquarie)
Associate Professor Norman Pearson  (Macquarie)
Professor Martin Van Kranendonk  (University of NSW)
Associate Professor Yingjie Yang   (Macquarie)


Partner Investigators
Dr Ian Tyler - CCFS Leader GSWA
Professor Michael Brown  (University of Maryland, USA)
Dr Klaus Gessner  (Geological Survey of Western Australia)
Professor David Mainprice  (Université de Montpellier, France)
Professor Catherine McCammon  (Bayreuth University, Germany)
Professor Fuyuan Wu  (Chinese Academy of Science, China)


Associate Investigators
Associate Professor Juan Carlos Afonso  (Macquarie)
Dr Olivier Alard  (MQ)
Dr Christopher Clark   (Curtin)
Associate Professor Nathan Daczko   (Macquarie)
Professor Simon George   (Macquarie)
Dr Richard Glen   (NSW Geological Survey)
Dr Masahiko Honda  (Australian National University)
Professor Dorrit Jacob  (Macquarie)
Associate Professor Christopher Kirkland  (GSWA)
Professor Jochen Kolb (GEUS, Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland, Denmark)
Dr Louis-Noel Moresi   (Melbourne University)
Associate Professor Sandra Piazolo  (Macquarie)
Professor Steven Reddy   (Curtin)
Associate Professor Tracy Rushmer   (Macquarie)
Dr Bruce Schaefer   (Macquarie)
Professor Paul Smith  (Macquarie)
Professor Simon Turner  (Macquarie)

Dr Michael Wingate (Geological Survey of Western Australia)

Professor Shijie Zhong  (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)


Other Researchers and Research Associates
Dr John Adam  (Macquarie)
Dr George Amalele  (Macquarie)
Dr Grant Cox   (Curtin)
Associate Professor Kelsie Dadd - (until July 2016)   (Macquarie)
Professor Ian Fitzsimons   (Curtin)
Dr Richard Flood   (Macquarie)
Dr Andrea Giuliani  (Macquarie)
Dr Weronika Gorczyk   (UWA)
Dr Marion Grange   (Curtin)
Dr Yoann Gréau   (Macquarie)
Dr Zhen Guo  (Macquarie)
Dr Heather Handley   (Macquarie)
Dr Jin-Xiang Huang   (Macquarie)
Dr Heejin Jeon  (CMCA, UWA)
Dr Mary-Alix Kaczmarek   (Curtin)
Dr Monika Kusiak   (Curtin)
Dr Mark Lackie  (Macquarie)
Dr Crystal LaFlamme  (UWA)
Dr Robert Loucks  (UWA)
Dr Yongjun Lu  (UWA)
Dr Laure Martin  (UWA)
Dr David Mole   (CSIRO)
Dr Lev Natapov   (Macquarie)
Adjunct Professor Robert Pidgeon   (Curtin)
Dr Sergei Pisarevsky   (Curtin, UWA)
Professor Andrew Putnis   (CU)
Professor David Sampson   (CET, UWA)
Dr Hadi Shafaii Moghadam   (Macquarie)
Dr Bin Shan   (Macquarie)
Dr Nicholas Thébaud   (UWA)
Dr David Wacey   (UWA)
Dr Weihua Yao   (CU)
Dr Huaiyu Yuan   (Macquarie)
Dr Xuan-Ce Wang   (CU)
Dr Qing Xiong   (Macquarie)
Dr Nan Zhang   (CU)
Dr Siqi Zhang   (MQ)


Administrative Staff
Ms Magdalene Wong-Borgefjord, Chief Operating Officer   (Macquarie)
Ms Sally-Ann Hodgekiss, Reporting and Communications Manager  (Macquarie)
Ms Summer(Qiongjie) Luo, Finance and Administrative Officer   (Macquarie)
Ms Anna Wan, Centre Administrative Officer  (Macquarie)
Ms Keng Chai Ng, Finance Office   (CET, UWA)
Ms Alexandra Woodman, Manager Strategy & Operations   (CET, UWA)
Mr Sean Webb, Centre Manager   (CMCA, UWA)
Ms Hava Zhang, Administrative Officer   (CMCA, UWA)
Mr Yacoob Padia, Business Manager  (TIGeR, Curtin)


Professional Staff
Ms Manal Bebbington   (Macquarie)
Mr Steven Craven   (Macquarie)
Ms Rosa Didonna  (Macquarie)
Ms Sarah Gain  (Macquarie)
Dr Oliver Gaul   (Macquarie)
Mr Farshad Salajegheh (Macquarie)
Mr Peter Wieland   (Macquarie)


Adjunct Professors

Dr Steve Beresford

Professor Jean-Pierre Burg

Dr Mike Etheridge

Professor Jim Everett

Dr Richard Glen

Dr Richard Goldfard

Dr Jingfeng Guo

Dr Zengqian Hou

Dr Jon Hronsky

Professor Alan Jones

Dr Louisa Lawrance

Dr David Leach

Professor Daniel Packey

Dr Franco Pirajno

Mr Richard Schodde

Professor Allan Trench

Dr John Vann

Dr Peter Williams

Professor Xisheng Xu



Honorary Associates

Dr Mehmet Akbulut

Professor Tom Andersen

Dr Debora Araujo

Dr Jaques Batumike Mwandulo

Dr Graham Begg

Dr Christoph Beier

Dr Phillip L. Blevin

Professor Hannes Brueckner

Mr Robert Bultitude

Dr Mei-Fe Chu

Dr Beverly Coldwell

Professor Massimo Coltorti

Professor Kent Condie<

Professor Jean-Yves Cottin

Dr Cara Donnelly

Professor Manel Fernandez

Dr José María Gonzaléz-Jiménez

Dr Michel Grégoire

Dr Bin Guo

Dr Jeff Harris

Dr Daniel Howell

Dr Bram Janse

Dr Felix Kaminsky

Dr Hans-Rudolf Kuhn

Ms Qian Liu

Mr Qingyong Luo

Dr Victor Makhlin

Dr Kreshimir Malitch

Dr Vlad Malkovets

Dr Claudio Marchesi

Dr Bertrand Moine

Dr Ria Mukherjee

Dr Oded Navon

Dr Ryan Portner

Dr Yvette Poudjom Djomani

Dr Peter Robinson

Dr Giovanna Sapienza

Dr Simon Shee

Professor Thomas Stachel

Mr Huayun Tang

Ms Nancy van Wagoner

Dr Kuo-Lung Wang

Professor Xiang Wang

Dr Xiao-Lei Wang

Dr Jin-Hui Yang

Dr Chunmei Yu

Professor Jin-Hai Yu

Dr Ming Zhang

Professor Jianping Zheng

Associate Professor Yong Zheng