CCFS honours students


The following honours projects in CCFS were completed in 2011


Cameron Adams: Gravity modelling of the Thomson Orogen, northwest New South Wales

Amanda Bernasconi: The subcontinental lithospheric mantle of easternmost Zealandia: A mantle xenolith study of the Chatham Islands

Patrick Carr: Geochemical characterisation of the volcanics surrounding Prominent Hill, South Australia: implications for the geodynamic setting of the northeastern Gawler Craton

Emma Chisholm: Age and geochemistry of the volcanic and plutonic rocks in the Yerranderie area 

Nick Tefay: Petrographic characterisation and zircon geochronology of the Cobungra Granite and Low-P high-T Omeo metamorphic complex, Lachlan Fold Belt


Jed Bridges: (1st class Hons) Structural and microstructural characterisation of high pressure serpentinite and implications for subduction zone seismic anisotropy (Piemonte Zone, NW Italian Alps)