CCFS postgraduates


CCFS POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS include those already in progress before 2011 with projects relevant to CCFS Research Themes, as well as those who commenced in 2011.


 Six papers by CCFS postgraduates were published in high-profile international journals in 2011, including Precambrian Research, Lithos and Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta, and eleven presentations were made at international conferences. Yongjun Lu was awarded the Best Student Presentation Award at the 2011 11th SGA Biennial meeting held in Antofagasta, Chile.

Vanuatu fieldwork May 2011 - PhD research for Clement Gaildry and Chris Firth. People from left: Shane Cronin (Massey University, NZ), Douglas Charlie (local geologist), Michael Turner, Heather Handley, Chris Firth, Clement Gaildry standing on the ash plain in front of Yasur volcano (one of the most active volcanoes in the world).


Soumaya Abbassi (PhD): Mass balance of generation and escape of methane on the North West Shelf of Australia in the Tertiary; MQRES (commenced 2010)

Raul Brens (PhD): Origin of silicic magmas in a primitive island arc; (commenced 2011)

David Child (PhD): Characterisation of Actinide particles in the environment for nuclear safeguards using mass spectrometric techniques; (commenced part time 2007) 

David Clark (PhD): Contributions to integrated magnetics - applications to the Earth Sciences; (commenced 2006)

Cara Danis (PhD): Geothermal state of the Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin system; APA, ARC DP (commenced 2008, Submitted Oct 2011)


Tracy Rushmer and Cara Danis at the MQ Faculty of Science Research day. 


Eileen Dunkley (PhD): Hf isotopic behaviour in turbidites, migmatites and granites at Mount Stafford, Central Australia; MQRES (commenced 2010)

Chris Firth (PhD): Integrating the volcanological and magmatic record of a young Arc volcano: Yasur Vanuatu; APA (commenced 2011)

Fiona Foley (PhD): Magmatic consequences of subduction initiation and its role in continental crust formation; iMQRES (commenced 2009)

Clement Gaildry (PhD): Island arc processes as seen through Vanuatu volcanism and geochemistry; iMQRES (commenced 2011)

Felix Genske (PhD): Assessing the heterogeneous source of the Azores mantle plume; iMQRES (commenced 2009) 

Christopher Grose (PhD): Geodynamics of the oceanic lithosphere; iMQRES (commenced 2011)

Yosuke Hoshino (PhD): Demonstrating the syngeneity and interpreting the palaeobiology of hydrocarbon biomarkers in the Fortescue Group (2.7 Ga); ARC DP (commenced 2011)

Jin-Xiang Huang (PhD): Origin of eclogite and pyroxenite xenoliths in kimberlites and basalts; China Government Scholarship and cotutelle with China University of Geosciences, Beijing (commenced 2008 Submitted 2011)

Pablo Lara (PhD): Late Neoproterozoic granitoid magmatism of the Southernmost section of the Don Feliciano Belt in Uruguay: Regional geology, geochemistry, geochronology and its significance for the geotectonic evolution of the region (commenced 2011)

Rosanna Murphy (PhD): Stabilising a craton: origin and emplacement of the 3.1 Ga Mpuluzi batholith (Swaziland/RSA); MQRES (commenced 2011)

Matt Pankhurst (PhD): Geodynamic significance of shoshonitic magmatism within the Andean Altiplano; MQRES (commenced 2009)Rajat

Ekaterina Rubanova (PhD): Fluid processes in the deep mantle: Geochemical studies of diamonds and related minerals; iMQRES (commenced 2010) see Research Highlight

Edward Saunders (PhD): Gold distribution and mobility within the mantle and its significance to mineralised provinces; APA (commenced 2010)

Elyse Schinella (PhD): Landform evolution on Venus; APA (commenced 2010)

Rajat Taneja with his poster at the MQ Faculty of Science Research day.

Rajat Taneja (PhD): Geodynamic evolution of the NE Indian Ocean; iMQRES (commenced 2010)

Jennifer van Holst (PhD): Understanding microbial gasification of coal: A study of the stable isotope composition of microbial gas generation (commenced 2010)

Yao Yu (PhD): The evolution and tectonic dynamics of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle, SE China; China Science Council Scholarship and cotutelle with Nanjing University (commenced 2010) see Research Highlight

Qing Xiong (PhD): Shenglikou and Zedang peridotite massifs, Tibet: Upper mantle processes and geodynamic significance; China Science Council Scholarship and cotutelle with China University of Geosciences, Wuhan (commenced 2010)Yao

Yao You at the MQ Faculty of Science Research day.




Nicole McGowan and Yuya Yao 



Carissa Isaac (PhD): 4D architecture of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane in the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia, in order to constrain the role of the lithospheric structure at 2.7 Ga in the localisation of nickel mineral systems; ARC Linkage (commenced 2009)

Margaux LeVaillant (PhD): Hydrothermal footprints of magmatic nickel sulfide deposits; MERIWA (commenced 2011)


PM Julia Gillard meets student Yongjun Lu at UWA’s Edward de Courcy Clarke Earth Science Museum prior to announcing the International Mining For Development Centre (IM4DC).(photograph courtesy of UWA)


Yongjun Lu (PhD):
Tectonic setting, magmatic evolution, and metallogeny of Paleogene potassic instrusions in western Yunnan, southeastern Tibetan Plateau; UWA IPRS (commenced 2008, submitted 2011) see Research Highlight

David Mole (PhD): Quantifying melt-lithosphere interaction in space and time: understanding nickel mineral systems in the Archaean Yilgran craton; UWA Scholarships for International Research Fees, ARC Linkage (commenced 2008) 

Luis Parra (PhD): 4D evolution of felsic magmatic suites and lithospheric architecture of the Paleoproterozoic Birimian terranes, West Africa; UWA SIRF UIS, Ad Hoc Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship, ARC Linkage (commenced 2011) 

Christian Schindler (PhD): Petrogenesis of intrusive rocks in the Telfer region, Patterson orogen, Western Australia: implications for gold mineralisation; UWA Scholarships for International Research Fees, Industry Funding (commenced 2010) 

Qingtao Zeng (PhD): Geology, geochronology and genesis of gold deposits in the West Qinling Orogenic Belt, central China; UWA Scholarship for International Research Fees China, Peking University, China Science Council (commenced 2008) see Research Highlight

Jianwei Zi (PhD): Indosinian tectono-magnetic evolution of the Yidun Arc in the Sanjiang Region, Southwestern China; UWA Scholarship for International Research Fees China, Top-up Scholarship for China Science Council (commenced 2008)


Huiqing Huang (PhD): The petrogenesis of Jurassic granitic rocks in the Western Nanling Ranges of South China and Tectonic Implications; A joint Curtin-CAS PhD under a Curtin University Scholarship (commenced 2009) 

Yingchao Liu (PhD): Recognising Gold Mineralisation Zones using GIS-Based modelling of multiple ground and airborne datasets; Curtin University Scholarship (APRA) (commenced 2010) 

Liping Liu (PhD): Timing and kinematics of Mesozoic-Cenozoic mountain building and cratonic thinning in eastern North China: a combined structural and thermochronological study; China Science Council and Curtin University joint Scholarship (commenced 2010) 

Jiawen Niu (PhD): Neoproterozoic paleomagnetism of South China and implications for global geodynamics; Curtin University, ARC DP scholarship (commenced 2008) 

Chongjin Pang (PhD): Basin record of Mesozoic tectonic events in South China; China Science Council and Curtin University joint Scholarship (commenced 2010) 

Ni Tao (PhD): Thermochronological record of vertical tectonic movements in Mesozoic-Cenozoic South China; Curtin University, ARC DP scholarship (commenced 2011) 

Weihua Yao (PhD): Lower Palaeozoic basin record in Southern South China: Nature of the Cathaysia basement and evolution of the Wuyi-Yunkai Orogeny; China Science Council and Curtin University joint Scholarship (commenced 2010) 

Kongyang Zhu (PhD): Petrogenesis and tectonic setting of Phanerozoic granitic rocks in eastern South China; China Science Council and Curtin University joint Scholarship (commenced 2010) 


CCFS PhD students (Liping Liu, Yingchao Liu, Chongjin Pang and Weihua Yao) and Zheng-Xiang Li joined a five-day GSWA field workshop to the Albany-Fraser Belt in September 2011. This was the first time these students had ventured into the bush in Australia. During the workshop they interacted with staff from GSWA – a CCFS partner organisation, and geologists from a wide range of institutions (including many industry representatives). They all enjoyed it so much that they did not want to come back to campus after the trip.CurtinPhD1CurtinPhD3