The following honours projects in CCFS were completed in 2012:


Mid 2012 Finish 

Madeline Kobler:  Petrographic, geochemical and geochronological characterisation of Batavia Knoll dredge samples, Perth Abyssal Plain: implications for linkage with Eastern Gondwana

Roderick Lawrence:  Gravity modelling of the Late-Permian Dundee Rhyodacitic Ignimbrite, New England Region, NSW

Allyson Jennings:  An experimental investigation of primitive magmas from the Kermadec Arc

Katherine Farrow:  Petrographic and geochronological investigation of S-Type granites from a low-pressure high-temperature regional aureole: Mt Stafford, Central Australia

Emma-Kate Chisholm:  Geochemical and isotopic constraints on timing and nature of Siluro-Devonian magmatism between Wombeyan and Yerranderie

End of 2012 Finish

Ristch Camille:  Constrained 3D magnetic modelling predicting the resource grade of magnetite at Hawsons, Broken Hill, New South Wales

Emma Flannery:  Organic Geochemistry of the Mesoproterozoic Velkerri Formation, McArthur Basin

Samuel Matthews:  Geodynamics of Venusian-type planets

James Smith:  Investigating the complex interactions between deformation, fluids and the rates of reactions in northern Fiordland, New Zealand

Catherine Stuart:  Aqueous liquid advection: A plausible mechanism for heating the shallow crust to form HTLP metamorphic belts?

Alexander Tickle:  Magmatic/hydrothermal evolution of tin in an ore-forming environment: A case study of the Mole Granite using a combined geochemical and geophysical approach


Ryan Dethian:  Smarter look at Fool’s Gold: Microstructural analysis of sulfides from the Mickey Doolan deposit, Meekatharra Western Australia

Curtin honours student Ryan Dethian taking a closer look while attending “A Tectonic History of South China in Nine Days” – CCFS Joint Field Workshop with Chinese Partners, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, staff and students from Zhejiang University, Curtin University and Nanjing University.  During the fieldtrip students held evening discussions, and final seminar presentations on what they learned during the trip. 

University of Western Australia 

Trent Batterham:  Dolerites from the Rosie Nickel Prospect

Graeme Hardwick:  Regolith geochemistry of the Katanning gold discovery

Brendan Lally:  Geological mapping of an area in south-east Greenland