Appendix 6: 2013 Abstract titles






Granulites & Granulites 2013, Hyderabad, India, 16-20 January 2013

The Pan-African granulites of Madagascar and southern India
I.C.W. Fitzsimons, C. Clark, A. Collins and R. Taylor

Generating TTGs in Nuvvuagittuq Fold Belt: implications for the origin of the Earth’s early continental crust
T. Rushmer  Keynote

Implications of Late Archean magmatism and almost coeval high-grade metamorphism in the North China Craton at the Archean/Proterozoic boundary
S.A. Wilde  Keynote

37th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia, 5-8 February 2013

Polyamorphism: Fact or Fiction?
S. Clark  Invited

44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Texas, 18-22 March 2013

What Lunar Zircon Ages Can Tell?
M.L. Grange, A.A. Nemchin, R.T. Pidgeon, R.E. Merle and N.E. Timms

Stratigraphy of the Fra Mauro Formation Defined by U-Pb Zircon Ages of Breccia Samples from Apollo 14 Landing Site
R.E. Merle, A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Grange and M.J. Whitehouse

Constraining the Flux of Impactors Postdating Heavy Bombardment Using U-Pb Ages of Impact Glasses
A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Norman, R.A. Zeigler and M.L. Grange

1950 Ma Annealing of Radiation Damage in a Complex Zircon from an Apollo 15 Breccia
R.T. Pidgeon, M.L. Grange and A.A. Nemchin

Applications of electron backscatter diffraction to lunar and other extraterrestrial samples
N.E. Timms, S.M. Reddy, A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Grange, R.T. Pidgeon, P.A. Bland, G. Benedix, K.A. Dyl, M.-A. Kaczmarek and F. Jourdan

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2013

What lies beneath: Unveiling the fine-scale 3D compositional and thermal structure of the lithosphere and upper mantle
J.C. Afonso  Keynote

Evaluating the extent of microbial mediation in volcanic glass alteration by nanoSIMS: Insights from recent and Archean metabasaltic pillow lavas
N. McLoughlin, E.G. Grosch, D. Wacey, M.R. Kilburn, I.H. Thorseth and R.B. Pedersen

Structure of the New England Orocline (eastern Australia): evidence from magnetic fabrics
T. Mochales, G. Rosenbaum, S.A. Pisarevsky and F. Speranza

U-Pb geochronology and paleomagnetism of the Neoproterozoic St Simeon dolerite dykes, Quebec: an eastern Laurentian perspective of Ediacaran Rodinia breakup
S.A. Pisarevsky, J.B. Murphy, M. Hamilton, U. Söderlund and J. Hodych

Lithospheric mantle heterogeneities within the Tibetan Plateau: Results from a geophysical-petrological approach
L. Tunini, I. Jimenez-Munt, M. Fernandez and J.C. Afonso

The post-collisional stage of the Yenisey Ridge orogeny (Siberia): geological, geochemical, geochronological and paleomagnetic data
V.A. Vernikovsky, A.E. Vernikovskaya, A.Y. Kazansky, N.Y. Matushkin, D.V. Metelkin, I.V. Veyalko, Z.-X. Li, M.T.D. Wingate and S. Wilde


International Workshop in Advanced EBSD Techniques, Wollongong, 3 May 2013

EBSD and Numerical Modelling: Current Status, Challenges and Opportunities
S. Piazolo  Invited


5th International Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth, Sydney, 5-10 May 2013

Numerical modelling of textures and recrystallization microstructures in ice with insights from in-situ deformation experiments
L. Evans, S. Piazolo, A. Giera, M. Peternell and C.J.L. Wilson

Dynamic recrystallization at high Th: New insights from in situ neutron diffraction and see-through experiments of polycrystalline ice
S. Piazolo, C. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell

Effect of temperature on the development of microstructures during and after deformation: In-situ experiments and EBSD, Burgers vector and time lapse analysis
S. Piazolo, J. Wheeler and M.R. Drury

The distinction of grain microstructures formed by triple junction kinetics and grain boundary kinetics: Insights from in situ and ex situ experiments in aluminium
S. Piazolo, V.G. Sursaeva and L. Evans

Deformation and recrystallization processes in polycrystalline diamond aggregates: Monitors of mantle processes
S. Piazolo, E. Rubanova, W. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Deformation and recrystallization of ice using in situ experiments
C. Wilson, S. Piazolo, M. Peternell and V. Luzin


Rodinia 2013: Supercontinent Cycles and Geodynamics Symposium, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 20-24 May 2013

Proterozoic Baltica: major stages of block reorganization and supercontinent reconstruction
S.V. Bogdanova, N.V. Lubnina and S.A. Pisarevsky  Keynote

Petrology and geochemistry of Proterozoic mafic intrusions in the southern part of the Siberian craton and Proterozoic supercontinents
T.V. Donskaya,  D.P. Gladkochub, A.M. Mazukabzov, M.N. Shokhonova and S.A. Pisarevsky

When Siberia broke up from Rodinia? Evidence from detrital zircon geochronology
D.P. Gladkochub, S.A. Pisarevsky, A.M. Stanevich, T.V. Donskaya and A.M. Mazukabzov

New U-Pb age data on detrital zircons from Upper Ediacaran sandstones, south-east White-Sea region: Implications for tectonic models for the Late Ediacaran evolution of the north-eastern margin of the East-European Craton
N.B. Kuznetsov, A.S. Alexeev, E.A. Belousova and T.V. Romanyuk

Neoproterozoic glaciations in a revised global palaeogeography from the breakup of Rodinia to the assembly of Gondwanaland
Z.X. Li, D.A.D. Evans and G.P. Halverson

Australia’s 40° twist during Rodinia breakup and a revised Neoproterozoic global palaeogeography
Z.X. Li and D.A.D. Evans  Keynote

Pre-Rodinian supercontinents: how “super” were they?
S.A. Pisarevsky  Keynote


FUTORES Noel White Symposium, Townsville, Queensland, 2-5 June 2013

Intra-plate tectonics and melting processes
W. Gorczyk and K. Vogt

Genesis of porphyry Cu deposits in collisional orogens
Y.-J. Lu, R.R. Loucks and M.L. Fiorentini

Multiscale structural controls on mineral systems
T.C. McCuaig


YOM Seismic and MT Workshop, GSWA, June 2013

Numerical modelling of the west Musgrave Province
W. Gorczyk and H. Smithies


MPE2013 Workshop -  Recycling Rocks: Understanding Sustainability in a Dynamic Earth, Melbourne, Australia, 5-16 July, 2013

In-situ studies of granular materials under deformation
S. Clark, T. Rushmer, B. Colas, R.L.L. Jones and D.Y. Parkinson  Invited

Coupling global systems in geodynamic earth models
C. O’Neill  Invited


GSA Biennial Conference of the Specialist Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology, Mission Beach, Queensland, July 14-19 2013

Melting mantle migmatites
S.F. Foley


76th Annual Meeting Of The Meteoritical Society, Edmonton, Canada, 29 July -2 August 2013

Petrology of NWA 7533: Formation by Impacts on Ancient Martian Crust
R.H. Hewins, B. Zanda, M. Humayun, J.-P. Lorand, D. Deldicque, S. Pont, C. Fieni, A. Nemchin, M. Grange, A. Kennedy, C. Göpel and E. Lewin

The Age and Composition of the Martian Crust from NWA 7533
M. Humayun, A. Nemchin, M. Grange, A. Kennedy, B. Zanda, R.H. Hewins, J.-P. Lorand, C. Göpel, E. Lewin, S. Pont and D. Deldicque

U-Pb Ages and Compositions of Apollo 14 Regolith Glasses
M.D. Norman, A.A. Nemchin, M.L. Grange, R.A. Zeigler, M.J. Whitehouse, J.R. Muhling and R.E. Merle


12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 12-15 August 2013

Compositional diversity in chromitites from Eastern Rhodopes (SE Bulgaria): petrogenesis and tectonic implications
V. Colas, I. Fanlo, F. Gervilla, J.M. Gonzalez-Jimenez and T. Kerestedjian

Multistage mineralization of the giant Obuasi gold deposit, Ghana
D. Fougerouse, S. Micklethwaite, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig and S. Ulrich

Sulfur degassing and nickel sulfide ore forming process in Archean komatiite volcanoes
C. Isaac, M.L. Fiorentini and B. Wing

The chromite-bearing ultramafic-mafic complexes of the Vizcaíno Peninsula (Baja California Sur, Mexico), revisited for platinum-group minerals
L.A. Jimenez-Galindo, J.M. Gonzalez-Jimenez, A. Camprubi, M. Martini, E. Centeno-Garcia, J.A. Proenza, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Ore dating by Shrimp II proxy analyses, Fe-Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide deposits, Ivrea Verbano Zone, Northern Italy
P. Kollegger, M.L. Fiorentini, F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti and O.A.R. Thalhammer

Potential role of a buoyant CO2 vapour phase in the formation of the Mount Isa copper ore deposit
M. Kühn and K. Gessner

Hydrothermal footprints around magmatic nickel-sulfide deposits: a case study at the Miitel deposit, Yilgarn craton, Western Australia
M. Le Vaillant, M.L. Fiorentini, J. Miller, S.J. Barnes and D. Paterson

Structural framework and evolution of the world class Siguiri orogenic gold district (Guinea, West Africa)
E. Lebrun, J. Miller, N. Thébaud, T.C. McCuaig and S. Ulrich

Geology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Twin Bonanza intrusion-related gold deposit: Implications for a post-collisional lithospheric mantle source for the Granites-Tanami gold province, North Australian Craton
B. Li, L. Bagas and T.C. McCuaig

Zircon multi-isotopic mapping in Wabigoon Subprovince, western Superior Craton: Implications for lithospheric architecture and controls on orogenic gold mineral systems
Y.-J. Lu, T.C. McCuaig, P. Hollings, K. Ketchum, R. Kerrich,  M. Smyk, J. Cliff and L. Bagas

Genesis of fertile hydrous adakite-like melts in post-subduction porphyry Cu systems of Tibet
Y.-J. Lu, R.R. Loucks and M.L. Fiorentini

Structural setting and mineralisation of the carbonate hosted Sadiola gold deposit, Mali, West Africa
Q. Masurel, J. Miller, N. Thébaud, T.C. McCuaig and S. Ulrich

The orogenic gold mineral system
T.C. McCuaig and J.M.A. Hronsky  Keynote

Intra-cratonic architecture and the localisation of mineral systems
D. Mole, M. Fiorentini, N. Thébaud, T.C. McCuaig, K. Cassidy, C. Kirkland, S. Romano, M. Doublier, E. Belousova and S. Barnes

Crust-mantle interaction and genesis of the Kidston goldrich breccias pipe deposit in north-east Australia: U–Pb, Hf and Os isotope evidence
V. Murgulov, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Age constraints on host rocks for gold mineralisation in the Ashanti Belt, Ghana
L.A. Parra, M.L. Fiorentini, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig, Y. Bourassa and S. Perrouty

The orogenic and not so orogenic gold deposits of the Agnew Gold Camp (Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia)
N. Thébaud, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig, L. Fisher and I. Sonntag

Origin of Bushveld magmas via new constraints from Pb-Hf zircon systematic
M. Yudovskaya, J. Kinnaird, E. Belousova, N. Pearson, J. Kramers and D. Kuzmin

Platinum group elements and Re minerals in the magmatic Ni-Fe-Cu sulfide deposits of the Ivrea Verbano Zone (Italy)
F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti, P. Kollegger, O.A.R. Thalhammer and M. Fiorentini 


Goldschmidt 2013 Conference, Florence, Italy, 25-30 August 2013

Crystal/melt partitioning of volatiles during near-solidus melting of peridotite
J. Adam, M. Turner, E. Hauri and S. Turner

Multi-observable thermochemical tomography: A new framework in integrated studies of the lithosphere
J.C. Afonso, J. Fullea, J. Connolly, N. Rawlinson, Y. Yang and A.G. Jones  Invited

Trace elements in olivine characterize the mantle source of subduction related potassic magmas
E. Ammannati, S.F. Foley, R. Avanzinelli, D.E. Jacob and S. Conticelli

Time-related changes in the Si-isotopic composition of Palaeo- to Mesoarchaean granitoids
K. Abraham, S.F. Foley, A. Hofmann, D. Cardinal, L. André

Ancient fragments in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
L.E. Aradi, C. Szabó, J.-M. González-Jiménez, W. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and K. Hattori

U-Pb and Hf isotope characteristics of zircon from chromitites at Finero 
I.Yu. Badanina, K.N. Malitch and E.A. Belousova

Archean andesites as products of plume/crust interaction?
S.J. Barnes, C. Isaac and M.L. Fiorentini

Ore deposits and lithosphere evolution in the early Earth
G.C. Begg, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and J.M.A. Hronsky  Keynote

New insights into the history of an ophiolite from zircons
E.A. Belousova, J.M. González-Jiménez, I.T. Graham, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Assimilation of sediments embedded in the oceanic arc crust: myth or reality?
R. Bezard, J.P. Davidson, S. Turner, C.G. Macpherson, J.M. Lindsay and A.J. Boyce

Zircon from Mesoarchean enderbites of Volgo-Uralia: U-Pb age, REE, Hf and O-isotope compositions
S.V. Bogdanova, E.A. Belousova, B. De Waele and A.V. Postnikov

Lithium isotopic composition of the Tonga-Kermadec arc and its constraints on subduction recycling
R. Brens Jr., X.-M. Liu, R. Rudnick, S. Turner and T. Rushmer

Evidence of sulfur degassing in komatiite-hosted Ni-PGE ores
S. Caruso, M. Moroni, C. Isaac, M.L. Fiorentini, S.J. Barnes, B. Wing and J. Cliff

U-Pb geochronology and source constraints for late S-type Variscan magmatism related to Sn-W metallogeny: The Logrosán granite pluton (Central Iberian Zone)
E. Chicharro, C. Villaseca, P. Valverde-Vaquero, E. Belousova and J.A. López-García

The Gangdese batholith, southern Tibet is the largest of the Transhimalayan batholiths produced by the Neo-Tethyan subduction
M.-F. Chu, S.-L. Chung, X.-H. Li, H.-Y. Lee and S.Y. O’Reilly

Garnet, zircon and monazite as monitors of high-temperature metamorphic events: How useful are they?
C. Clark

16O1H signal as an indication of metamict O-contamination in zircon
J. Cliff, R.T. Pidgeon and A.A. Nemchin

Trace-element fingerprints of chromites link ultramafic massifs of the Bulgarian Rhodopes
V. Colas, J.M. González-Jiménez, I. Fanlo, W.L. Griffin, F. Gervilla, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson and T. Kerestedjian

Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope mapping of Tien Shan in Uzbekistan
A. Dolgopolova, R. Seltmann, R. Armstrong, E. Belousova, R. Pankhurst, D. Konopelko and R. Koneev

A comparison of shocked zircon and quartz from the Reis impact structure, Germany
T.M. Erickson, S.M. Reddy, N.E. Timms and A.A. Nemchin

Li isotopes in zircon: Effects of Li substitution and kinetic fractionation
Y.-Y. Gao, X.-H. Li, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Constraining the nature of the western Azores mantle source using Pb-Hf-Os isotope systematics
F.S. Genske, C. Beier, S.P. Turner, A. Stracke and K.M. Haase

On the origins of Platinum-Group Minerals in ophiolitic chromitites
F. Gervilla, W.L. Griffin, J.M. González-Jiménez, J.A. Proenza, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Direct observations of structures developed on fluorite surfaces after contact with an aqueous solution
J.R.A. Godinho, C.V. Putnis and S. Piazolo

Neo-Archean domains in the Mediterranean and their implications
J.M. González-Jiménez, C. Villaseca, W.L. Griffin, E. Belousova, Z. Konc, E. Ancochea, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson, C.J. Garrido and F. Gervilla

Intra-Plate tectonics and magmatisim as a consequence of mantle lithosphere delamination
W. Gorczyk, K. Vogt, K. and B. Hobbs

A Second Lunar Magma Ocean?
M. Grange and A. Nemchin

Going up or going down? Diamonds and Super-Reducing UHP assemblages in ophiolitic mantle
W.L. Griffin, J.S. Yang, P. Robinson, D. Howell, R.D. Shi, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

“Garnet signature” systematics and the structure of oceanic lithosphere
C.J. Grose and J.C. Afonso

Along-arc geochemical and isotopic variations in Javanese volcanic rocks: ‘Crustal’ versus ‘source’ contamination at the Sunda arc, Indonesia
H. Handley, J. Blichert-Toft, S. Turner, C. Macpherson and R. Gertisser

Nitrogen isotope systematics and origins of mixed-habit diamonds
D. Howell, R.A. Stern, W.L. Griffin, R. Southworth, S. Mikhail, T. Stachel, A.B. Verchovsky, A.P. Jones, S.Y. O’Reilly and N.J. Pearson

Unmasking enigmatic xenolithic eclogites: Progressive metasomatism on a key Roberts Victor sample
J.-X. Huang, W.L. Griffin, Y. Greau, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

Deformation mechanisms in Martian Shergottites
M.-A. Kaczmarek, M. Grange, S.M. Reddy and A. Nemchin

High-resolution imaging and quantification of Au in sulphide minerals using NanoSIMS
M.R. Kilburn and R. Liu

Ancient mobilisation of radiogenic Pb and Ti during high-grade metamorphism
M.A. Kusiak, M.J. Whitehouse, S.A. Wilde, D.J. Dunkley, A.A. Nemchin, R. Wirth and K. Marquardt

Mass Transfer of Fluids and Metals in the Deep Earth
M. Locmelis, M.L. Fiorentini, T. Rushmer, J. Adam, F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti, M. Turner and S. Turner

Distinctive Composition and Genesis of Copper Ore-forming Arc Magmas
R.R. Loucks

Speciation and thermodynamic properties of palladium chloride and bisulfide complexes: insights from experiments and ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations
Y. Mei, T.M. Seward, J. Brugger, S.J. Barnes and M.L. Fiorentini

Crustal sources of peraluminous granites: the Montes de Toledo batholith, Iberian Hercynian Belt
E. Merino, C. Villaseca, C. Pérez-Soba, D. Orejana, E. Belousova and T. Andersen

Rates of Natural silica precipitation through time
R. Merle, A. Nemchin, S. Simons, F. Tomaschek and T. Geisler

Trace-element fingerprints of chromites and sulfides from the Archean Nuggihalli greenstone belt, western Dharwar craton, India
R. Mukherjee, S.K. Mondal, J.M. González-Jiménez, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

Stabilising a craton: The 3.1 Ga Mpuluzi batholith (Swaziland / RSA)
R.C. Murphy, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and S.Y. O’Reilly

Fractionation of 238U/235U by reduction during low T uranium mineralisation processes
M.J. Murphy, C.H. Stirling, A. Kaltenbach, S.P. Turner and B.F. Schaefer

Crustal recycling during the Neoarchaean; SE Greenland
T. Næraa and L. Bagas

Zircon U-Pb-ages, Hf isotope and trace element composition in the evolution of the IVAC Complex (Urals, Russia)
I.L. Nedosekova, E.A. Belousova, B.V. Belyatsky and N. Pearson

What does Hadean mantle mixing tell us about Hadean geodynamics?
C. O’Neill, V. Debaille and W.L. Griffin

Archean lithospheric mantle: The fount of all ores?
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, G.C. Begg, N.J. Pearson and J.M.A. Hronsky  Invited

The Thrym Complex of southeastern Greenland: Evolution of Ni-Cu-Sulfide mineralization in the lower crust
J. Owen, L. Bagas, J. Kolb, M.L. Fiorentini, B.M. Stensgaard and N. Thébaud

Mafic potassic volcanics from the Altiplano, South America: indication of a dynamic A-type magma source under construction?
M.J. Pankhurst, B.F. Schaefer and S.P. Turner

New Zircon U-Pb and Hf-isotope data of the Birimian Terrane of the West African craton
L.A. Parra, M.L. Fiorentini, E. Belousova, A.I.S. Kemp, J. Miller, T.C. McCuaig and N. Said

A forward modelling approach to understanding continental growth
J.L. Payne, K.M. Barovich, N.J. Pearson and M. Hand

The hole story about laser ablation ICP-MS
N.J. Pearson, W.J. Powell, K.J. Grant, J.L. Payne, R.C. Murphy, E. Belousova, W.L. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly  Invited

On the hunt for a Gondwanan suture zone in South India
D. Plavsa, A.S. Collins, J.F. Foden, C. Clark and M. Santosh

Os-isotope constraints on the dynamics of orogenic mantle: the case of central Balkans 
D. Prelevic, G. Brugmann, M. Barth, M. Bozovic, V. Cvetkovic and S.F. Foley

Growth medium and carbon source of unusual rounded diamonds from alluvial placers of the North-East of Siberian Platform
A.L. Ragozin, V.S. Shatsky, D.A. Zedgenizov and W.L. Griffin

Origin of Earth’s Earliest Continental Crust: A Combination of Partial Melting and Fractional Crystallization?
T. Rushmer and J. Adam

Heterogeneity of the uppermost mantle in back-arc settings: Insights from trace-element compositions and water contents in Japanese peridotite xenoliths
T. Satsukawa, M. Godard, S. Demouchy and K. Michibayashi

Mobility of Au in the mantle
J.E. Saunders, N.J. Pearson, S.Y. O’Reilly and W.L. Griffin

A Pilot Br Isotopic Study of Arid Playa Lakes and Ordinary Chondrites
B.F. Schaefer

Geodynamic constraints on the recycling of ancient SCLM and genesis of Tibetan diamondiferous ophiolites
R.D. Shi, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, X.R. Zhang, Q.S. Huang, X.H. Gong and L. Ding

Timing of ultra-high temperature (UHT) metamorphism and formation of incipient charnockites in the Kerala Khondalite Belt (KKB), southern India
R. Taylor, C. Clark and I.C.W. Fitzsimons

Extremely young melt infiltration of the continental lithospheric mantle
S. Turner and M. Turner

Recycling of water between the mantle and crust/hydrosphere
M. Turner, S. Turner, T. Ireland and J. Adam

Tomography at Single-Atom Scale of 207Pb and 206Pb in a 4374 Ma Zircon
J.W. Valley, T. Ushikubo, A.J. Cavosie, D.A. Reinhard, D. F. Lawrence, I. Martin, D.J. Larson, P.H. Clifton, T.F. Kelly, S.A. Wilde, D.E. Moser and M.J. Spicuzza

Microstructural control on trace element diffusion in pyrrhotite from komatiite hosted massive Ni sulphides, Yilgarn Craton
Z. Vukmanovic, S.M. Reddy, B. Godel, S.J. Barnes, M.L. Fiorentini and S.-J. Barnes

Geochemistry and nano-structure of putative filamentous microbes from the 3.24 Ga Sulfur Springs Group, Pilbara, Western Australia
D. Wacey, M. Saunders, M.R. Kilburn, J.B. Cliff, C. Kong and M.E. Barley

Geochemical fingerprints in Siberian mantle xenoliths reveal progressive erosion of an Archean lithospheric root
K.-L. Wang, Y.-H. Chien, M.I. Kuzmin, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, A. Vorontsov and N.J. Pearson

Lawsonite as a potential repository of Th and REE in subduction zones: Blueschists from Tavsanlı (Turkey)
Y. Wang, D. Prelevic, S. Foley, S. Buhre, T. Johnson and T. Häger

Diamond-forming fluids: The trace-element perspective
Y. Weiss, W.L. Griffin and O. Navon

Delamination of the North China Craton: A widespread phenomenon or a one-off situation?
S.A. Wilde

Multistage refertilization of an Archean peridotite massif, N. Qaidam orogen (NE Tibet, China)
Q. Xiong, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and J.-P. Zheng

Parental growth media of Siberian diamonds – Relation to kimberlites
D.A. Zedgenizov, A.L. Ragozini, V.S. Shatsky and W.L. Griffin


Building Strong Continents, Metamorphic Studies Group, University of Portsmouth, UK, 2-4 September 2013

Crustal recycling during the Neoarchaean; SE Greenland
T. Næraa and L. Bagas 


The Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference, York, UK, 3-6 September 2013

Electron microscopy reveals unique microfossil preservation in 1 billion-year-old lakes
M. Saunders, C. Kong, S. Menon and D. Wacey 


6th International Symposium on Hydrocarbon Accumulation Mechanisms and Petroleum Resources Evaluation, Beijing,  PR China, 26-28 September 2013

Re-Os dating of the Shengli River marine oil shale, North Tibet: A development method for direct dating crude oil.
X.-C. Wang and J. Li  Invited


19th International Conference on Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and Tectonics, Leuven, Belgium, 16-18 September 2013

Microstructural evolution of polycrystalline ice using in situ deformation experiments and FAME
M. Peternell, C.J.L. Wilson, M. Dierckx, D.M. Hammes and S. Piazolo  Keynote

Dynamics of ice mass deformation: Linking processes to rheology, texture and microstructure
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell

Melt migration in the lower crust by melt induced fracturing and reaction: insights from field studies combined with numerical modelling
S. Piazolo, D. Koehn, A. Vass and N. Daczko

The role of reaction progression and annealing on shear localization: Initiation of paired shear zones in the lower crust of Fiordland, New Zealand
S. Piazolo, J. Smith, N. Daczko

Rheology of Dirty Ice: First Results and Future Perspectives
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell  Invited

Natural constraints on the dynamics of the uppermost mantle evolution during the initial stage of back-arc spreading
T. Satsukawa, T. Mizukami and T. Morishita


13th Australian Space Science Conference, Sydney, 30 September - 2 October 2013

The tectonics of exoplanets
C. O’Neill  Keynote

Venusian Admittance and Correlation: Clues to Topographic Compensation Mechanisms and Mantle Dynamics
E. Schinella and C. O’Neill


International Meeting on Precambrian Evolution and Deep Exploration of the Continental Lithosphere, Beijing, PR China, 6-9 October 2013

The World Turns Over: Hadean – Archean crust-mantle evolution
W.L. Griffin, E. Belousova, V. Malkovets, Z. Spetsius, S.Y. O’Reilly, N.J. Pearson and others  Keynote

Spurious ages and ancient mobilisation of radiogenic Pb and Ti in zircons from the Napier Complex, Antarctica
M. Kusiak, M.J. Whitehouse, S.A. Wilde, D.J. Dunkley, A. Nemchin, R. Wirth and K. Marquardt

Was Earth stagnant in the Hadean?
C. O’Neill, V. Debaille and W.L. Griffin

A saga of crust-mantle relationships and evolution since Archean times: Geophysical and geochemical evidence tracked in mantle xenoliths from Arctic Norway and Cape Verde (Atlantic Ocean)
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, N.J. Pearson and G. Begg  Keynote

Thirty years of progress in Precambrian paleomagnetism and continental reconstructions
S. Pisarevsky  Invited

What do we really know about conditions in the Hadean?
S. Wilde


The GSA 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Expo, Denver, Colorado, USA, 27-30 October 2013

Solving CCW granulite–UHT metamorphism: a model for the tectonic evolution of the Eastern Ghats Province, India–Rayner Province, East Antarctica
M. Brown, C. Clark and F.J. Korhonen

Peridotite-pyroxenite relationships in orogenic peridotites from Liverpool Land, Eastern Greenland caledonides: chemical metasomatism or mechanical mixing?
H. Brueckner, L.G. Medaris Jr., W.L. Griffin, S.M. Johnston,  R. Bubbico and E.H. Hartz

Establishing peak temperature in UHT metamorphic terranes
C. Clark, M. Brown, F.J. Korhonen and R. Taylor

Multiple melting events in polycyclic high-T terranes defined using geochemically constrained dating of zircon and monazite

N.M. Kelly, J.A. Matthews, A.R.C. Kylander-Clark, A.E. Koenig, S.L. Harley and C. Clark

Is plate tectonics a phase in the evolution of Earth-like planets?
C. O’Neill   Invited

Development of regional stratigraphic frameworks and geological implications in Upper Devonian carbonates using integrated chronostratigraphy, Canning Basin, Western Australia
T.E. Playton, D.A. Katz, K. Hillbun, E. Tohver, R. Hocking, P. Haines, K. Trinajstic, P. Montgomery, J. Hansma and S.A. Pisarevsky

Rare earth element behavior in orthopyroxene, zircon and garnet during UHT metamorphism
R. Taylor, C. Clarke and I.C.W. Fitzsimons


ICE Microstructure, Rheology and Physical Properties, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ, 29-30 October 2013

Dynamics of ice mass deformation: Linking processes to rheology, texture and microstructure
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin,  C. Brouzet and M. Peternell

Numerical simulation of ice processes
S. Piazolo  Invited

Rheology of Dirty Ice: First Results and Future Perspectives
S. Piazolo, C.J.L. Wilson, V. Luzin, C. Brouzet and M. Peternell  Invited


IGCP581 4th Annual Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam, 10-15 November 2013

A thermochronological record of vertical tectonic movements in southern South China since the Mesozoic
N. Tao., Z.-X. Li, M. Danišík, N.J. Evans, Y.G. Xu, W.X. Li and C.J. Pang

South China’s connection with North India in Gondwanaland – Basin and detrital provenance analyses
W.H. Yao, Z.-X. Li, W.X. Li, X.H. Li and J.H. Yang


Swiss Geosciences Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, 15-16 November 2013

Deformation mechanisms in Martian meteorites
M.-A. Kaczmarek, M. Grange, S. Reddy and A. Nemchin


AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 9-13 December 2013

The compositions of hydrous fluids in equilibrium with the Peridotitic Mantle
J. Adam, M. Locmelis, M. Fiorentini and T.A. Rushmer

Multi-observable thermochemical tomography of the lithosphere and upper mantle beneath the Western/Central US
J.C. Afonso, Y. Yang, N. Rawlinson, D. Schutt, J. Fullea and A.G. Jones

Lower crustal assimilation in oceanic arcs: insights from an osmium isotopic study of the Lesser Antilles
R.C. Bezard, B.F. Schaefer, S. Turner, J. Davidson and D.S. Selby

Constructing a starting 3D shear velocity model with sharp interfaces for SEM-based upper mantle tomography in North America
M. Calo, T. Bodin, H. Yuan, B.A. Romanowicz, C.S. Larmat and M. Maceira

Decarbonation and carbonation processes in the slab and mantle wedge – insights from thermomechanical modeling
C.M. Gonzalez, W. Gorczyk, J.A. Connolly, T. Gerya, B.E. Hobbs and A. Ord

Majorite Garnet and Lithosphere Evolution: Kaapvaal Craton
W.L. Griffin, S. Tessalina and S.Y. O’Reilly  Invited

Garnet Signatures in Geophysical and Geochemical Observations: Insights into the Thermo-Petrological Structure of Oceanic Upper Mantle
C.J. Grose and J.C. Afonso

Molecular marker and stable carbon isotope analyses of carbonaceous Ambassador uranium ores of Mulga Rock in Western Australia
C. Jaraula, L. Schwark, X. Moreau, K. Grice and L. Bagas

The crustal structure in north Tibet revealed by joint inversion of receiver functions and ambient noise tomography: implications for the growth of the Tibetan Plateau
C. Jiang, Y. Yang and Y. Zheng

Fluid percolation within an ocean-continent transition
M.-A. Kaczmarek and S.M. Reddy

Isotropic and anisotropic shear velocity model of the NA upper mantle using EarthScope data
J. Leiva, P. Clouzet, S.W. French, H. Yuan and B.A. Romanowicz

Upper Mantle Texture Patterns In Eastern North America From Seismic Anisotropy And Global Mantle Flow Calculations
V.L. Levin, R. Moucha and H. Yuan

The effect of grain boundary sliding on the rheology of polymineralic rocks: Nature and numerical experiments
J.M. Nevitt, S. Piazolo, L. Evans and V.G. Toy

Was the Hadean Earth stagnant? Constraints from dynamic mixing models
C. O’Neill, V. Debaille and W.L. Griffin

Geochemical Evolution of cratonic lithospheric mantle: A 3.6 Ga story of persistence and transformation
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and N.J. Pearson  Invited

Developing and testing models for creep of polycrystalline ice: new laboratory approaches
D.J. Prior, T.E. Caswell, W.B. Durham, N. Golding, D.L. Goldsby, K. Lilly, S. Piazolo, M. Seidemann, M. Vaughan and C. Wilson

Source stacking for numerical wavefield computations: application to continental and global scale seismic mantle tomography
B.A. Romanowicz, S.W. French, F. Rickers and H. Yuan

Chondrules as Natural Analogs for Metal Segregation: Analyses from 3D Synchrotron Imaging
T.A. Rushmer, S.M. Clark and D. Parkinson

An N-TIMS Br Isotopic Study of Australian Playa Lakes
B.F. Schaefer

From Gabbro to Granulite to Kyanite- and bimineralic Eclogite: A petrological, geochemical and mass balance approach to mantle eclogites
H. Sommer and D. Jacob

Looking at the roots of the highest mountains: the lithospheric structure of the Himalaya-Tibet and the Zagros orogens.  Results from a geophysical-petrological study
L. Tunini, I. Jimenez-Munt, M. Fernandez, A. Villasenor, J.C. Afonso and J. Verges

Mantle flow, volatiles, slab-surface temperatures and melting dynamics in the north Tonga Arc – Lau Backarc Basin
S. Turner, J. Caulfield, R.J. Arculus, C.W. Dale, F.E. Jenner, J.A. Pearce, C. Macpherson and H.K. Handley

Interactions among plumes, mantle circulation and mid-ocean ridges
J.M. Whittaker, S. Williams, S.M. Masterton, J.C. Afonso, M. Seton, T.C. Landgrebe, M.F. Coffin and D. Müller

Modelling terrestrial planet evolution with practical mineral physics and mantle-core coupling
S. Zhang and C. O’Neill

Imaging lithosphere structures using long period surface waves from ambient noise: a case study in western USA
Y. Yang

The collision of South China with NW India to join Gondwanaland in the Cambrian: Provenance constraints from foreland basins
W. Yao, Z.-X. Li, W. Li, X.-H. Li and J. Yang

Azimuthal anisotropy layering in the Pacific upper mantle
H. Yuan, S.W. French and B.A. Romanowicz

Evidence for large sulfur isotope fractionation in carbonate hosted Neoarchean pyrites
I. Zhelezinskaia, A.J. Kaufman, J. Farquhar and J. Cliff