CCFS Funding


Financial accounting for allocated funds is carried out at each node.  MQ is responsible for the final reporting to ARC through the DVC Research, and is audited through the Macquarie University process.

Strategy for CCFS funding leverage

ARC anticipates that Centres of Excellence will develop a profile of basic and strategic research outcomes that provides an attractor for leveraging resources.  Active strategies within CCFS include:

.      Collaborative project building with industry partners

.      Applications to funding schemes for matching funds for new infrastructure purchases and partner co-investment

.      Technology development to deliver new and improved methodologies and tools for enhanced research collaboration and for the exploration industry

.      Diversification of the funding portfolio to include other Government schemes, industry and participation in international research programs

.      Applications to relevant ARC funding schemes for projects not funded from the ARC CCFS allocation, but aligned with CCFS goals

.      Providing input into future NCRIS (especially AuScope) policies, using CCFS research concentration and leading directions to inform national priorities


This is an unaudited summary of 2013 income and expenditure.  A full, audited statement of detailed expenditure and income is prepared by Macquarie University.  No in-kind support is included here. 


 Accumulated ARC funds at the end of 2012       $2,079,941
Accumulated Institutional cash Contributions at the end of 2012 *
ARC Centre of Excellence Grant


Cash Contributions from Nodes and Australian Partner    
Macquarie University** $600,000  
The University of Western Australia $320,000  
Curtin University $250,000  
GSWA $150,000  
Other Income Interest  $21,908
Total Income   $3,313,654



Travel   $262,795 
Laboratory   $172,500 
Conference Fees   $15,996
Maintenance/Consumables   $455,998
Total Expenditure   $3,005,553
Accumulated ARC funds at the end of 2013    $2,069,230
 *Accumulated Institutional cash Contributions at the end of 2013 ** $3,634,070