CCFS honours & MRes students


The following honours projects in CCFS were completed in 2013:


Mid 2013 Finish 

Mark Eastlake:  A petrographic and geochronological assessment of the Aileron Metamorphics, Mt Boothby Area, central Australia

Sarah Gain:  The geochemistry of gem-quality zircons from the Mud Tank Carbonatite Complex

Kristina Gordon:  Investigation of Tourmaline, Apatite and Monazite from a Low-Pressure High-Temperature Regional Aureole: Mount Stafford, Northern Territory, Australia

Patrick Sandor:  A Re-evaluation of the Merrions Tuff “Lavas”

End of 2013 Finish

Vicki Beecher:  Flow characteristics of lower crustal rocks: comparing two polyphase rock types

Rebecca Griffis:  The volcanological and geochemical evolution of Waitomokia Tuff Ring, Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand

Blayne Murhall-Griffith:  The volcanology and geochemistry of Pukeonake and Ohakune satellite vents and their relationship in the southern Taupo Volcanic Zone

Cameron Perks:  Describing the basement rock of the Dimboola Subzone beneath EL5291, Victoria, Australia 

University of Western Australia

Jonathon Cryer:  The origin, alteration and mineralisation of dacites in the Jundee Goldfield, Western Australia

Fiona McCheyne:  Mineralisation in the Zambia Copper Belt

Lei Shi:  Mo mineralisation in the Central Asian Craton

Tom Watkins:  “Dropper” base-metal mineralisation in the Broken Hill area


From 2013, the honours program at Macquarie University was replaced by a two-year Masters of Research (MRes).  The MRes combines advanced coursework with research training to better prepare research students for further postgraduate study.  The MRes aligns Macquarie’s HDR program with those of many international universities and allows for a smoother transition into international postgraduate programs.  From 2014, the MRes or equivalent will be the prerequisite for enrolling in Macquarie’s postgraduate research (PhD) program.  This change fulfils one of the CCFS goals – introducing high-level postgraduate coursework units.


The following MRes projects in CCFS were commenced in 2013:

Lauren Miller:  The petrogenesis of fluorite in hydrothermal ore forming systems

Michael Nguyen:  Understanding core formation through X-ray micro-computed tomography analysis of metal-silicate differentiation in natural and synthetic systems 

Cameron Piper:  Remediation of contaminated sites in the Sydney region 

Alastair Williams:  Hydrothermal systems as open flow chemical reactors: New insights from a comparative geochemical and microstructural study of “successful” versus “unsuccessful” gold mineralisation at Sunrise Dam, Western Australia