Appendix 9: Standard performance indicators


Number & quality of publications

R1 Research outputs Actual 146                        
Target 40                        
R2(a) Journals with Impact Factor >2.5 Actual 83%                        
Target 70%                        

Journals with impact Factor >3

Actual 78%                        
Target 50%                        
R2(c) Journals with specific target audiences Actual 17%                        
Target 20%                        
R2(d) Book chapters / international conference proceedings Actual 4%                        
Target 10%                        
R3(a) Number of presentations / talks / papers / lectures given at major international meetings Actual 225                        
Target 30                        
R3(b) Number of invited or keynotes given at major international meetings Actual 17                         
Target 8                        
R4 Number and nature of commentaries about the Centre’s achievements in general/specialist publications Actual 29                        
Target 8                        
R5(a) Citation data for publications: at least 4 CI's in top 200 Geoscientists Actual 4                        
Target 4                        
R5(b) Citation data for publications Actual   3675 (Thomson Reuters - Web of Science)            

 Research Training

R6 Number of attended professional training courses for staff and postgraduate students Actual 23                        
Target 10                        
R7 Number of Centre attendees at all professional training courses Actual 43                        
Target 20                        

Number of new postgrads working on core Centre research and supervised by CoE staff (PhD, MRes)

Actual 16                    
Target 8                        
R9 Number of new postdoctoral researchers recruited to the Centre working on core Centre research Actual 3                        
Target 4                        
R10 Number new Honours students working on core Centre research and supervised by CoE staff Actual 0 Now MRes at MQ - Target to be reviewed            
Target 6                        
R11(a) Number of postgraduate completions working on core Centre research and supervised by CoE staff Actual 14                        
Target 6                        
R11(b) Postgradaute completion times, students working on core Centre research and supervised by CoE staff Actual 3.5                        
Target 3.5                        
R12 Number of Early Career Researchers (within 5 years of completing PhD) working on core Centre research Actual 13                        
Target 6                        
R13 Number of students mentored Actual 87                        
Target 24                        
R14 Number of mentoring programs Actual 3                        
Target 3                        


Build international, national & regional links/networks
R15 Number of international visitors and visiting fellows Actual 79                        
Target 20                        
R16 Number of national and international workshops held / organised by Centre Actual 9                        
Target 3                        

Number of visits to overseas laboratories and facilities

Actual 41                        
Target 20                        
R18 Examples of relevant interdisciplinary research supported by the Centre Actual 93%                        
Target 50%                        

Build end-user links

R19 Number of governement, industry & business community briefings Actual 6                        
Target 6                        
R20 Number and nature of public awareness programs Actual 5                        
Target 5                        

Currency of information on the Centre's website

Actual 6                        
Target 4                        
R22 Number of website hits Actual 13,837                        
Target 8,000                        
R23 Number of public talks given by centre staff Actual 11                        
Target 6                        


Generate cash & in-kind contributions from partners & other sources & build collab. & infrastrucutre support

O1 Annual cash contributions from collaborating organisations Actual 2,561,580                        
Target 1,790,000                        
O2 Annual in-kind contributions from collaborating organisations Actual 13,358,018                        
Target 12,418,100                        

Annual cash contributions from partner organisations 

Actual 150,000                        
Target 150,000                        
O4 Annual in-kind contributions from partner organisations Actual 1,340,795                        
Target 1,229,300                        
O5 Other research income secured by Centre staff Actual 11,235,256                        
Target 140,000                        
O6 Number of new organisations collaborating with, or involved in the Centre Actual 43                        
Target 5                        
O7 Level and quality of infrastructure provided to the Centre Documented p. 73             


Intersect the right set of expertise to guide the Centre

G1 Breadth, balance and experience of the members of the Advisory Committee The Advisory Board includes senior representatives from industry and other end users such as Geoscience Australia and was endorsed by the Mid-term Review Panel.
G2 Frequency, attendance and value added by Advisory Committee meetings Two very productive Advisory Board meetings were held in April and July, 2014. Attendance at the meetings was over 90%. Frequency of Board meetings exceeded target. Board input has been invaluable, including providing a different perspective of Centre activities, and has been very engaged in workshopping key aspects of Centre business and in realigning the CCFS Vision. “During the site visit the Panel spoke with members of the Advisory Board and found there was effective engagement between the Centre and the Board and that the Board was pleased with the Centre’s scientific achievements and interdisciplinary work across the country.” (Extract, CCFS Review Panel Report, Sept. 2014)
G3 Vision and usefulness fo the Centre strategic plan Strategic plan was reviewed mid 2014 and endorsed by the CCFS Board and executive.
G4 Adequacy of the Centre's preformance measure targets Centre's performance measure targets are discussed with the board annually. CCFS has consistently performed well against the current measures. As a result of feedback and reassessment post review, they continue to be revised on a regular basis.
G5 Effectiveness of the Centre in bringing researchers together to form an interactive and effective research team “The Centre, now half way through its seven year term, has quickly evolved into an integrated entity that is addressing fundamental problems around water and mineral resources, and is offering Australian researchers opportunities to work on large-scale problems over longer time periods.“ (Extract, CCFS Review Panel Report, Sept. 2014)
G6 Capacity building of the Centre through scale and outcomes The Centre is building Australia’s capacity in Earth science research and is attracting personnel to the Centre from within Australia and abroad.” “Through its personnel and partnerships the Centre is serving as a point of interaction, particularly amongst the international research community and industry sector. Senior researchers described the Centre as “leading the national conversation in mineral exploration science”. The researchers viewed the Centre as bringing the geoscience community together, and that the Centre’s seven (7) year program is just the start of this effort.” (Extract, CCFS Review Panel Report, Sept. 2014)


Contribute to the national research agenda; expand the national capability in Earth Science


Industry Seminars

Actual 4                        
Target 4                        
Number of industry / end-user collaborations   20                        
N2 Postgraduate units established by end year 3 Actual 6                        
Target 2                        
Number of honours and Postgraduate students   87                        




C1 Linkage of geochemcial / petrologic / geological data with goephysical datasets / modelling 
2014 - Convene international conference on integration of geophys/geology 
Actual Complete                        
Target Complete Brisbane IGC, 2013           
C2 Technology & method development related to NCRIS infrastructure 2013 -1st results submitted for publication / conference presentation   Actual Complete                        
Target Complete                        


C3 Establishment of formal postgraduate units & training within host and collaborating university frameworks Actual Complete                        
Target Complete                        

End User


Establishment of linkages and collaborative projects with end-users relevant to external core business of the Centre

2013 - proceed with projects 
Actual Complete                        
Target Complete