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CCFS web resources provide information on background, research and downloadable files of the Annual Report and Research Highlights. 

Links to the GEMOC website ( provide past GEMOC Annual Reports, updated details on its methods, new analytical advances and software updates (GLITTER), activities of research teams within GEMOC, synthesised summaries of selected research outcomes and items for secondary school resources. 

Links to the CET (Centre for Exploration Targeting) website ( provide access to wider information about CET activities beyond its involvement in CCFS and especially the wide base of end-user interaction.

Links to The Institute for Geoscience Research (TiGer) website ( provide information about their facilities, participants and research activities. 

Strong industry interaction in CCFS in 2014 ranged from presentations to specific industry groups in their offices to numerous formal and informal workshops at CET and GEMOC, and invited and plenary presentations at peak industry symposia, workshops and conferences nationally and internationally.

CCFS publications for 2014 are given in Appendix 5

The 151 CCFS publications that were published in 2014 are mainly in high-impact international journals (Thomson ISI).



CCFS Investigators, associated staff, early-career researchers and postgraduates had a high profile at 38 peak geophysical, metallogenic, geodynamic and geochemical conferences as convenors, invited speakers, or presenters, with 227 presentations including: 

  • UHNAI-Nordic Winter School “Water and the Evolution of Life in the Universe”, Hawaii, 1-14 January 2014
  • IGG-CAS 2014 Annual Meeting, 16-17 January 2014
  • Biennial meeting of the Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology (SGTSG), Thredbo NSW, 2-8 February 2014
  • Workshop on “Advanced development on in situ & WR high-precision elemental and isotopic analyses, Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan, 10-12 March 2014
  • 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, TX, USA, 17-21 March 2014
  • UNCOVER Summit 2014 Adelaide Convention Centre, SA, Australia, 31 March - 02 April 2014
  • International Workshop on: Ophiolites, Mantle Processes and Related Ore Deposits, Beijing, 14-15 April 2014
  • European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Austria, 27 April - 02 May 2014
  • 6th Orogenic Lherzolite Conference, Morocco, 4-15 May 2014


Sue O’Reilly, Professor Csaba Szabó (Eötvös University Budapest), Takako Satsukawa and Norm Pearson at the 6th Orogenic Lherzolite Conference.


  • Biosignatures across space and time, Joint Meeting - Nordic Network of Astrobiology and the Centre of Geobiology, Bergen, Norway, 20-22 May 2014
  • GAC-MAC Annual Meeting, Fredericton, Canada, 21-23 May 2014
  • XIX Geological Congress of Argentina, Córdoba, Argentina, 2-6 June 2014
  • Goldschmidt 2014 Conference, Sacramento, USA, 8-13 June 2014
  • Sydney Space Society, NSW, Australia, June 16, 2014
  • AESC Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Sustainable Australia, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 7-10 July 2014
  • XXXIV Reunión de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía, Granada, 2 July 2014
  • Gondwana 15, Madrid, Spain, 14-18 July 2014
  • AOGS 11th Annual Meeting, Royton Sapporo Hotel, Japan, 28 July to 1 August, 2014
  • Australian Institute of Geoscientists Minerals Systems Workshop, Perth, Australia, 11 August 2014
  • 12th International Platinum Symposium, Yekaterinburg, Urals, Russia, 11-14 August 2014
  • Gordon Research Conference: Rock Deformation, Andover, New Haven, USA, 17-22 Aug, 2014
  • Ninth International Mining Geology Conference, Adelaide, SA, Australia, 18-20 August 2014
  • IMA 2014, Gauteng, South Africa, 1-5 September 2014
  • 77th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Casablanca, Morocco, 8-12 September 2014
  • 14th International Conference on Thermochronology, Chamonix, 8-14 September 2014
  • Kimberley Diamond Symposium and Trade Show, The Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa, 11-14 September 2014
  • 2014 Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences, Kumamoto University, Japan, 17-18 September 2014
  • 2014 EMAS Regional Workshop, Leoben, Austria, 21-24 September 2014
  • SEG 2014: Building Exploration Capability for the 21st Century, Keystone, CO, USA, 27-30 September 2014
  • SEISMIX 2014, 16th International Symposium on Multi-scale Seismic Imaging of the Earth’s crust and Upper Mantle, Castelldefels, Spain, 12-17 October 2014
  • Nordic Supercontinent Workshop, Haraldvangen, Norway, 13-19 October 2014
  • Dating Origin of Life: Present-Day Molecules and First Fossil Record, Göttingen, Germany, 16-18 October 2014
  • GSA 2014, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 19-22 October 2014
  • Symposium on International Safeguards, IAEA, Vienna, 20-24 October 2014
  • 24e Réunion des Sciences de la Terre (24th Earth Sciences Meeting), Pau, France, 27-31 October 2014
  • Archean Tectonics Debate and Symposium “Plumes or plates in the late Archaean: how far does uniformitarianism apply in Archaean tectonics?” CSIRO, Kensington, WA, Australia, 27-28 November 2014
  • 1st Australian Workshop for EMC Geoscientists, Macquarie University, NSW, Australia, 1-2 December 2014
  • AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 15-19 December 2014

CCFS presenters at the Archean Tectonics Debate and Symposium, November 2014. 



Conference Abstract

IGG-CAS 2014 Annual Meeting, 16-17 January 2014

Seismic images of craton margins andadjacent orogens and tectonic implications
H. Yuan   Invited

Workshop on “Advanced development on in situ & WR high-precision elemental and isotopic analyses”, Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan, 10-12 March 2014

Back to basics: quantitative elemental and isotope ratio analysis by laser ablation ICP-MS
N. Pearson  Keynote


Norman Pearson with some of the workshop’s participants.

UNCOVER Summit 2014 Adelaide Convention Centre, SA, Australia, 31 March - 2 April 2014

Isotope geology through space and time: a tool for understanding crustal evolution. Case studies from the Yilgarn Craton and its margin
C.L. Kirkland   Keynote

International Workshop on: Ophiolites, Mantle Processes and Related Ore Deposits, Beijing, 14-15 April 2014

Transition-Zone mineral assemblages in peridotite massifs, Tibet: Implications for collision-zone dynamics and orogenic peridotites
W. Griffin   Invited

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Austria, 27 April - 02 May 2014

Long hard road from Nuna to Rodinia
S.A. Pisarevsky   Invited

Sydney Space Society, Australia, 16 June, 2014

The tectonics of exoplanets
C. O’Neill   Invited

AESC Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Sustainable Australia, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 7-10 July 2014

Metal sources and transport mechanisms at crust-mantle boundary conditions: new search space for deep-seated magmatic mineral systems
M.L. Fiorentini, M. Locmelis, T. Rushmer, J. Adam and S. Turner   Keynote

Formation of horizontally layered Archean crust: examples from the Pilbara, Kaapvaal, and Yilgarn Cratons
M.J. Van Kranendonk    Keynote

Was the Early Earth Stagnant?
C. O’Neill and V. Debaille   Invited

Innovation in Australian geochronology and thermochronology
A. Gleadow, B. McInnes and N. Pearson   Keynote

Gordon Research Conference: Rock Deformation, Andover, New Haven, USA 17-22 August 2014

Strain heterogeneities and dynamic recrystallization in anisotropic materials: Insights from ice and ice mixture deformation experiments and modeling
S. Piazolo   Keynote

Ninth International Mining Geology Conference, Adelaide, SA, 18-20 August 2014

Mines versus mineralisation - Deposit quality, mineral exploration strategy and the role of ‘Boundary Spanners’

T.C. McCuaig, J.E. Vann and J.P. Sykes   Keynote

14th International Conference on Thermochronology, Chamonix, 8-14 September 2014

Earthquake seismology: Exploring the cratonic crust in Western Australia
H. Yuan   Invited

2014 EMAS regional Workshop, Leoben, Austria, 21-24 September 2014

In-situ quantitative determination of PGE concentrations in komatiitic chromites: application to nickel- sulphide targeting
M.L. Fiorentini   Invited

SEG 2014, Keystone, CO, USA, 27-30 September 2014

The mineral system concept: Key to exploration targeting under cover
T.C. McCuaig and J.M.A. Hronsky   Invited

2014 GSWA Kimberley Workshop, 21 November 2014

The geochemical architecture of the Hart Dolerite at Speewah Dome, Western Australia
M.L. Fiorentini    Invited

Archean Tectonics debate and symposium, CSIRO, Kensington, WA, 27-28 November 2014

No plate tectonics in the Archaean?
C. O’Neill   Invited

Internal seismic structure of the cratonic lithosphere
H. Yuan   Invited

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 15-19 December 2014

Thermochemical structure and stratification of the Hudson Bay lithosphere, Northern Canada: Evidence from multi-observable probabilistic inversion
F.A. Darbyshire and J.C. Afonso   Invited

A full list of abstract titles and authors for Conferences and Workshops attended is given in Appendix 6 and on the Abstracts page. 



Conference Role

European Geophysical Union, Vienna, Austria, 27 April - 2 May 2014

Session Co- Convenor:
Klaus Gessner - ERE31./GMPV14S9.6 - Structural Interpretation and Evolution of Mineral Systems from Geological and Geophysical Data

Goldschmidt 2014 Conference, Sacramento, USA, 8-13 June 2014

Theme co-coordinator:
Tracy Rushmer - 22: Early Earth: Earth’s History Before the Phanerozoic

Session Co- Convenor:
Mike Brown - 18e: Models for Continental Growth Four Decades On

Session Co-convenors:
Tracey Rushmer and Martin Van Kranendonk - 22d: Mantle Thermal Peaks, Crustal Growth and the Inception of Plate Tectonics

AESC Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Sustainable Australia, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 7-10 July 2014

Organising committee:
Craig O’Neill and Martin Van Kranendonk

Theme Co-convenor:
Martin Van Kranendonk - Living Earth (Life and Habitats)

Session Co-convenors:
Martin Van Kranendonk - LE1 Recent Advances in the Evolution of Life Through the Archean
Ian Tyler and Micheal Wingate - P03 Precambrian Geochronology
Martin Van Kranendonk and Stepen Foley - DP05 Fluids and Melts from Core to Crust

Session Co-convenors:
Klaus Gessner - DP07 Archean and Proterozoic Hot Orogens: Rocks, Models, Mechanisms, and Resources  
Norman Pearson - DP08 Understanding the Composition and Evolution of the Earth: Australian Innovation in Geochronology, Thermochronology and Isotope Geochemistry
Klaus Gessner - RE13 3D Geoscience: Methods, Applications and Challenges in Imaging and Analysing Solid Earth systems at different scales

AOGS 11th Annual Meeting, Sapporo, Japan, 28 July - 1 August, 2014

Session Co-convenor:

Yingjie Yang - SE31 - Seismic Imaging and Tomography of Multi-scale Earth Structure

AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 15-19 December 2014

Session Co-convenors:
Zheng-Xiang Li - T33B: Linking Plate Tectonics and Mantle Convection to Wilson Cycles: Constraints from the Geological Record and Surface Processes
Kelsie Dadd - Marginal Sea Tectonic, Volcanic, and Oceanic Processes: Ocean Drilling of the South China Sea and Recent Investigations






Details and Participant/s


CET Seminar Series Cam McCuaig 2014
CCFS/EPS Seminar Series Richard Flood 2014
International Workshop on: Ophiolites, Mantle Processes and Related Ore Deposits, Beijing, China Bill Griffin was a member of the scientific organising committee 14-15 April 2014
TeamWA workshop: Iron Oxide Copper Gold IOCG deposits, Perth, WA, Australia Cam McCuaig was part of the discussion panel 29 May 2014
Australian Earth Science Convention, Newcastle, Post-conference workshop “Recent advances on the interpretation of the global multiple sulphur isotope record: implications for the evolution of the Early earth and a wide range of ore-forming processes” Organised by Marco Fiorentini, Attended by more than 15 students and researchers 29 May 2014
This workshop brought together the sulfur isotope community, including several global leaders in this discipline (Sue Golding, Boswell Wing) to present the latest advances in our understanding of the multiple sulfur isotope signature record and to identify the greatest knowledge gaps that should be addressed in the short term future. The debate focused on the processes that lead to genesis and preservation of mass independent sulfur isotope signatures in the global geological record. In the last two decades the discovery and measurement of non-mass dependent sulfur isotope signatures in sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks has permitted the formulation of new hypotheses on the evolution of the Early Earth. The precision of analytical techniques, both for whole-rock and in situ analysis of a wide range of S-bearing phases, including sulfides, sulfates and phosphates, have dramatically improved, yet our ability to interpret this data still lags. Sulfur is a crucial element that is involved in numerous biological processes and is a critical ligand that complexes, transports and concentrates a wide range of metals in hydrothermal fluids and silicate melts. As a result, sulfides play a key role in the formation of numerous world-class mineral systems, including gold, nickel, copper and the platinum group elements. However, even if the scientific community broadly agrees that sulfur most likely played a crucial role in the establishment of the first forms of proto-life, the relationship between the global sulfur cycle and the evolution of the biosphere-atmosphere-hydrosphere-lithosphere in the Early Earth is still a hot topic of debate. The entire day was a great success.
CCFS Centre Research Meeting CCFS MQ hosted the Centre-wide Research meeting 3-4 July 2014
Short Course for Precambrian Centre in Beijing, China Sue O’Reilly and Bill Griffin were appointed Short Course presenters for Geochemistry September 2014
IUCES Summer School “Water in Geological Processes” at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan Sue O’Reilly and Bill Griffin were presenters 8-15 September 2014
Postgraduate Seminar Day Organised by the MQ Department of EPS featuring presentations and posters from EPS and CCFS PhD students 19-20 November 2014
Laser Ablation Split Stream Petrochronology Workshop Hosted by CCFS CU node 29 September -1 October 2014
Plumes or Plates in the Archean: How far does uniformitarianism apply in Archean tectonics? Archean Tectonics Debate and Symposium Organised by Weronika Gorcsyk and Steve Barnes (CSIRO) Well attended with over 80 participants 27-28 November 2014
Dr Weronika Gorcsyk and Dr Steve Barnes (CSIRO) organised a very well attended and exciting debate on Archean tectonics. It has long been debated how far back in Earth’s history plate tectonic processes have operated. Until the late 1980’s, many geologists considered that plate tectonic activity only operated in the past 1 Ga. Since then, new discoveries have pushed back the envelope to the early Archean. This is a matter of continued dispute and is currently unresolved. Understanding of dynamic Archean tectonics is critical for comprehending the evolution of the Australian continent, and processes that led to the formation of world-class gold and base metal provinces. Recent advances in geophysics, geochronology and geochemistry have opened up new ideas and interpretation of tectonic evolution in the Archean. These were discussed and debated during the two day event.
CET Corporate Members Day Organised by Cam McCuaig and Marco Fiorentini 9 December 2014
1st Australian Workshop for Early and Mid-Career Geoscientists Hosted at CCFS MQ node and sponsored by CCFS Organised by Juan Carlos Afonso, Fabiao Capitanio (Monash),Chris Clark, Heather Handley, Giampiero Iaffaldano (ANU), Stephan Thiel (U. Adelaide)Attended by ~85 participants 1-2 December 2014
The workshop brought together Australian Early and Mid-Career Geoscientists (EMCG) working in universities, government institutions, and the industry sector to discuss current and future challenges and opportunities for EMCGs in Australia. The overarching goals of the workshop were to harness the potential of EMC geoscientists in Australia and to 1) Establish a national network of EMCGs to foster collaboration and provide support and guidance to ECRs. 2) Discuss the role of EMC geoscientists in contributing to the development of community-based research objectives that address current Australian needs (both industry and academic). 3) Discuss strategies for funding to improve geoscience research capacities in Australia. 4) Promote opportunities for recruitment support and advancement within Australia and abroad. 5) Discuss Mid- and long-term research strategies to maintain the productivity, originality and success of the Australian Geoscience community at the highest level.






MQ Vice Chancellor's Citation for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Kelsie Dadd
The 2014 UWA Vice-Chancellor’s Mid-Career Research Award Marco Fiorentini
CET Science Day - Awarded Best student poster Christopher Gonzalez
Awarded the Clark Medal from the Royal Society of New South Wales Bill Griffin
Only Australian Geoscientists listed in Thomson-Reuters Highly-Cited Researchers, 2014: Bill Griffin, Zheng-Xiang Li, Simon Wilde
Tall Poppy Award Heather Handley
Visiting Professorship, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France Cam McCuaig
Nominated for UWA Vice-Chancellor’s Award in Research Mentorship Cam McCuaig
Nominated by UWA for the Western Australian Scientist of the Year Award Cam McCuaig
Awarded AESC student scholarships from GSA - NSW division Nicole McGowan
Elected to Australian Academy of Sciences Council Sue O'Reilly
2014 Macquarie University's 3MT (3 Minute thesis) - won Faculty competition and the People's Choice award in the University finalg Irena Tretiakova
Distinguished Professor Award recipient Simon Turner
2014-2018 - ARC Future Fellows David Wacey and Xuan-Ce Wang
2013 Curtin Early Career Research Highest Research Performance Index Award Xuan-Ce Wang
Geophysics Journal International: Outstanding Reviewers 2014 Yingjie Yang
Awarded 2015 Anton Hales Medal for research in earth sciences Yingjie Yang 






Public lecture entitled “Archean komatiite volcanism and ore genesis controlled by the evolution of early continents”, held within the forum of the IS Grand Terre public monthly seminars at the University of Grenoble, France Marco Fiorentini January
Lecture at UWA’s School of Earth and Environment’s “DEE-TALKS” about working in Canada’s Yukon Territory as an exploration geologist - “Fear and Loathing in the Land of the Midnight Sun” David Stevenson April
Spoke at Women in Science careers night, Macquarie University Kelsie Dadd May
Participated in My Science mentoring program at West Epping School Kelsie Dadd May
Public lecture “Sulfur degassing and nickel-sulfide ore-forming process in Archean komatiite volcanoes”, UWA Marco Fiorentini May
Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Newcastle, Public talk, Newcastle Museum: Van Kranendonk, M.J., “Making the sky blue: The early history of life and the rise of complex life” Martin Van Kranendonk July
Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Newcastle, Organiser, Geological Society of Australia sponsored Public Forum on “Energy 2050: The Future of Energy in Australia” Martin Van Kranendonk July
Participated in “Girls in Science Night" at Seaforth Public School aimed at enhancing science in education at the secondary level Tracy Rushmer August
Public Lecture - Knox Grammar School, “The geologist” Sandra Piazolo September
Invited talk at “Young Mineralogist Organisation” - “How mantle is attractive - The research life in France and Australia.” This talk was provided for young people interested in Earth Sciences. Takako Satsukawa September
CET Member’s Day Presentation “Isotopic mapping and paleogeophysics” Marco Fiorentini December
Geological Survey public outreach though numerous stakeholder meetings and direct public engagement Chris Kirkland 2014



Conference Abstract

Juan Carlos Afonso

 Co-editor of Special Volume: The lithosphere and beyond: a multidisciplinary spotlight.  Lithos Special Issue 189, 15 February 2014  (with Professor Sue O’Reilly and Professor Bill Griffin)

Chris Clark

 Invited Early-Mid career representative, Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Earth Sciences

Ian Fitzsimons

Fellow of the Geological Society, London
Fellow of the Mineralogical Society

Bill Griffin

Co-editor of Special Volume: American Journal of Science Special Issue in Honour of Bor-Ming Jahn.  In press.  (with Chung S.L., Shellnutt, J.G. and Wang, K-L), 2014

Matt Kilburn

Visiting Professorship, Technische Universität München Dec 2014

Yongjun Lu Appointed Associate Editor for SEG 2016 Special Publication on Tethys

Craig O'Neill

International University Consortium in Earth Science (IUCES) MQ colleague

Catherine McCammon President, Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology section of the American Geophysical Union

Cam McCuaig
Invited member, Science Committee, UNCOVER

Sue O’Reilly Member of the ARC ERA Reference Working Group 2013-2014
Chair, Australian Academy of Sciences National Committee, Earth Sciences
Member Executive Committee, UNCOVER national initiative (auspices of the Australian Academy of Sciences) 
Appointed member NSW Minerals Council Taskforce for the Minister for Resources and Energy (for the Hon Anthony Roberts MP, 2014)
Member of the Academy of Sciences Working Party for the Chief Scientist on the Economic Value of STEM to Australia (2014)
Member, 2015 ERA Research Evaluation Committee

Tracy Rushmer

Appointed member of the Program Advisory Committee - Australian Synchrotron
Appointed as Associate Dean of Higher Degree Research at Macquarie University

Martin Van Kranendonk

Chair of the Precambrian Subcommission of the International Commission on Stratigraphy
Co-Director, Australian Centre for Astrobiology

Xuan-Ce Wang

 Appointed as an Adjunct Research Professor - Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences




Acta Geologica Sinica


Acta Geoscientia Sinica


American Journal of Science


Chemical Geology


EGU Journal Solid Earth Afonso, Schaefer


C. Clark

Geological Society of America Bulletin

Griffin, Li



GeoResJ George, Jacob, Schaefer

Gondwana Research


Journal of Asian Earth Sciences

Li, Wilde

Journal of the Geological Society, London C. Clark, Fitzsimons

Journal of Jilin University – Earth Science


Journal of Metamorphic Geology Brown

Journal of Petrology


Journal of Structural Geology



C.Clark, Foley, Griffin

Mineralium Deposita Fiorentini
Ore Geology Reviews Bagas
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals McCammon

Precambrian Research

Barley, Pisarevsky, Van Kranendonk

Scientific Reports






Date, Forum

Web address

 Geotalk: The mantle and models and measurements, oh my! Talking geophysics with Juan Carlos Afonso 

Juan Carlos Afonso  27/03/2014, GEOLOG (The Official Blog of the European Geosciences Union)
Rocks get super-heated to 1000°C under new mountains Chris Clark and Mike Brown 20/11/2014, BBC  
QS World - Macquarie University was the only university to achieve two top five positions in philosophy and earth and marine sciences University Ranking by Subject - MQ with 2 x top 5 MQ - EPS 26/02/2014, The Australian The Australian, Australia, by Julie Hare, Higher Education, p. 25 


Mars prospectivity

Marco Fiorentini June Issue, CET Quarterly News  

Hottest lava eruption linked to growth of first continents

Marco Fiorentini 24/06/2014, UWA media release 

Hydrothermal remobilisation of nickel-sulfide systems

Marco Fiorentini  September Issue, CET Quarterly News  

Frontiers in Mineral Exploration

Marco Fiorentini, Raphael Baumgartner, Davd Wacey  7/11/2014, UWA media release

De gisements de metaux sur Mars

Marco Fiorentini 11/11/2014, IRD media release

Red rovers meet the ultimate outback challenge

Simon George 8/09/2014, The Age

Finding the world's oldest fossils the Flinders Ranges

Simon George  9/09/2014, 639 ABC North and West 

Four of our best make World’s Most Influential Minds list

Bill Griffin, Simon Wilde, Zheng-Xiang Li 14/07/2014, This Week at Macquarie   

Young tall-poppy science awards for astronomer and volcanologist

Heather Handley  11/11/2014, MQ Newsroom

Light and lava

Heather Handley 16/11/2014, This Week at Macquarie

World's oldest rocks spark discussion on origin of life

Craig O’Neill 11 April 2013, ABC News in Science

Expert reaction: Earthquake in California, Australian Science Media Centre

Craig O'Neill 25/08/2014, aus/SMC Australian Science Media Centre

Promoting service and engagement

Craig O'Neill 16/11/2014, This Week at Macquarie

Eminent geologist joins Australian Academy of Science Council

Sue O'Reilly 14/11/2014, MQ Newsroom 

Eminent geologist joins Australian Academy of Science Council

Sue O'Reilly  14/11/2014, Australian Academy of Science News

Early start for plate tectonics

Simon Turner 14/01/2014, Chemistry World

Study of Earth’s crust tells of first plate tectonics and life on Earth

Simon Turner 30/01/2014, MQ Newsroom

Old rocks open new debate on life's origins

Simon Turner 4/02/2014, The Australian

 Earth’s crust tells a different story

Simon Turner 7/02/2014, Science Alert

 The Dawn of Plate Tectonics

Simon Turner 19/02/2014, Science Magazine - Latest News 

 World’s oldest rocks spark discussion on origin of life

Simon Turner 21/02/2014, Iowa Now

 Analysis of rock sequences in Quebec and Japan -continental drift

Simon Turner 26/02/2014, 702 ABC Sydney 702 ABC Sydney

Conditions for Creation

 Simon Turner, Tracy Rushmer and colleagues 1/07/2014, Australasian Science

Distinguished Professor Simon Turner

Simon Turner  24/10/2014, Research Impact MQ

Filmed part of a documentary for PBS USA - on “The evolution of Minerals”, together with Professor Bob Hazen, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Martin Van Kranendonk to be aired in 2015,  PBS USA N/A to be aired in 2015 

Academy awards recognise outstanding science researchers

 Yingjie Yang 25/11/2014, MQ Newsroom




CCFS fosters links nationally and internationally through visits of collaborators to undertake defined short-term projects, or short-term visits to give lectures and seminar sessions.  Formal collaborative arrangements are facilitated by partnerships in grants with reciprocal funding from international collaborators.

All Australian and international visitors are listed in Appendix 5. 

They have participated in: 

collaborative research

technology exchange


discussions and joint publications

collaboration in postgraduate programs