CCFS honours & postgraduates





Jack Adams:  Chromian spinel - Hydrous melt: Integrating isotope labelling and NanoSIMS (UWA)

Sarah Chamberlain:  Geochronology, palaeomagnetism and magnetic fabric of mafic dykes near the Darling Scarp and palaeogeography of Western Australia (CU)

Haydn White:  Sub-micron imaging of cation and D218O exchange during K-feldspar replacement under hydrothermal conditions (UWA)



Wendy Dang:  Implications for life on Mars at Gusev Crater and Nili Patera using a terrestrial analogue at the North Pole Dome, Western Australia (UNSW)



Chris Guldbrandsen:  The role of microbial precipitation of “buckshot pyrite” in the 2.76 Ga Hardey Formation, Fortescue Group, Pilbara, Australia (UNSW)

Brendan Nomchong:  The origin of clotty-textured (thrombolitic) microbialites at the rise of atmospheric oxygen: The c. 2.4 Ga Turee Creek Group, Western Australia (UNSW)

Georgia Soares:  The developmental significance of stromatolite complexity across the rise of atmospheric oxygen: The c. 2.4 Ga Turee Creek Group, Western Australia  (UNSW)

Luke Stellar:  Boron and the origin of life: geochemical analysis of ancient tourmaline crusts, Recent boron-rich muds, and synthesised boron-rich products (UNSW)



From 2013, the honours program at Macquarie University was replaced by a two-year Masters of Research (MRes) combining advanced coursework with research training to better prepare research students for further postgraduate study. The MRes aligns Macquarie’s HDR program with those of many international universities and allows for a smoother transition into international postgraduate programs. From 2014, the MRes or equivalent is the prerequisite for enrolling in Macquarie’s postgraduate research (PhD) program. This change fulfils one of the CCFS goals - introducing high-level postgraduate coursework units.



Anthony Lanati:  Determining the role of water in mantle conductivity

Alexandre Lemenager:  Numerical modelling of the Sydney Basin using temperature dependent thermal conductivity measurements

Uvana Meek:  Reactive fluid flow in the lower crust

Josephine Moore:  Grain boundary characterisation of Alpine Fault rocks


Sarah Gain assisting Masters students Sean Kartun, Jean-Antoine Gazi (MRes) and Masters student Chris Corcoran using the Nu Plasma II MC-ICP-MS.



Cameron Brown:  Geomechanical stability of granular asteroids

Victoria Elliott:  Modification of zircon during melt-rock interaction, Fiordland, New Zealand

Jean-Antoine Gazi:  Accretion of planetismals: A view from Carbonaceous Chondrites (pictured)

Mitchell Gerdes:  Cryptic Amphibole and H2O fractionation from melts in volcanic arc settings: Evidence in xenoliths from Batan Island, Philippines

Colleen McMahon:  Effects of lithospheric rheological heterogeneities on dynamic topography



CCFS postgraduate students include those already in progress in 2011 with projects relevant to CCFS Research Themes, as well as those who commenced in 2012-2015. 28 papers with CCFS postgraduates as authors were published in high-profile international journals in 2015, including Gondwana Research, Scientific Reports (Nature), Geology, Lithos, Chemical Geology, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, Ore Geology Reviews, Economic Geology and Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. 59 presentations were also given at 14 international conferences (see Appendix 6 ).




Cam McCuaig, Katerina Bjorkman with her award, and Nicolas Thebaud.


Katarina Bjorkman was awarded the 2015 Hammond-Nisbet Fellow Poster Award for best student poster at CET Corporate Members Day

Beñat Oliveira Bravo  attended an award ceremony in Barcelona, Spain on the 10th of April 2015 where he was officially presented with his “La Caixa” scholarship by Queen Letizia of Spain.

Beñat was also awarded the Macquarie University DVC-Research Commendation PGRF award.

Beñat Oliveira Bravo


Chengxin Jiang  (pictured left) was “Highly Commended for Excellence in Higher Degree Research (Engineering, Medicine and Science)” at the 2015 Macquarie University Research Excellence Awards.

Chengxin Jiang


Luis Parra-Avila received the “David Groves Prize for Outstanding Postgraduate Research in Geology”, School of Earth and Environment, The University of Western Australia’.

Vikraman Selvaraja was awarded “Best Student Talk” at SGA Nancy, September 2015.

Qing Xiong was nominated for the “Li Si-Guang Outstanding Postgraduate Award” (Chinese national level); October 2015.



Rachel Bezard(PhD):  Impact of crustal assimilation on the Lesser Antilles arc lava geochemistry (MQ 2014)

Lauren Burley(MSc):  The geology of the Fisher East komatiite-hosted nickel sulphide deposit (UWA 2015)

David Clark(PhD):  Integrated magnetics: Contributions to improved processing and interpretation of magnetic gradient tensor data, new methods for source location and estimation of magnetisation, and predictive magnetic exploration models (MQ 2014)

Jane Collins(PhD):  The structural evolution and mineralisation history of the Flying Fox komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposit, Forrestania Greenstone Belt, Western Australia (UWA 2013)

Cara Danis(PhD):  Geothermal state of the Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin system (MQ 2012)

Tara Djokic (MPhil):  Assessing the link between Earth’s earliest convincing evidence of life and hydrothermal fluids: The c. 3.5 Ga Dresser Formation of the North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia (UNSW 2015)

Fiona Foley(PhD):  Magmatic consequences of subduction initiation and its role in continental crust formation (MQ 2013)

Yuya Gao(PhD):  Origin of A-type Granites in East China: Evidence from Hf-O-Li Isotopes (MQ 2015)

Rongfeng Ge(PhD):  Precambrian to Paleozoic tectono-thermal evolution in the Korla area, northern Tarim Craton, NW China (CU 2015)

Felix Genske(PhD):  Assessing the heterogeneous source of the Azores mantle plume (MQ 2013)

Erin Gray(PhD):  Deformation of Earth’s upper mantle: insights from naturally occurring fabric types (UWA 2014)

Christopher Grose(PhD):  Thermochemical models of oceanic upper mantle (MQ 2015)

Celia Guergouz(MSc):  Study of the dynamic emplacement of Nickel mineralisation, as well as the geodynamics of the lithosphere (UWA/Nancy, 2014)

Matthew Hill(PhD):  4D structural, magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of the Au-Cu-Bi system in the Tennant Creek Mineral Field, NT, Australia (UWA 2015)

Yosuke Hoshino(PhD):  Investigation of hydrocarbon biomarkers preserved in the Fortescue Group in the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia (MQ 2015)

Jin-Xiang Huang(PhD):  Origin of eclogite and pyroxenite xenoliths in kimberlites and basalts (MQ 2012 )

Huiqing Huang(PhD):  The petrogenesis of Jurassic granitic rocks in Western Nanling Ranges of South China and tectonic implications (CU 2013)

Carissa Isaac(PhD):  4D architecture of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane in the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia, in order to constrain the role of the lithospheric structure at 2.7 Ga in the localisation of nickel mineral systems (UWA 2015)

Erwann Lebrun(PhD):  4D structural modelling and hydrothermal evolution of the sediment hosted Siguiri gold deposit (Guinea) and implication on Paleoproterozoic gold targeting in West Africa (UWA 2015)

Margaux Le Vaillant(PhD):  Characterisation of the nature, geometry and size of hydrothermal remobilisation of base metals and platinum group elements in magmatic nickel sulphide deposit systems. Implications for exploration targeting (UWA 2015)

Ben Li(PhD):  Evolution of fluid associated with gold mineralisation in the Paleoproterozoic Granites-Tanami Orogen (UWA 2015)

Shan Li(PhD):  Early Mesozoic magmatism and tectonics in the Beishan area of Inner Mongolia, China (CU 2013)

Li-Ping Liu(PhD):  Timing and kinematics of Mesozoic-Cenozoic mountain building and cratonic thinning in eastern North China: a combined structural and thermochronological study (CU 2015)

Yingchao Leo) Liu(PhD):  Recognising gold mineralisation zones using GIS-Based modelling of multiple ground and airborne datasets (CU 2015)

Yongjun Lu(PhD):  Controls on porphyry emplacement and Porphyry Au-Cu mineralisation along the Red River Fault, Hunan Province, China (UWA 2012)

Volodymyr Lysytsyn(PhD):  Mineral prospectivity analysis and quantitative resource assessments for exploration targeting-development of effective data integration models and practical applications (UWA 2015)

Jelena Markov(PhD):  3D Geophysical Interpretation of the Archean-Paleoproterozoic Boundary, Leo-Man Shield, West Africa (UWA 2015)

Kombada Mhopjeni(MSc):  Investigating the Uranium potential in Namibia using GIS-based techniques (UWA 2013)

David Mole(PhD):  Quantifying melt-lithosphere interaction in space and time: understanding nickel mineral systems in the Archaean Yilgarn Craton (UWA 2013 )

Melissa Murphy(PhD):  A novel approach for economic uranium deposit exploration and environmental studies (MQ 2013)


Rosanna Murphy


Rosanna Murphy(PhD):  Stabilising a Craton: The Origin and Emplacement of the 3.1 Ga Mpuluzi Batholith (MQ 2015)

Chongjin Pang(PhD):  Basin record of Mesozoic tectonic events in South China (CU 2014)

Matthew Pankhurst(PhD):  Geodynamic significance of shoshonitic magmatism within the Andean Altiplano (MQ 2013)

Jonathon Poh(MSc):  Numerical investigation of the driving forces of Archean fluid and heat transfer flows (UWA 2015)

Ekaterina Rubanova(PhD):  Fluid processes in the deep mantle: Geochemical studies of diamonds and related minerals (MQ 2013)

James (Ed) Saunders(PhD):  The nature, abundance and mobility of gold in the mantle (MQ 2014)

Elyse Schinella(PhD):  Constraining the contribution of isostasy and dynamic uplift at Venusian volcanic rises and tessera terrain: implications for rifting and volcanism (MQ 2014)

Mingdao Sun(PhD):  Late Mesozoic magmatism and its tectonic implication for the Jiamusi Block and adjacent areas of NE China (CU 2013)

Rajat Taneja(PhD):  The origin of seamount volcanism in the Northeast Indian Ocean (MQ 2015)

Ni Tao(PhD): Thermochronological record of tectonic events in central and southeastern South China since the Mesozoic (CU 2015)

Zoja Vukmanovic(PhD):  A micromechanical and geochemical analysis of remobilisation of komatiite-hosted Ni sulfide ores (UWA 2013)

Qian Wang(PhD):  A geological traverse across the Jack Hills Metasedimentary Belt, Western Australia: isotopic constraints on the distribution of Proterozoic rocks and the evolution of Hadean crust (CU 2015)

Qing Xiong(PhD):  Shenglikou and Zedang Peridotite Massifs, Tibet (China): Upper mantle processes and geodynamic significance (MQ 2015)

Weihua Yao(PhD):  Lower Palaeozoic basin record in Southern South China: Nature of the Cathaysia basement and evolution of the Wuyi-Yunkai Orogeny (CU 2014)

Yao Yu(PhD):  The evolution and water inventory of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle: A new perspective from peridotite xenoliths (SE China) and zircon megacrysts from basalts (MQ 2014)

Qingtao Zeng(PhD):  Regional controls on gold mineral systems in the western Qinling Belt, Gansu Province, China (UWA 2013)

Ganyang Zhang(PhD):  Sb-Au mineralisation mechanism and exploration targeting prediction research in the Northern Himalaya Metallogenetic Belt, Tibet, China (UWA 2013)

Jianwei Zi(PhD):  Igneous petrogenesis and tectonic evolution of Cretaceous plutons, eastern Tibetan Plateau (UWA 2013)

Kongyang Zhu(PhD):  Petrogenesis and tectonic setting of Phanerozoic granitic rocks in eastern South China (CU 2014)



Constanza Jara Barra (PhD):   Gold pathways: evolution of the lithospheric to crustal architecture of the El Indio Belt, Chile-Argentina  (UWA, commenced 2015)

Erica Barlow (PhD):   Biological evolution resulting from atmospheric and environmental change, Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia; APA  (UNSW, commenced 2015)

Raphael Baumgartner (PhD):   Ore deposits of the future; magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide mineral systems on Mars; IPRS-A  (UWA, commenced 2013) see Research highlight

Jason Bennett (PhD):   The in situ microanalysis of cassiterite to constrain the genesis, evolution and geochronology of tin bearing mineralised systems; University Postgraduate Award  (UWA, commenced 2015)

Katarina Bjorkman (PhD): 4D lithospheric evolution and controls on mineral system distribution: Insights from Marmion Terrane, Western Superior Province, Canada; UWA SIRF-A  (UWA, commenced 2013)  see Research highlight

Richard Blake (MPhil):   Organic Geochemistry of Endolithic Cyanobacteria: False biomarker signals in 2.7-2.3 Ga rocks from contamination by endolithic cyanobacteria and other organics  (UNSW, commenced 2015)

Raul Brens Jr (PhD): Origin of silicic magmas in a primitive island arc: The first integrated experimental and short-lived isotope study of the Tonga-Kermadec system ; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2011)

Stefano Caruso (PhD):   Geological controls on the fractionation of multiple sulfur isotopes in Archean mineral systems; SIRF & MRIWA Postgraduate Scholarship  (UWA, commenced 2015)

Montgarri Castillo Oliver (PhD):   Compositional evolution of indicator minerals: Application to diamond exploration; iMQRES Cotutelle  (MQ, commenced 2014)   see Research highlight

Mathieu Chasse (PhD):   Mechanisms of Enrichment of Rare Earth Elements in Supergene Conditions; IMQRES, COT  (MQ, commenced 2015)

David Child (PhD):   Characterisation of actinide particles in the environment for nuclear safeguards using mass spectrometric techniques  (MQ, part-time, submitted 2015)

Bruno Colas (PhD):   Why is the San Andreas Fault so weak?;iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2013)

Stephen Craven (PhD): The Evolution of the Wongwibinda Metamorphic Complex, New England Orogen, NSW, Australia  (MQ, part time, submitted 2015)


Stephen Craven assisting visitor Luke Milan (University of New England) in the selFrag Lab


Daria Czaplinska (PhD):   Flow characteristics of lower crustal rocks: Field studies and numerical modelling; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2012)

Greg Dering (PhD):   Dynamics and emplacement mechanisms of mafic magma networks with implications for intrusion-hosted magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits; APA (CSIRO top up)  (UWA, commenced 2014)  see Research highlight

Raphael Doutre (PhD):   Spatial periodicity, self-organisation and controls on large ore deposits; International Sponsorship, Teck Resources Ltd  (UWA, commenced 2013)

Eileen Dunkley (PhD):   Hf isotopic behaviour in turbidites, migmatites and granites at Mount Stafford, central Australia; MQRES  (MQ, part time, commenced 2010)

Timmons Erickson (PhD):   Resolving the bombardment history of the early Earth using ancient zircons  (CU, commenced 2013)

Katherine Farrow (PhD):   In situ melt generation and thermal origin of the Nagadarunga Granite: Implications for the geochronology and tectonic evolution of the eastern Arunta Region, Central Australia  (MQ, part time, commenced 2014)

Christopher Firth (PhD):   Elucidating magmatic drivers and eruptive behaviours of persistently active volcanoes; APA  (MQ, submitted 2015)

Denis Fougourouse (PhD):   4D geometry and genesis of the Obuasi gold deposit, Mali; International Sponsorship  (UWA, submitted 2015)

Robyn Gardner (PhD):   The nature of the lower crust: New insights from field compilations, experiments and numerical modelling; MQRES  (MQ, commenced 2012)

Christopher Gonzalez (PhD):   CO2 devolatilisation and its influence on partial melting, subduction, and metasomatism in the mantle lithosphere; UWA SIRF (UWA, commenced 2012)  see Research highlight

Hadrien Henry (PhD):   Fate of mafic-ultramafic domains during subduction: Modelling pyroxenite deformation, Cabo Ortegal, Spain; IMQRES, COT  (MQ, commenced 2015)   see Research highlight

Louise Goode (PhD):   Volcanological and geochemical evolution of East Javanese Volcanoes, Indonesia; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2014)

Linda Iaccheri (PhD):   Petrogenesis of the plutonic rocks in the Granites-Tanami Orogen; UWA SIRF  (UWA, commenced 2013)


Kim Jessop


Kim Jessop (PhD):   Fluids and metamorphism: New insights from field mapping, metamorphic petrology and thermodynamic modelling; APA  (MQ, commenced 2013)

Chengxin Jiang (PhD):   Combining seismic tomography and sedimentology to understand the deep structure and evolution of the northern edge of Tibetan Plateau; iMQRES  (MQ, submitted 2015)  see Research highlight

Jelte Keeman (PhD):   Isotope characterisation of detrital zircons across the Delamerian Orogen in South Australia; APA  (MQ, commenced 2015)


Heta Lampinen


Heta Lampinen (PhD):   Mineral system footprints, Edmund Basin, Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia; SIEF  (UWA, commenced 2014)

Pablo Lara (PhD):   Late Neoproterozoic granitoid magmatism of the southernmost section of the Dom Feliciano Belt in Uruguay: Regional geology, geochemistry, geochronology and its significance for the geotectonic evolution of the Region; iMQRES Cotutelle  (MQ, part time, commenced 2010)

Shaijie Li (PhD):   Isotopic Dating Oil Generation and Charge Events in Canning (Australia) and Sichuan (China) ; Curtin CIPRS  (CU, commenced 2015)

Nora Liptai (PhD):   Nature of the mantle beneath the Carpathian-Pannonian basin, Hungary - A mantle xenolith study; IMQRES, COT  (MQ, commenced 2015)


Yebo Liu


Yebo Liu (PhD):   Paleomagnetism of Proterozoic igneous rocks in Australia and East Antarctica: implications for pre-Pangea supercontinents and the supercontinent cycle; Curtin CIPRS  (CU, commenced 2015)

Jianggu Lu (PhD):   Nature and evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath the South China block; iMQRES Cotutelle, China Scholarship Council, iMQRES top-up  (MQ, commenced 2014)

Quentin Masurel (PhD):   Controls on the genesis, geometry and location of the Sadiola-Yatela Gold Deposit, Republic of Mali; IPRS-A  (UWA, submitted 2015)

Samuel Matthews (PhD):   Tracking CO2 sequestration using gravity gradiometry; CO2CRC Scholarship  (MQ, commenced 2014)

Nicole McGowan (PhD):   Messages from the mantle: Geochemical investigations of ophiolitic chromites; APA  (MQ, commenced 2012)

Keith McKenzie (PhD):   Magnetic and gravity gradient tensors and the application to the analysis of remanence;  (MQ, commenced 2015)

Vicky Meier (PhD):   Metamorphic evolution of the Kerala Khondalite belt, India; CIPRS  (CU, commenced 2013)

Antoine Neaud (MSc):   The geology of the Savannah nickel sulphide deposit, Western Australia  (UWA, submitted 2015)

Jiawen Niu (MPhil):   Neoproterozoic paleomagnetism of South China and implications for global geodynamics; Curtin University ARC DP scholarship  (CU, submitted 2015)

Beñat Oliveira Bravo (PhD):   Multicomponent and multiphase reactive flows in the Earth’s mantle; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2013)

Luis Parra-Avila (PhD):   4D evolution of felsic magmatic suites and lithospheric architecture of the Paleoproterozoic Birimian terranes, West Africa; IPRS, UWA SIRF, UIS, Ad Hoc Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship, ARC Linkage project  (UWA, submitted 2015)  see Research highlight

Carl Peters (PhD):   Biomarkers and fluid inclusions of early Earth using samples from Australia; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2013)

Greg Poole (PhD):   A metallogenic model for porphyry-related and epithermal systems of the Permian-Triassic Choiyoi Group in the Cordillera Frontal, Argentina; Australian Postgraduate Award  (UWA, commenced 2015)

Shahid Ramzan (PhD):   The strength of oceanic plate bounding faults; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2012)

Valerie Roy (MSc):   Hydrogeological and Hydrogeochemical Study of the Peak Hill-Horseshoe Deposit, Capricorn Orogen to Identify Mineral System Footprints;  (UWA, commenced 2014)


Farshad Salajegheh


Farshad Salajegheh (PhD):   3D multivariable probabilistic inversion for thermochemical structure of Earth  (MQ, part time, commenced 2014)

Vikram Selvaraja (PhD):   Multi-isotopic characterisation of sulfide-bearing mineralisation in the Capricorn Orogen of Western Australia: fingerprinting ore-forming processes in space and time  (UWA, commenced 2014

Liene Spruzeniece (PhD):   Fundamental link between deformation, fluids and the rates of reactions in minerals; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2012)


Camilla Stark


Camilla Stark (PhD):   Decoding mafic dykes in the southern Yilgarn Craton: Significance to Australia’s position in supercontinent -superplume cycles; Curtin CIPRS  (CU, commenced 2014)

David Stevenson (PhD):   4D modelling of the Tanami Inlier, Northern Territory  (UWA, commenced 2012)

Catherine Stuart (PhD):   Flow characteristics of lower crustal rocks: In depth analysis of xenoliths and experimental studies; MQRES  (MQ, commenced 2012)

Sahand Tadbiri (MSc):   The geometry and kinematics of hydrothermal veins in the c. 3.5 Ga Dresser Formation, North Pole Dome, Western Australia;  (UNSW, commenced 2015)   see Research highlight

Romain Tilhac (PhD):   Peridotite Massifs from North-Western Iberia; iMQRES Cotutelle  (MQ, commenced 2013)  see Research highlight pp. 37-38 pictured above


Romain Tilhac


Mehdi Tork Qashqai (PhD):   Inversion of multiple geophysical data for composition and thermal structure of Earth’s upper mantle; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2012)

Irina Tretiakova (PhD):   The nature, extent and age of the lower crust and underlying subcontinental lithospheric mantle (SCLM) beneath the Siberian Craton (Russia); iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2013)

Janet Tunjic (PhD):   Terranes, volcanoes and gold: relationship of gold mineralisation to stratigraphic domains and terranes in the East Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia  (UWA, commenced 2014)

Yu Wang (PhD):   Melting process in recycled continental crust; iMQRES, China Science Council  (MQ, submitted 2015)

Kai Wang (PhD):   Joint inversion of surface waves and body waves from ambient noise seismic interferometry; iMQRES  (MQ, commenced 2015)

James Warren (PhD):   4D evolution of the Ora Banda and Coolgardie Domains; RTS  (UWA, commenced 2012)


Bo Xu


Jonathon Michael Wasiliev (PhD):   Two-phase flow within the Earth’s mantle: Implications for flat subduction settings; MQRES  (MQ, commenced 2013)

Shucheng Wu (PhD):   The geodynamic setting of the Western Junggar region during the Late Paleozoic: evidence from seismic tomography; IMQRES, Cotutelle  (MQ, commenced 2015)

Jun Xie (PhD):   Imaging the lithosphere structure of Australia using dispersion curve receiver functions and Rayleigh waves A/H ratio; iMQRES Cotutelle  (MQ, commenced 2014)

Bo Xu (PhD):   Mantle xenoliths and lamprophyres in Tibet: mineralisation and tectonic implications; iMQRES Cotutelle  (MQ, commenced 2014)


Hugh Bannister (MPhil):   Testing the environmental dipstick model: Carbonate compositions across the first global glaciation associated with the rise of atmospheric oxygen in Australia and South Africa  (UNSW)

Tara Djokic (PhD):   Visualising early life on Earth: A Virtual platform for teaching science in the modern world  (UNSW)

Michael Förster (PhD):   Experimental melting of rocks of ultramafic and sedimentary origin in accretionary orogens  (MQ)

Uvana Meek (PhD):   The curious case of the imposter cumulate, Fiordland, New Zealand  (MQ)

David Silva (PhD):   Spatial, temporal and metasomatic patterns in hydrous shear zones, Strangways Range, Central Australia  (MQ)

PhD students at the CCFS Research meeting held on 22-23 October 2015.