Appendix 6: 2018 Abstract titles




Origins of life, Gordon Research Conference, Galveston, Texas, USA, 14-19 January 2018

Insights for origins of life from the earliest convincing record of life on Earth
T. Djokic, M.J. Van Kranendonk, M.R. Walter, K.A. Campbell and C.A. Ward   Invited

International Diamond School, Bressanone, Italy, 28 January - 3 February 2018

Mystery mineral in Jericho eclogite: A constraint on mantle metasomatism
S. Greene, D. Jacob and L. Heaman

49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Woodlands, Texas, USA, 19-23 March 2018

Atomic scale depth profile of space weathering in an Itokawa olivine grain
L. Daly, M.R. Lee, L.J. Hallis, P.A. Bland, S.M. Reddy, D.W. Saxey, W.D.A. Rickard, D. Fougerouse, N.E. Timms and F. Jourdan

U-Pb Chronology of Apollo 17 samples
A.A. Nemchin, M.J. Whitehouse, J.F. Snape, F. Thiessen and R.T. Pidgeon

Apollo 17, Station 2, Boulder 1: Revisiting Consortium Indomitabile
D.A. Kring, D.H. Needham, R.J. Walker, A.A. Nemchin and H.H. Schmitt

Deformation microstructures preserved in zircon and monazite from the Yarrabubba impact structure, Western Australia
T.M. Erickson, C.L. Kirkland and N.E. Timms

Terrestrial hot springs and the origin of life: Implications for the search for life beyond Earth
M. Van Kranendonk, R. Baumgartner, E. Boyd, S. Cady, K. Campbell, A. Czaja, B. Damer, D. Deamer, T. Djokic, M. Fiorentini, A. Gangidine, J. Havig, A. Mulkidjnian, S. Ruff and P. Thordarson

The Royal Society, Earth dynamics and the development of plate tectonics, London, UK, 19-20 March 2018

The inception of plate tectonics on terrestrial planets
C. O’Neill   Keynote

EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 8-13 April 2018

Contributions of microstructure and crystallographic preferred orientation to seismic anisotropy in the lower continental crust
B. Almqvist, D. Cyprych, S. Piazolo and M. Bazargan

Have mantle get crust - Consequences of fluid-peridotite interaction for continental crust composition
A. Beinlich, H. Austrheim, V. Mavromatis, B. Grguric, C. Putnis and A. Putnis   Invited

The “hidden” craton in the Adria plate: evidence from geochemistry and Re-Os of mantle xenoliths from Veneto Volcanic Province (North-East Italy)
V. Brombin, C. Bonadiman, M. Coltorti, O. Alard, Y. Gréau, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and A. Marzoli

Hydrating the Earth’s deep, dry crust
C. Clark, M. Hand, T. Erickson and S. Reddy

Monitoring the evolution and mineralization of porphyry systems by using the geochemical inventory of apatite
J. Hammerli, A. Kemp, M. Fiorentini and P. Blevin

A new melt contamination model for the generation of “I-type” granitic rocks by melting heterogeneous lower crust
J. Hammerli, A. Kemp and T. Shimura

LLSVP survival from an early Earth mantle: analysing stability beneath a stagnant-lid
P. Heron, C. O’Neill, S. Zhang and J. van Hunen

'Water’ poor rock forming constituents in upper mantle xenoliths and their possible implications from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
N. Liptai, L. Patkó, I. Kovács, L. Aradi, W. Griffin, S. O’Reilly, V. Wesztergom and C. Szabó

Including magnetotelluric data into multi-observable probabilistic inversion: implications for the physical state and water content of the continental lithosphere
M.C. Manassero, J.C. Afonso, F.I. Zyserman, S, Zlotnik, M. Rosas-Carbajal and S. Thiel

Deformation-induced metasomatism of the lower crust: The importance of brittle mechanisms for fluid infiltration revealed by microstructures at a hydration interface
J. Moore, H. Austrheim, A. Beinlich and A. Putnis

Nano-correlative microscopy (TEM/APT) constrains the nature and timing of nanoclusters formation in monazite crystals
A.-M. Seydoux-Guillaume, D. Fougerouse, A. Laurent, S. Reddy and D. Saxey

Multi-scale magnetic mapping of serpentinite carbonation and its future application for deep submergence magnetometry
M. Tominaga, A. Beinlich, N. Vento, E. Ortiz, J. Greene, J. Einsle, E. Lima and B. Weiss   Invited

Geochemical characteristics of mantle xenoliths from the Khamar Daban Ridge, south Russian Siberia
K.-L. Wang, S. D’ril, S. O’Reilly, M.Kuzmin, W. Griffin and N. Pearson

International Workshop of Deep Earth Dynamics, Nanjing, China, 24 April 2018

Geodynamic processes during heroic collisions: integration of geochemical, microstructural and geodynamic information
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, Q. Xiong, J.C. Afonso and T. Satsukawa

Imaging lithosphere structures using broadband surface waves from ambient noise
Y. Yang

Super reducing conditions in ancient and modern volcanic systems: implications for the carbon budget of the deep lithosphere
W.L. Griffin, J-X. Huang, E. Thomassot, S.E.M. Gain, V. Toledo and S.Y. O’Reilly

12th General Assembly of the Asian Seismological Commission (ASC), Chengdu, China, 12-14 May 2018

Sensitivity kernels for multi-component ambient noise cross correlation functions: Love wave adjoint tomography in southern California
Y. Yang, K. Wang and Q. Liu

15th AOGS Annual Meeting, Honolulu, 3-8 June 2018

3-D crustal and upper mantle velocity structure beneath the Cenozoic Intraplate Volcanic Belt in Northeast China
A. Guo, K. Wang, Y. Yang and J. Chen

Crustal structure of the Canning Basin, NW Australia: Preliminary results
R. Murdie, H. Yuan, K. Gessner, K. Wang, T. Li and X. Xu

Lithospheric structure underneath the Ordos Block of the North China Craton, revisited using transdimensional inversion of ambient noise and surface wave dispersion
K. Wang, T. Li, L. Yuan, X. Xu, L. Zhao, H. Yuan and T. Bodin

Finite-frequency P Wave tomography of the upper mantle beneath Capricorn Orogen and adjacent areas
X. Xu, L. Zhao, H. Yuan, S. Johnson, M. Dentith, R. Murdie, K. Gessner, F. Korhonen and P. Varas

Refined seismic structure of Southern California by ambient noise adjoint tomography
Y. Yang, K. Wang, P. Basini, P. Tong, Q. Liu and C. Tape   Invited

Crustal velocity structure of the Paleoproterozoic Capricorn Orogen in the West Australian Craton
H. Yuan, M. Dentith, P. Varas, S. Johnson, R. Murdie, K. Gessner and F. Korhonen

RFG 2018 Resources for Future Generations 2018, Vancouver, Canada, 16-22 June 2018

New instrumentation for high throughput carbon and oxygen isotope analysis of carbonate minerals
S. Barker, B. Andrew, J. Mering, P. Jarman, G. Dipple and A. Beinlich

Mapping the whole lithosphere: Uncovering metallogenic truths
G. Begg, W. Griffin, S. O’Reilly, J. Hronsky and L. Natapov

A heterogeneous, ancient lithosphere - Constraints for more robust models
G. Begg, W. Griffin, S. O’Reilly and L. Natapov

Defining the carbonate alteration footprint of the Cortez Hills Carlin-Type gold deposit, Nevada Using 13C and 18O stable isotopes and geochemistry
C. Herron, G. Dipple, K. Hickey and A. Beinlich

Spatially-constrained sulfur isotopes highlight processes controlling sulfur cycling in the near surface of the

Iheya North hydrothermal system
C. LaFlamme

Decoding Earth’s rhythms: Modulation of supercontinent cycles by longer superocean cycles
Z.-X. Li, R. Mitchell, C. Spencer, R. Ernst, S. Pisarevsky and U. Kirscher and B. Murphy

Distinctive chemical characteristics, geodynamic settings and petrogenesis of gold-ore-forming arc magmas
R.R. Loucks   Invited

CO2 availability controls whether hydrotalcites or hydrated Mg-carbonates act as carbon sinks in serpentinite mineral wastes from the Woodsreef Chrysotile Mine, NSW, Australia
C. Turvey, S. Wilson, J. Hamilton, A. Tait, J. McCutcheon, A. Beinlich, S. Fallon, G. Dipple and G. Southam

Th/U ratios in high-temperature metamorphic zircon
C. Yakymchuk, C. Kirkland and C. Clark

Joint 5th Central European Mineralogical Conference (CEMC) - 7th Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians Conference (MSCC), Banská Štiavnica (Slovakia), 26-30 June 2018

Neogene evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field
N. Liptai, L. Patkó, L.E. Aradi, I.J. Kovács, K. Hidas, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and C. Szabo

Astrobiology Australasia Meeting (AAM), Rotorua, New Zealand, 25-26 June 2018

Records of early life: Context and preservation are key
E.V. Barlow and M.J. Van Kranendonk

The power of textural biosignatures in the search for life on Mars
T. Djokic, M.J. Van Kranendonk and K.A. Campbell

Links between phosphorus, evolution and astrobiology
G.G. Soares, M.J. Van Kranendonk, E. Belousova and S. Thomson

3rd EMAW, European Mantle Workshop, Pavia, Italy, 26-28 June 2018

In-Situ Re-Os analyses of sulfides in mantle xenoliths: New constraints on the cratonic signature of the Veneto Volcanic Province (North-East Italy)
V. Brombin, C. Bonadiman, M. Coltorti, O. Alard, Y. Gréau, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin and A. Marzoli

Kimberlite carbonate petrogenesis from combined compositional and C-O-Sr isotope analysis: The Benfontein case
M. Castillo-Oliver, A. Giuliani, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, R. Drysdale, E. Thomassot, X. Ling and X. Li

Camping in the Ivrea Zone, Italy
M. Fiorentini, S. Denyszyn, G. Dering and R. Maas

Olivine, kimberlites and the modification of carbonated melts in the deep Earth
A. Giuliani, A. Soltys, E. Lim, H. Farr, D. Phillips, S.F. Foley and W.L. Griffin

Sources and behaviour of carbon-rich fluids in the lithospheric mantle: Insights from off-craton
W.L. Griffin, J. Huang, S. Gain, V. Toledo and S.Y. O’Reilly

Microstructure of layered ultramafic cumulates: case study of the Bear Creek intrusion, Trinity ophiolite, California, USA
H. Henry, G. Ceuleneer, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, M.A. Kaczmarek, M. Gregoire and R. Tilhac

Localization of deformation: The role of metasomatism and mineral mode in an ocean-continent transition
M.A. Kaczmarek, P. Vonlanthen and S. Reddy

Water and its distribution in the upper mantle beneath the Pannonian-Basin: Geodynamical and geophysical implications
I.J. Kovács, V. Wesztergom, L. Patkó, L. Aradi, N. Liptai, G. Falus, C. Szabó and L. Lenkey   Keynote

Reconstructing geochemical and deformation events in mantle xenoliths from the Northern Pannonian Basin
N. Liptai, Patkó L., O’Reilly S.Y., Griffin W.L. and Szabó C.

Tracking the sources of metasomatic melts in the Finero Mafic Complex, Ivrea-Verbano zone
J.K. Munnikhuis, N. Daczko, A. Langone and S. Piazolo

Geochemical, microstructural and tectonic evidence for geodynamic processes during heroic collision events
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, Q. Xiong, J. Afonso and T. Satsukawa

A diffusion-controlled trace-element disequilibrium model for two-phase reactive transport in mafic-ultramafic systems
B. Oliveira, R. Tilhac and J.C. Afonso

Low water content in upper mantle xenoliths from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin): Geodynamic implications and the role of post-eruptive water loss
L. Patkó, N. Liptai, I.J. Kovács, L. Aradi, Q. Xia, J. Ingrin, J. Mihály, S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, V. Wesztergom and C. Szabó

Amphibole as window on the Archean mantle composition
G. Sessa, M. Tiepolo, M.L. Fiorentini, M. Moroni and A. Langone

Evidence of Nb/Ta heterogeneity in the Earth’s mantle
M. Tiepolo, M. Fiorentini, G. Sessa, M. Moroni and A. Langone

Hafnium-neodynium isotopic decoupling during the formation of arc pyroxenites (Cabo Ortegal Complex, Spain)
R. Tilhac, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, B.F. Schaefer, Ceuleneer G. and Grégoire M.

Geoanalysis 2018, Sydney, Australia, 8-13 July 2018

Exploring the range of U-containing minerals for geochronological applications
E. Belousova

Li abundances of magmatic zircons in Eocene-Oligocene porphyry Cu mineral systems of Yunnan, China
M.-F. Chu, Y.-Y. Gao, Q.-L. Li, Y.-J. Lu, X.-H. Li and S.Y. O’Reilly

The effect of laserprobe optical path design on laser ablation of minerals with low melting points
L. Danyushevsky, S. Gilbert, J. Thompson, P. Olin and O. Alard

Determination of nitrogen in experimental and natural samples using EPMA and CHNS analyser
M.W. Förster, S. Buhre, O. Alard and S.F. Foley

Assessment of trace-element homogeneity in gem quality zircons from Mud Tank, NT
S.E.M. Gain, E.A. Belousova, N.J. Pearson, I. Dainis and W.L. Griffin

Isotopic heterogeneity of the Pre-Ordovician Earth’s crust of the western part of the Central Asian Fold Belt (CAFB) based on LA-ICP-MS study of detrital zircons
N.B. Kuznetsov, T.V. Romanjuk, E.A. Belousova, K.E. Degtyarev, V.S. Sheshukov, A.S. Dubenskiy, N.A. Kanygina and S.M. Lyapunov

Struggle with inhomogeneously quenched melts
Z. Pintér, S.F. Foley, G.M. Yaxley and T. Rushmer

LA-ICP-MS analysis routine for trace elements in olivine
M. Veter, S.F. Foley and D.E. Jacob

10th International Conference on Analysis of Geological and Environmental Materials, Sydney, Australia, 8-13 July 2018

Struggle with inhomogenously quenched melts - An approach to standardize their major element measurements
Z. Pintér, S.F. Foley, G.M. Yaxley and T. Rushmer

Landscapes, Seascapes and Biota: Unique WA - Past, Present and Future, Royal Society of WA, Perth, Australia, 27-28 July 2018

The Archean of WA: from the earliest crust to the onset of life on Earth
S.A. Wilde and A.H. Hickman   Keynote

24th EM Induction Workshop, Helsingor, Denmark, August 2018

Measuring the hydrogen content variations in Southern African mantle
S. Ozaydin and K. Selway

Using MT to constrain Greenland’s glacial isostatic adjustment and ice loss
K. Selway and C. Conrad

Unextractable partial melt in the asthenosphere: Evidence from new geophysical constraints
K. Selway and J.P. O’Donnel

Goldschmidt 2018, Boston, USA, 12-17 August 2018

Heavy δ30Si in Archean granitoids as evidence for supracrustal components in their sources
A. Andre, K. Abraham, S.F. Foley and A. Hofmann

Turee Creek Group microfossils highlight early-Paleoproterozoic diversity and complexity
E.V. Barlow and M.J. Van Kranendonk

Olivine, kimberlites and the modification of carbonated melts in the deep Earth
A. Giuliani, A. Soltys, E. Lim, H. Farr, D. Phillips, S.F. Foley and W.L. Griffin

Mantle recycling of sedimentary carbonate along the northern margin of the North China Craton
Y. Liu, S.F. Foley, C. Chen, D. He and K. Zong

The OCT-Type ophiolite recognized from the Bangong-Nujiang Suture Zone, Central Tibet
R. Shi, X. Huang, W. Griffin, S. O’Reilly, Q. Huang and S. Chen

Phosphogenesis in the wake of the Great Oxidation Event: Evidence from the Turee Creek Group, W.A
G.G. Soares, M.J. Van Kranendonk, E. Belousova and S. Thomson

Tungsten isotope patterns of rocks from the Pilbara Craton, Australia
J. Tusch, M. Jansen, C.S. Marien, M. Van Kranendonk and C. Munker

XXII Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, Melbourne, Australia, 13-17 August 2018

Sulfur isotopic composition of the sub-continental lithosphere mantle
O. Alard, L. Martin, E. Thomassot, P. Cartigny and S.Y. O’Reilly

Using μFTIR on Martian meteorites to calibrate spacecraft-collected spectral maps of Mars
G. Benedix, V. Hamilton, L. Forman, N. Timms and S. Reddy

An EPMA, LA-ICPMS and fluid inclusion study on the growth of a single cassiterite crystal from Blue Tier, Tasmania
J. Bennett

Hybrid lithologies in the source of diamonds from Copeton and Bingara, NSW, Australia
A. Burnham, B. Griffin and H. O’Neill

The origin of carbonates in the Benfontein kimberlite sills: An in situ C-O-Sr approach
M. Castillo-Oliver, A. Giuliani, W.L. Griffin, S.Y. O’Reilly, R.M. Drysdale, X. Ling and X.H. Li

Petrogenesis of alkaline magmas in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Platinum-group element and mineral geochemistry
E. Choi, M. Fiorentini, A. Giuliani and S.F. Foley

Determining the atomic structure of amorphous materials at high-pressure using Monte-Carlo simulations constrained by Synchrotron X-ray Absorption and Scattering data
S. Clark

Mineral chemistry and petrography of Kuusamo Kimberlites and related rocks, Finland
H. Dalton, A. Giuliani, P. O’Brien, J. Hergt and D. Phillips

Nanoscale behaviour of platinum group elements
A. Deditius, F. Barra, J.-M. Gonzalez-Jimenez, M. Reich, S. Sperring, A. Suvorova, M. Kilburn and M. Roberts

Melt evolution of the Finsch orangeite, South Africa
H. Farr, A. Giuliani and D. Phillips

Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope compositions of MARID and PIC minerals: progressive metasomatism of the mantle by kimberlitic melts processes and diamond prospecting
A. Fitzpayne, A. Giuliani, R. Maas, J. Hergt, D. Phillips and P. Janney

The relationship between alkaline magma generation and the stability of continental lithosphere
S. Foley

Nitrogen partitioning in subduction zone processes
M.W. Förster, D. Prelević, S. Buhre and S.F. Foley

Unusual alluvial sapphires from Orosmayo, Argentina: A multi-analytical approach to decipher their origin and evolution
I. Graham, S. Harris, L. Martin, A. Lay, W. Powell, E. Belousova and E. Zappettini

Super-reducing conditions in a modern volcanic system: Implications for the carbon budget of cratonic lithosphere
W. Griffin, S. Gain, J. Huang, V. Toledo and S.Y. O’Reilly

Modeling the physical properties of multiphase rock assemblage
K. Han and S. Clark

Hydrous melting of labradorite: An electrical conductivity investigation
A. Lanati, G. Amulele and S. Clark

Evolution of the Manuka Mississippi Valley type deposit through its smoky quartz crystals
A. Lay, S. Harris, I. Graham, D. Colchester, L. Martin, K. Privat, J. Bennett, A. Stopic, N. McGowan and L. Spruzeniece

The effect of C-O-H fluids on partial melting of eclogite and lherzolite under reducing conditions
Z. Liu, A. Rohrbach, S. Klemme, S. Foley and J. Berndt

Neutron computed tomography: A new approach to measure grain-boundary proton diffusion in polycrystalline forsterite matrix
S. Patabendigedara, S. Clark and F. Salvemini

The composition of the melts in the incipient melt regime
Z. Pintér, S.F. Foley, G.M. Yaxley and T. Rushmer

Determination of the oxidation state of iron in natural peridotitic and eclogitic garnets by synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopy
A. Rosenthal,C. McCammon, W. Crichton, V. Cerantola, A. Chumakov, P. Vasilyev, M. Laubier, D. Andrault, D. Jacob, G. Yaxley, A. Woodland, S. Foley, G. Pearson, D. Laporte, R. Njul and H. Schulze

Apatite from southern African kimberlites: Petrography and mineral chemistry
A. Soltys, A. Giuliani, and D. Phillips

Distinguishing coherent kimberlite units of the Ekati Diamond Mine - Implications for emplacement processes and diamond prospecting
M. Tovey, A. Giuliani and D. Phillips

The signature of cratonic lithosphere root formation modes in olivine and orthopyroxene trace element compositions
M. Veter and S.F. Foley

Geographic typing of gem corundum taken a step further via in-situ oxygen isotope and trace element analysis: the example of Paranesti, Greece
K. Wang, I. Graham, L. Martin, P. Voudouris, A. Lay, S. Harris, E. Belousova, G. Giuliani and A. Fallick

European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS 2018), Bristol, UK, 4-7 September 2018

Isotopic imaging of minerals with NanoSIMS
M.R. Kilburn   Invited

IMC19, 19th International Microscopy Congress, Sydney, Australia, 9-14 September 2018

A showcase of analytical techniques: V metal in hibonite
S.E.M. Gain, W.L. Griffin, V. Toledo, M. Saunders, J.A. Shaw and S.Y. O’Reilly

Elemental and isotopic imaging using NanoSIMS
P. Guagliardo, H. Jiang, J. Bougoure, L. Martin and M. Kilburn

Stable isotope labelling and imaging mass spectrometry as a tool to investigate mineral-fluid interaction
M. Kilburn, M. Fiorentini, S. Piazolo and T. Rushmer

9th International SHRIMP Meeting, Ochang, South Korea, 10-15 September 2018

Did the Albany-Fraser Province go west?
S. Wilde

First Workshop of Project IGCP-662 Orogenic Architecture and Crustal Growth From Accretion to Collision, Beijing, China, 20-22 September 2018

Crust-mantle interaction in the formation of the Kalmakyr and Muruntau ore giants, Uzbekistan
A. Dolgopolova, R. Seltmann, R. Armstrong, E. Belousova and D. Konopelko

Paleoproterozoic crustal growth of the Siberian craton
T.V. Donskaya, D.P. Gladkochub, A.M. Mazukabzov and S.A. Pisarevsky

UHP versus Super-Reducing parageneses in Tethyan ophiolites
W. Griffin, J.-X. Huang, Q. Xiong, X.-H. Gong and S.Y. O’Reilly   Invited

Tracing the final collision of accretionary orogens: New magmatic constraints from the southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
S. Li, T. Wang, W.-J. Xiao, S.-L. Chung and S.A. Wilde

Geodynamic processes during heroic collisions: Integration of geochemical, microstructural and geodynamic information
S.Y. O’Reilly, W.L. Griffin, Q. Xiong, J-C. Afonso and T. Satsukawa   Invited

SEG 2018-Metals, Minerals and Society, Keystone, Colorado, USA, 22-25 September 2018

PGE-Au signature of alkaline magmas from the Yilgarn Craton: Insights into the metallogenic architecture of the lithospheric mantle
E. Choi, M. Fiorentini, A. Giuliani and S.F. Foley

Integrating petroleum and minerals systems approaches to sedimentary basins
R. Chuchla and T.C. McCuaig   Plenary

The implication of Early Architecture for gold endowment in a low strain environment: The Yaouré Gold Deposit
C. d’Ivoire, N. Mériaud, N. Thébaud and Q. Masurel

New insights into zircon fertility indicators for porphyry copper deposits: Deciphering the adakitic signatures in Patagonia
G.J. Henriquez, R.R. Loucks, M.L. Fiorentini and C.M. Allen

Structural evolution of the El Indio Belt (Chile-Argentina): from Zircons to Gold
C. Jara, M. Fiorentini, H. Jeon, M. Fanning, J. Miller and D. Winocur

3D mineral footprints of an undercover sediment-hosted polymetallic Abra Ore System, Western Australia
H.M. Lampinen, C. Laukamp, S.A. Occhipinti and L. Hardy

Basement architecture controls for sediment-hosted base-metal mineral systems in the Mesoproterozoic Edmund Basin, Western Australia
H.M. Lampinen, S.A. Occhipinti, M.D. Lindsay and M. Fiorentini

Distinctive chemical characteristics, geodynamic settings, and petrogenesis of gold ore-forming arc magmas
R.R. Loucks

Whole-rock and zircon fertility indicator of Archean granites
Y.-J. Lu, R.H. Smithies, M.T.D. Wingate, N. Evans, D. Champion and T.C. McCuaig

The power of a systems approach to minerals and petroleum exploration in sedimentary basins
C. McCuaig   Invited

Permian magmatism in an early Andean metallogenic belt, Cordillera Frontal, Argentina
G.H. Poole, S.G. Hagemann, A.I. Kemp, M.L. Fiorentini and E.O. Zappettini

Origin of collision-related porphyry copper deposit at Zhunuo in western Gangdese belt of southern Tibet
A. Sun and Y.-J. Lu

Tethys Dynamics Workshop, Beijing, China, 8-9 October 2018

Crustal structure beneath coastal NW Australia: seismic signature from paleo-collision to modern rifting
H. Yuan and the CWAS Team   Invited

AGCC Australian Geoscience Council Convention - Big Issues and Ideas in Geoscience, Adelaide, Australia, 14-18 October 2018

Reappraisal of MORB redox state using both Fe and S speciation
O. Alard, C. Baudouin, M. Chassé, F. Parat and M. Munoz

From geosystem to mineral system: Contextualising ore deposits
G. Begg, W. Griffin, S. O’Reilly and J.M.A. Hronsky   Keynote

Multiple sulfur isotopes as indelible tracers of ore-forming processes in magmatic and hydrothermal mineral systems
S. Caruso, M. Fiorentini and C. LaFlamme

Insights into the magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of the Black Swan Succession: Evidence from microchemical and sulfur isotope investigation
S. Caruso, M. Fiorentini, S. Barnes, C. LaFlamme and L. Martin

Fingerprinting mantle plume activities in the oceanic realm through time
L.S. Doucet

GSA Ringwood Medal Lecture: Illuminating mantle metasomatism
S. Foley   Keynote

Exploring the potentially early evolution of complex life
G.G. Soares and M.J. Van Kranendonk

Deep structures in the Pilbara Craton, WA, and their relationship to overlying deformation, mineralisation and kimberlite emplacement
L. Harris and Y.-J L

Detrital zircon age, oxygen and hafnium isotope systematics record rigid continents after 2.5 Ga
L. Iaccheri, A. Kemp and Edinburgh Ion Microprobe Facility (EIMF)

Long lived supercontinent Nuna - updated paleomagnetic constraints from Australia
U. Kirscher, R.N. Mitchell, Y. Liu, Z.X. Li, G.M. Cox and S. Pisarevsky

Shallow crustal structure of southeast Australia constrained by Rayleigh wave phase velocity and Z/H ratio
G. Li, H. Wu and Y. Yang

Decoding Earth’s rhythms: Modulation of supercontinent cycles by longer superocean cycles
Z.X. Li, R. Mitchell, C. Spencer, R. Ernst, S.A. Pisarevsky, U. Kircher and B. Murphy

Whole crustal structure revealed by the Perth Basin Seismic (PBS) Array
X. Lin, H. Yuan, M. Dentith, R.E. Murdie and K. Gessner

First Precambrian palaeomagnetic data from the Mawson Craton (East Antarctica) and tectonic implications
Y. Liu, Z.X. Li, S.A. Pisarevsky, U. Kirscher, R. Mitchell, J. Stark, C. Clark and M. Hand

Zircon composition as a fertility indicator of Archean granites
Y.-J. Lu, R.H. Smithies, M.T.D. Wingate, N. Evans, D. Champion and T.C. McCuaig

Whole Earth harmonics
R. Mitchel, U. Kirscher, G. Cox, R. Ernst, W. Collins, C. Spencer, S.A. Pisarevsky, L. Doucet and Z. Li

Australian space and planetary capabilities: Implications for Earth Sciences
C. O’Neill

Could meteorite bombardment have kick-started the plate tectonic machine?
C. O’Neill

Decadal Plan for Geoscience: Our planet, Australia’s future - A decade of transition in Geoscience
S.Y. O’Reilly   Keynote

Development of the Global Paleomagnetic Database and new global paleogeographic animation for 2000-1600 Ma
S.A. Pisarevsky

Northeast-Australian collisional tectonics during the assembly of Nuna unravelled by multi-method petrochronology
A. Pourteau

Unravelling the structural and metamorphic evolution from MT-MP to LP-HT: A journey through the crust in the Georgetown Inlier (NE Australia)
S. Volante

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A global full-plate reconstruction model for the last 2.0 Ga
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The effects of supercontinent size on the global mantle structures
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Fourth landing site workshop for the Mars 2020 rover mission, 16-18 October 2018, Glendale CA, USA

Origin and Significance of Opaline Silica Deposits at Columbia Hills
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A Mars 2020 Mission to Columbia Hills: Risk Minimization through Ground Truth
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Annual Meeting of Chinese Geoscience Union, Beijing, China, 19-23 October 2018

Joint inversion of surface waves and teleseismic body waves for sedimentary structures
Y. Yang, G. Li and F. Niu   Invited

GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium, Western Australia (GESSS-WA), Australia, 29 November 2018

Multiple sulfur isotopes as indelible tracers of ore-forming processes in magmatic and hydrothermal mineral systems
S. Caruso, M. Fiorentini and C. LaFlamme

Metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration in relation to mineralisation of the Harris Lake Shear Zone, Albany- Fraser orogen, Western Australia
J. Chard, C. Clark and C. Kirkland

Alkaline magmatism as a probe into the mantle under the Yilgarn Craton, WA
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Self organising maps - a case study of Broken Hill
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New insights on porphyry-copper deposit fertility indicators: unfolding the adakitic signature in Patagonia
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Hyperspectral detection for zoned mineral footprint around undercover sediment-hosted polymetallic Abra
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The origin of Cuyania revealed by Hf isotopes of zircon
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A thermochronological history of Lindås Nappe amphibolites based on combined microstructural and geochemical analysis of rutile
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Major shoreline retreat in the wake of Snowball Earth
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Deformation and retrogression initiated by hydration along pre-existing fabrics: Using monazite and apatite to track and time geological events
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Growth of continental crust at island arcs revealed by high-precision geochronology
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Building the geological framework of the Kanowna Belle deposit for a methodical sulphur isotope application
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Trace element composition of sub-micrometre monazite inclusions in ultra-high temperature metamorphic rutile
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Sulphur sources and magmatic sulphide mineralisation in the Fraser Zone: Insights from mineral prospects
A.T. Walker, K.A. Evans, C.L. Kirkland, L. Martin, O.C. Kiddie and C.C. Spaggiari

GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium, Sydney, Australia (GESSS-NSW), 3-4 December 2018

Evolution of the Jericho kimberlite constrained by olivine macrocrysts
S. Greene

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, Washington DC, USA,10-14 December 2018

Parallel MCMC multi-algorithm strategies for the thermochemical structure of lithosphere
I. Fomin, J.C. Afonso and M. Sambridge

Spatial variations in crustal structure and shear wave velocity across the Canning Basin, NW Australia
K. Gessner, R. Murdie, H. Yuan and L. Zhao

Long lived supercontinent Nuna - updated paleomagnetic constraints from Australia
U. Kirscher, R.N. Mitchell, Y. Liu, Z.X. Li, G.M. Cox, A. Nordsvan, C. Wang and S. Pisarevsky

Paleomagnetism of a ca. 2.62 Ga dyke swarm in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, and paleogeographic implications
Y. Liu, Z.X. Li, S.A. Pisarevsky, U. Kirscher and R. Mitchell

Sensitivity kernels for multi-component ambient noise empirical Green’s functions based on adjoint method
Q. Liu, K. Wang and Y. Yang

Did Earth’s first supercontinent form the inner core?
R.N. Mitchell, G.M. Cox, J.G. O’Rourke, Z.-X. Li, C.J. Spencer, U. Kirscher, N. Zhang, J.B. Murphy, A. Nordsvan and P.D. Asimow

Major shoreline retreat following Snowball Earth
A. Nordsvan, R. Mitchell, U. Kirscher and M. Barham

A multiphase multicomponent reactive transport formalism for disequilibrium melt-rock processes and geochemical geodynamics
A. Oliveira, J.C. Afonso and R. Tilhac

Global applicability of ultramafic serpentinization and carbonation magnetic mapping
P.N. Pruett, M. Tominaga, N. Francis R. Vento, E. Ortiz, J.A. Greene, A. Beinlich, E.A. Lima, B.P. Weiss and P.N. Fulton

The composition of the melts in the incipient melt regime
Z. Pintér, S.F. Foley, G.M. Yaxley and T. Rushmer

Development of the Global Paleomagnetic Database and new global paleogeographic animation for the last 2 Gy
S.A. Pisarevsky, Z.X. Li and L. Wu

Evidence for a 1.24-1.21 Ga large igneous province in the North China Craton
C. Wang, Z. Li, P. Peng, S.A. Pisarevsky and Y. Liu

Crustal radial anisotropy of Southern California revealed by multi-component ambient noise adjoint tomography
K. Wang, Q. Liu and Y. Yang

Insights into changes in crust formation mechanisms across the Archean-Proterozoic Transition: Receiver function observations in the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia
H. Yuan, R.E. Murdie, M. Dentith, S.P. Johnson, K. Gessner and Y. Lu

Crustal and uppermost mantle structure of the alpine region unraveled by transdimensional inversion of receiver functions and surface wave dispersion data
L. Zhao, H. Yuan, M.G. Malusa, G. Lu, A. Paul, Y. Lu and T. Bodin

National MT Workshop and AusLAMP SA Release Day, Adelaide, Australia, 5 December 2018

Continental architecture: The geosystem-mineral system connection
G. Begg, W. Griffin and S.Y. O’Reilly

Developing meaningful interpretations for MT models: Current state of play
K. Selway   Invited