National Benefit

  • Scientific innovation relevant to National Priority Areas 

Research Priority 1: An Environmentally Sustainable Australia 

Goal 1: Water – a Critical Resource

Goal 2: Transforming existing industries

Goal 6: Developing Deep Earth Resources 

Research Priority 3: Frontier Technologies for Building and Transforming Australian Industries

Goal 1: Breakthrough Sciences 

Goal 2: Frontier Technologies

  • Enhanced international links
  • Excellence in training of our future generation of geoscientists
  • Enhanced industry links nationally and internationally
  • Improved exploration tools and strategies for Australian mineral exploration companies both on- and off-shore 
  • Technological innovation (scientific advances, intellectual property, commercialisation, value-added consulting services)
  • Implementation of significant parts of the UNCOVER initiative set out in:  “Searching the deep earth: a vision for exploration geoscience in Australia” published by the Australian Academy of Science (2013;  CCFS addresses initiatives (ii) – (iii):  investigating Australia’s lithospheric architecture, 4D geodynamic and metallogenic evolution, and distal footprints of ore deposits.

Spectacular section of pillow lavas from the Oman ophiolite on the IGCP 649 project “Diamonds and Recycled Mantle” workshop (photo Simon Wilde).