Appendix 6: Research Funding





2020 Funding Source

Project Title


Li, Biggin

ARC Discovery Project (DP210102495)

Unlocking Earth’s inner secrets in deep time using palaeointensities


Daczko, Foley, Handley, Raimondo

ARC Discovery Project (DP200100482)

Plumbing the gap: a mantle solution to the enigma of bimodal arc volcanism


Kemp, Wilde, Van Kranendonk, Elliot

ARC Discovery Project (DP200103298)

Testing continental growth models with calcium and strontium isotopes


Van Kranendonk, Fiorentini, Campbell, Deamer

ARC Discovery Project (DP180103204)

A terrestrial hot spring setting for the origin of life?


Yang, Afonso, Rawling, Ritzwoller, Niu

ARC Discovery Project (DP190102940)

Unveiling the fine structure of the Australian continent using ocean waves


Cruden, Fiorentini, Barnes, Bunger, Jackson

ARC Discovery Project (DP190102422)

Magma dynamics and ore deposits



ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship (FL180100134)

Understanding the roles of carbon, water and nitrogen in the development of plate tectonics as drivers of mantle evolution



ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship (FL150100133)

How the Earth works - Toward building a new tectonic paradigm $282,953


Phillips, Jourdan, Matchan, Gleadow, Li, Bland, Norman, Honda, Cawood, Weinberg, Vasconcelos, Herries, Fiorentini, Wingate

ARC LIEF (LE210100044)

Ultra-precise dating in Earth, planetary and archaeological science


Evans, Bland, Rankenburg, Li, Jourdan, Rowins, Fiorentini, Wingate, Barnes, Uvarova

ARC LIEF (LE200100035)

WA CRC-MC-ICPMS for Earth, Planetary and Environmental science


Arculus, Cohen, Gallagher, Vasconcelos, Elders, Foden, Coffin, Nebel, McGregor, Clennell, Sloss, Heap, Webster, Kemp, George

ARC LIEF (LE160100067)

Australian membership of the International Ocean Discovery Program


Danisik, Evans, McInnes, Kirkland; Li, Fiorentini, Wingate

ARC LIEF (LE190100079)

The Western Australia ThermoChronology Hub


Grice, Rickard, Benedix, Jiang, Reddy, Kilburn, Clode, Peyrot, Wacey, Lavery, Masque, Trengove, Xia, Deditius, Maker

ARC LIEF (LE190100053)

A novel ToF-SIMS facility for organic and inorganic analyses in WA


Jessell, Gorczyk, Cruden, Rey, Lindsay, Betts, Salles, Aitken, Kee, Lang, Denyszyn, Gessner, Schmid, Occhipinti, Cameron, McCuaig, McCracken, Subramanya

ARC LIEF (LE190100146)

Evolution of Proterozoic multistage rift basins – key to mineral systems


Miller, Kennett, Yuan, Allen, Greay, Gessner, Murdie

ARC Linkage Project (LP180101118)

Enhanced 3-D seismic structure for Southwest Australia


Ailleres, Jessell, Armit, Droniou, Lindsay, Cui, Betts, Cruden, de Kemp, Caumon, Wellmann, Kemp, Gessner, Spampinato, Harrison, Kessler

ARC Linkage Project

Enabling 3D stochastic geological modelling


Regenauer-Lieb, Afonso, Clark, Thiel, Czarnota, Poulet, Jones, Walsh

ARC Linkage Project (LP170100233)

A newly developed science approach to the Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP)


Ailleres, Jessell, de Kemp, Caumon, Florian Wellmann, Armit, Droniou, Lindsay, Cui, Betts, Cruden, Kemp, Gessner, Spampinato, Harrison, Kessler

ARC Linkage Project (LP170100985)

Mitigating 3D geological risk in resources management


Conrad, Selway, Steinberger, Tarasov, Kellogg, Nisancioglu

Norwegian Research Council, FRINATEK

Magnetotelluric Analysis for Greenland and Postglacial Isostatic Evolution (MAGPIE)



Geoscience Australia

Developing thermochemical models of Australia’s lithosphere


Thebaud, Aitken, Jessell, Occhipinti, Dentith, Hagemann, Kemp, Fiorentini, Smithies, Lu, Gessner

MRIWA M530, Industry

Yilgarn 2020


LaFlamme, Thebaud, Fiorentini, Sugiono

Northern Star Resources

Multiple sulfur isotope systematics of the Kanowna Belle Gold deposit


Barnes, Fiorentini

IGO Independence Group

Genesis of the Nova Nickel Deposit


Loucks, Fiorentini

BHP Billiton

Improving zircon morphology and chemistry as a tool of assessing and ranking the relative prospectivity for Cu porphyry deposits in “greenfield” terrains


Olierook, Kirkland, Evans, McDonald, Rankenburg, McInnes, Kumara, Kennedy

Fortescue Metals Group

Stratigraphy of the Karara Basin, Australia


Olierook, Kirkland, Evans, McDonald, Rankenburg, McInnes, Kumara, Rowins

Atlas Iron

Prospectivity and explorational potential of paleoplacers in the Pilbara Craton, Australia


George, Fiorentini, Parra Avila


Tectonic evolution and amalgamation of continental, arc and arc-related terranes of Northern Thailand


Olierook, Kirkland, Evans, McDonald, Rankenburg, McInnes, Kumara, Kennedy

Anglo American

Genesis and stratigraphy south of Diamantina Project, Australia


Olierook, Kumara, Voute

Breaker Resources

Mineralogical and textural analyses of selected samples from the Bombora gold deposit, Lake Roe, Western Australia: implications for mineral paragenesis


Olierook, Kumara, Voute

Latitude 66 Cobalt

Mineralogical and textural analyses of selected samples from the Kuusamo Schist Belt, Finland: Implication for mineral paragenesis


Olierook, Kirkland, McInnes, Guergouz, Conner, Evans, Kumara

Regis Resources

4D architecture of the Duketon Greenstone Belt, Eastern Goldfields, WA



Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Megagrant

Institute of the Earth’s Crust, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk




AuScope Project Plan 3.53 - Earth composition and evolution



NCRIS AuScope (MQ contribution)

AuScope Project Plan 3.53 - Earth composition and evolution


Liu, Li, Mitchell

ANZIC IODP Legacy Analytical Funding (AILAF)

Testing Late Cretaceous true polar wander on the Western Australian Margin


Campbell, Van Kranendonk,Guido

Marsden Grant

Some liked it hot: Searching for early life in terrestrial hot springs


Daczko, Gardner

ANZIC IODP Legacy Analytical Funding (AILAF)

Significance of syn-deformational melt migration for oxide enrichment in oceanic crust


Pages, Barnes, Laukamp, Van Kranendonk, Michalski, Schulte


From the Red Sea to the Red Planet


Wilde, Nemchin, Whitehouse, Harley, Kusiak, Dunkley

Australian Antarctic Science Grant

Determining the extent and nature of the oldest crust in Antarctica



Commercial - ACCESS MQ





Petrology, geochemistry and origin of the shoshonites



Macquarie University

Student Representative Council Post-Graduate Grant



Geological Society of Australia

Post-Graduate Research award



Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service) Cotutelle Scholarship