° Clarke, G.L., Daczko, N.R. and Nockolds, C. 2001. A method for applying matrix corrections to X-ray intensity maps using the Bence-Albee algorithm and Matlab. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 19, 635-644.


Matlab scripts are presented that apply the Bence & Albee (1968) matrix correction algorithm to X-ray intensity data collected as element maps on a Cameca SX-50 microprobe. Once generated, large data sets of mapped oxide weight per cent values or cation numbers that retain spatial information can be used in routine petrological plots. An example of the technique evaluates the compositional range of barrositic amphibole in an eclogite from New Caledonia. Cation maps are generated for a sample to examine aspects of equilibration during the partial hydration of the eclogite facies assemblage.

Element map


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