Professor Simon Turner

Federation Fellow
Isotopic Geochemistry

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Dr Simon Turner
Federation Fellow, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Macquarie University NSW, 2109

Simon Turner

Fields of research

I am a geochemist and geochronologist. My research concerns the processes of partial melting and magma formation within the Earth. I approach this through the analysis of elemental concentrations and isotope ratios in silicate rocks and minerals. My particular strength lies in having worked on a broad range of problems and having utilized a large range of techniques. These include orogenic and post-orogenic magma petrogenesis, sediment provenance, crustal growth and erosion, continental flood basalts, potassic lavas associated with high plateau formation, ocean island basalts and island arc lavas. For the last 10 years, my research has largely concentrated on the application of short-lived, U-series isotopes to constraining the time scales of magma formation, transport and differentiation. This relatively new approach requires demanding analytical techniques but has been at the forefront of a revolution in our understanding of the physical processes of magma petrogenesis.

Selected Publications

Publications (not including conference abstracts)

(Figure in brackets at end is number of SCI citations of papers published prior to 2005 as at 4/7/06 - total = 2218; NL = not listed)



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