Cait Stuart

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Cait Stuart
Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems (CCFS), GEMOC
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Macquarie University NSW 2109

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Flow characteristics of lower crustal rocks: characterising melt migration in the lower crust

My studies are part of a broader study headed by my supervisor, Dr Sandra Piazolo, which aims to constrain the rheology of the lower crust in detail through field, laboratory and numerical techniques.
Contributing to this study, my projects focus on the role of melt. Melt is a common feature in the evolution of lower crustal rocks, however the effects on flow characteristics are not well constrained. My projects aim to characterise melt behaviour at static and dynamic conditions, which will be complemented by in situ heating and deformation experiments as well as numerical modelling.
Results of my research, along with those of the broader study, can be implemented in modelling large-scale geological processes to better understand earthquakes, the formation of volcanic areas and location of energy resources.


Dr Sandra Piazolo


Research Interests

Structural and metamorphic geology
Partial melting in the lower crust and behaviour of melt
High-temperature low-pressure metamorphic events
Applications of crystallographic orientation mapping in structural analysis



Environmental Science with a Physical Geography coherency
Honours in Geology specialising in structural and metamorphic geology