Samuel Matthews

PhD Student

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Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems (CCFS), GEMOC
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Macquarie University NSW 2109

Phone : 61-(0)2-9850 4400
Fax : 61-(0)2-9850 6904
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Thesis topic: Tracking CO2 sequestration using gravity gradiometry
Supervisor: Dr Craig O'Neill and Dr Mark Lackie
Project funded by CO2CRC

The sequestration of CO2 in reservoirs requires careful tracking of injection and reservoir evolution, and this monitoring can in theory be performed using seismic or gravity measurements. However, seismics is not sensitive to gas density within the reservoir, due to pressure/temperature effects, and surface gravity measurements typically do not have the sensitivity to resolve a detectable anomaly. Downhole gravity measurements can detect anomalies due to sequestration, but need a closely spaced dense network to resolve CO2 reservoir plumes.

Downhole gravity gradiometry techniques have an advantage in that they provide full-tensor information around a borehole, allowing a characterisation of edges around anomalous bodies, and also the ability to resolve interfering sources. However, the successful development of downhole gravity gradiometer techniques for carbon capture and storage (CCS) requires better approaches to noise reduction and experimental testing, and a forward modelling capacity of full-tensor gravity solution of carbon storage reservoirs.

Research Interests

Geodynamics of Venusian-type planets (Hons1)


AESC - Newcastle (page 258)