Abstract submission closed


Preparing your Abstract(s)

Please use the Microsoft Word template provided here.

Indicate your preference (oral or poster) in the footer of your abstract

Abstracts may be typed or copied and pasted into the template.
Only the styles listed below should be used.
Photos, figures, equations and tables may be included.
Abstracts will only be accepted via this drop-box link -

    Geoanalysis 2018 Abstract Submission

Page set-up: please ensure the page size remains A4 (210 mm x 297 mm), portrait orientation. The abstract (including any figures/photos) must not exceed one column of a two column page.

Font: Times New Roman
Spacing: exactly 11 pt
Justification: Right justified

Title: (14 pt bold) The title should be in Sentence case without any punctuation at the end. Colons should be followed by an upper case letter.

Author's names: (10 pt bold, SMALL CAPS) Use superscripted number/s after each author to refer to the affiliations below.

Affiliations: Corresponding authors should include an email address (bracketed). Insert or delete further address lines as required.

Body: (9 pt plain) Fist line of each paragraph is indent 5mm. References should be referred to in the text using [1].

Section Headers: (10 pt bold)

Graphics: Ensure all images are high resolution (approx.300 dpi). Ensure all text within the images is large enough to be read when printed at size.

Figures/Tables: Captions (9 pt bold/plain)
Figure 1: A picture worth one thousand words.

References: (9 pt plain) In one paragraph.
[1] Egg & Yellow (2016), Geostandards 77, 348-848. [2] Ergo et al. (2013) IAG 83, 256-345.