Program and Abstracts


Monday 4th Nov 2013

Campbell McCuaig (CET) Introduction + welcome
Sue O'Reilly (CCFS) Tackling the giant 4-D sudoku of the lithosphere (Slides available as Pdf)
Brian Kennett (ANU) Unveiling a continent: the nature of the Australian lithosphere
from seismic methods
Alan Aitken (UWA) The past, present and future of crustal structure modelling
from potential eld data (Slides available as Pdf)
Nathaniel Butterworth Linking slab pull forces and lithospheric deformation through
(University of Sydney) time
Juan Carlos Afonso (CCFS) Thermochemical Tomography of the Lithosphere from
multi-observable probabilistic inversions (Slides available as Pdf)

Tuesday 5th Nov

Franco Pirajno Mantle-lithosphere interactions and their role in the making of
(GSWA/UWA) mineral systems  (Slides available as Pdf)
Jon Hronsky (UWA) Major translithospheric structures, their evolution and their
relationship to major ore deposits  (Slides available as Pdf)
Graham Begg (CCFS) Continents and mineralization processes: A Global Lithospheric
Architecture Mapping (GLAM)
Bill Griffin (CCFS) Cratonic SCLM: What we think we know  (Slides available as Pdf)
Steve Reddy Modern margins and ancient analogues: Are ocean - continent
(Curtin University) transitions important to Precambrian tectonic interpretations?
Martin Hand Deformation in central Australia: a natural laboratory to
(University of Adelaide) explore the drivers for large scale intraplate strain localisation
Tracy Rushmer (CCFS) Understanding Dynamic Earth: Insights from Experimental  (Slides available as Pdf)

Wednesday 6th Nov

Giampiero Iaffaldano
Observational constraints on global quantitative models of the  (Slides available as Pdf)
(ANU) coupled plates/mantle system
Fabio Capitanio Subduction zones modelling: exploring the link between plate
(Monash University) tectonics and mantle convection
Patrice Rey (Sydney Uni) Hot continental tectonics: Deformation, ow, stress and strain  (Slides available as Pdf)
Sandy Cruden 3-D laboratory modelling of lithosphere dynamics: from
(Monash University) earthquake surface rupture patterns to crust-mantle interaction  (Slides available as Pdf)